• The Overture for Trade. 144
    The Overture for Trade. 144
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n overture orchestral music played at the beginning of an opera or oratorio
    • n overture a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others "she rejected his advances"
    • n overture something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows "training is a necessary preliminary to employment","drinks were the overture to dinner"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Overture (Mus) A composition, for a full orchestra, designed as an introduction to an oratorio, opera, or ballet, or as an independent piece; -- called in the latter case a concert overture.
    • Overture A proposal; an offer; a proposition formally submitted for consideration, acceptance, or rejection. "The great overture of the gospel."
    • Overture An opening or aperture; a recess; a chamber. "The cave's inmost overture ."
    • Overture Disclosure; discovery; revelation. "It was he
      That made the overture of thy treasons to us."
    • v. t Overture To make an overture to; as, to overture a religious body on some subject.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n overture An opening; an aperture; a hole.
    • n overture An open place.
    • n overture Opening; disclosure; discovery.
    • n overture In music, an orchestral movement properly serving as a prelude or introduction to an extended work, as an opera or oratorio. Its form varies from a brief flourish to a medley of melodies or themes extracted from the body of the work, or to a composition of independent form complete in itself. In some cases overtures are divided into two or more sections or movements, resembling those of a suite or a symphony, each modeled upon some dance form, the Sonata form, the fugue form, etc.; but they are more frequently in a single continuous movement. Many veritable overtures being successfully used as concert pieces, it is now customary to give the name to detached works for orchestra which are intended simply for concert use, though in such cases a special title is usually given to the composition.
    • n overture Something offered to open the way to some conclusion; something proposed for acceptance or rejection; a proposal: as, to make overtures of peace.
    • n overture Specifically Eccles., in Presbyterian church law, a formal proposal submitted to an ecclesiastical court. An overture may proceed either from an inferior court or from one or more members of the court to which it is presented. In the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (as in the supreme courts of most Presbyterian churches) legislative action is initiated by adopting an overture and sending it to presbyteries for their consideration. See the quotation.
    • n overture Synonyms Proposition, etc. See proposal.
    • overture Eccles., to submit an overture to. See overture, n., 6.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Overture ō′vėr-tūr a proposal, an offer for acceptance or rejection:
    • v.t Overture to lay a proposal before
    • n Overture ō′vėr-tūr (mus.) a piece introductory to a greater piece or ballet: a discovery or disclosure: the method in Presbyterian usage of beginning legislation and maturing opinion by sending some proposition from the presbyteries to the General Assembly, and vice versâ, also the proposal so sent
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. overture, F. ouverture, fr. OF. ovrir, F. ouvrir,. See Overt
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Shannon had made overtures for peace.
"Personal Recollections of Pardee Butler" by Pardee Butler
The pilgrims' song drifted through it, and she knew that they had begun the overture.
"Evelyn Innes" by George Moore
I request the Adjutant to lend me the score of the Overture in E flat, which I will return as soon as the performance is over.
"Beethoven's Letters 1790-1826 Vol. 2" by Lady Wallace
But to his pleased surprise, just as the overture was drawing to its close, he saw Denning and his wife approaching.
"Out of the Ashes" by Ethel Watts Mumford
On the evening of the 28th it was found he had not yet written the overture.
"The World's Great Men of Music" by Harriette Brower
The last three bars of the overture were smothered in applause.
"Leonora" by Arnold Bennett
So this was his reception of her first overture!
"Rosa Mundi and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
Canning's overture was earnestly considered in America.
"Great Britain and the American Civil War" by Ephraim Douglass Adams
Other overtures made by Bonaparte were more effective.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
They consist of overtures, songs, choruses, etc.
"Purcell" by John F. Runciman

In poetry:

O magic overture of Spring,
O Summer like an Eastern King,
O Autumn, splendid widowed Queen,
O Winter, alabaster tomb
Where lie the regal twain serene,
Gone to their yearly doom.
"A New Year Letter" by Richard Le Gallienne
Dread sounds the shower's rumbling overture!
While from the fulness of the cloud's retort,
With sprightly dance, the copious rains disport,
Adown the ambient waste of skies obscure.
"The Shower" by George Hannibal Temple
Yet this will be, may, this must be the case,
If soon thy sinful life thou dost not mend:
Then, for Christ's sake, these overtures embrace,
Ere God his plagues, to punish thee, shall send.
"Mr. Prichard's Complaint Of The Town Of Llandovery (The Author's Parish) And His Advice And Warning " by Rees Prichard
Remember, the Russian Easter Overture
is full of bunnies. Be always high,
full of regard and honor and lanolin. Oh
ride horseback in pink linen, be happy!
and ride with your beads on, because it rains.
"V.R. Lang" by Frank O Hara
You remember Rossini--you 've been at the play?
How his overture-endings keep crashing away
Till you think, "It 's all over--it can't but stop now--
That 's the screech and the bang of the final bow-wow."
"The Smiling Listener" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
There is, there is one blessed thought surviving;
The heart's sure fulcrum in the saddest strait—
An overture to this unequal striving—
A hope, a home, a last and blest arriving!
Bear up, my heart, and wait.
"The Surviving Thought" by David James Scott

In news:

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