• Firmer-Gouge Outside Bevel.  Inside Bevel Gouge
    Firmer-Gouge Outside Bevel. Inside Bevel Gouge
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj outside (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter "the pitch was away (or wide)","an outside pitch"
    • adj outside originating or belonging beyond some bounds:"the outside world" "outside interests","an outside job"
    • adj outside on or toward an outer edge "an outer lane","the outside lane"
    • adj outside leading to or from the outside "an outside door"
    • adj outside from or between other countries "external commerce","international trade","developing nations need outside help"
    • adj outside functioning outside the boundaries or precincts of an organized unit "extramural hospital care and treatment","extramural studies"
    • adj outside coming from the outside "extraneous light in the camera spoiled the photograph","relying upon an extraneous income","disdaining outside pressure groups"
    • adj outside very unlikely "an outside chance","a remote possibility","a remote contingency"
    • adj outside located, suited for, or taking place in the open air "outdoor clothes","badminton and other outdoor games","a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"
    • adj outside relating to or being on or near the outer side or limit "an outside margin"
    • adv outside outside a building "in summer we play outside"
    • adv outside on the outside "outside, the box is black"
    • n outside the outer side or surface of something
    • n outside the region that is outside of something
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Beam-Compass or Trammel Points. Winged Dividers.  Outside Calipers.  Inside Calipers Beam-Compass or Trammel Points. Winged Dividers. Outside Calipers. Inside Calipers
Sweetie and two of the boys outside in the cold Sweetie and two of the boys outside in the cold
Large buildings, with a statue outside Large buildings, with a statue outside
A kitten sits on a window ledge in the house, watching lots of other kittens outside A kitten sits on a window ledge in the house, watching lots of other kittens outside
A kitten looks round from a window, while the moon shines outside A kitten looks round from a window, while the moon shines outside
A kitten stretches and yawns in its basket while the sun shines outside A kitten stretches and yawns in its basket while the sun shines outside
Village outside walls of Peking Village outside walls of Peking
A woman works outside one of the simple buildings A woman works outside one of the simple buildings

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The skeleton of a spider is located on the outside of the body. The name for this is exoskelton
    • Outside Of or pertaining to the outside; external; exterior; superficial.
    • adv Outside On or to the outside (of); without; on the exterior; as, to ride outside the coach; he stayed outside.
    • Outside One who, or that which, is without; hence, an outside passenger, as distinguished from one who is inside. See Inside n. 3.
    • Outside Reaching the extreme or farthest limit, as to extent, quantity, etc.; as, an outside estimate.
    • Outside The external part of a thing; the part, end, or side which forms the external surface; that which appears, or is manifest; that which is superficial; the exterior. "There may be great need of an outside where there is little or nothing within.""Created beings see nothing but our outside ."
    • Outside The furthest limit, as to number, quantity, extent, etc.; the utmost; as, it may last a week at the outside .
    • Outside The part of the world not encompassed by or under control of an organization or institution; as, prisoners are not allowed to pass objects to persons on the outside; one may not discuss company secretes with anyone on the outside .
    • Outside The part or space which lies beyond the external edge of a structure or beyond the boundary of an inclosure. "I threw open the door of my chamber, and found the family standing on the outside ."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The first German car to be built solely outside of Germany is the BMW Z3.
    • n outside The part or place that lies without or beyond an inclosure, barrier, or inclosing line or surface of any kind, as opposed to the inside, or the part or place that lies within.
    • n outside One who or that which is without; particularly, a passenger on the outside of a coach or carriage.
    • n outside The external part of a thing; the outer surface; the exterior.
    • n outside External aspect or garb; that which merely strikes the eye; appearance.
    • n outside One who or that which possesses a fair exterior, but lacks genuine underlying excellences; a mere hypocrite or a vain show.
    • n outside An externality; an outward form; a mere formality.
    • n outside The furthest limit; the utmost: generally with the definite article.
    • n outside plural In printing, the top and bottom quires, more or less imperfect, of a ream of paper.
    • outside Being on the outside; belonging to the surface or exterior; situated on or beyond the limits or bounds.
    • outside Limited to the surface or exterior; superficial; consisting in mere show; existing in appearance only.
    • outside Situated, seated, carried, or traveling on the exterior of a vehicle: as, an outside place; an outside passenger.
    • outside Extreme; reaching or exceeding the limit; all that or more than is actual, is required, etc.: as, an outside estimate of expenses.
    • outside Not directly concerned or interested; occupying an external position or having an external relation.
    • outside On the outside; on the exterior; at or beyond the limits; externally; outwardly; without; not within; not in a house or assemblage.
    • outside Beyond a harbor; out at sea: as, it is rough weather outside.
    • outside On the exterior of a vehicle: as, to travel outside.
    • outside To the exterior; from a point within to a point without; forth; out: as, to go outside.
    • outside On the exterior of; beyond.
    • outside To the exterior of; outward from: as, to go outside the house.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cricket chirping can tell the temperature outside. Counting how many times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds and then adding 40 to that number will approximately tell you what the temperature is in Fahrenheit
    • n Outside owt′sīd the outer side: the farthest limit: the surface: the exterior: one who is without, as a passenger on a coach, &c.: the outer or soiled sheets of a package of paper
    • adj Outside on the outside: exterior: superficial: external: extreme, beyond the limit
    • adv Outside on the outside: not within
    • prep Outside beyond
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Age withers only the outside.”
  • Claudius Claudianus
    Claudius Claudianus
    “The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another's keeping .”
  • Wayne Dyer
    “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”
  • B. C. Forbes
    “What you have outside you counts less than what you have inside you.”
  • Orison Swett Marden
    “This is the test of your manhood: How much is there left in you after you have lost everything outside of yourself?”
  • Horace Mann
    “Education is our only political safety. Outside of this ark all is deluge.”


In literature:

All around us were barren lands and hills, not beautiful like I had thought the world would be outside of my village.
"Nobody's Boy" by Hector Malot
Outside the office Garth led an uneventful life.
"Two on the Trail" by Hulbert Footner
Diagram 1 for a schoolroom with five rows and ten deep, using only the outside and next to the outside aisles.
"Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium" by Jessie H. Bancroft
It was to be a real "outside" dinner party, and there was a sudden, frantic demand for collars, cravats and presentable foot-wear.
"The Woman from Outside" by Hulbert Footner
You've got to know Hambleby outside and inside, as God Almighty knows him.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
The measure of beam from outside to outside of the timbers, without the thickness of the plank.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Nothing was to be seen of the man Brockman when they got outside.
"The Hero of Garside School" by J. Harwood Panting
And over her words, close outside the window, a wolf howled.
"The La Chance Mine Mystery" by Susan Carleton Jones
Outside stood Pierre, who waited to wish me farewell.
"My Sword's My Fortune" by Herbert Hayens
The storm raged outside.
"The Pagan Madonna" by Harold MacGrath

In poetry:

Outside a bird upon a tree
Pours forth a rippling rhapsody,
He sings with ever varying skill,
Then sunset dies and he is still.
"Peace." by R S Ward
I heard a sudden sighing at the door,
A soft, persuasive sighing,
And I said, "The summer breeze has sighed before,
Gustily, outside the door!"
"Fear" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Outside are shadeless, troubled streets
And souls that quest for gold and gain,
Lips that have long forgot to smile
And hearts that burn and ache with pain.
"In an Old Town Garden" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
And as in sleep my own self seems
Outside my suffering self.--I flush
'Twixt facts and undetermined dreams,
And wait as silent as that hush
Of lilac light and plush.
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part III" by Madison Julius Cawein
Bolt and bar the shutter,
For the foul winds blow:
Our minds are at their best this night,
And I seem to know
That everything outside us is
Mad as the mist and snow.
"Mad As The Mist And Snow" by William Butler Yeats
THE top of the world and an empty morning,
Mist sweeping in from the dim Outside,
The door of day just a little bit open--
The wind's great laugh as he flings it wide!
"On The Mountain" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay

In news:

Samples of Antarctica Outside Auckland .
Will Appoint Outside Animal Well-being Advisory Committee.
Photo by Dino Vournas Dino got this Aurora Borealis photo outside the Alyeska Resort Hotel in Girdwood, about 40 miles south of Anchorage in late February.
OGDEN — Toni DeHerrera was making coffee Tuesday morning when she saw the smoke outside her kitchen window.
Neither rain, nor snow, nor barbecue pool party can put a damper on your need to rock out outside.
Most of Axiom 's work is high-end legal work for Fortune 500 companies--including assignments where Axiom is retained as ongoing outside counsel.
An Iranian man walks past a mock Statue of Liberty bearing prison bars outside the main building of the former US embassy in Tehran on November 19, 2011.
The world's first recipient of a transplanted baboon liver was reported improving and watching television in his room at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center today as animal-rights advocates protested outside the hospital.
Lansdale man slain as Phillies fans clash outside ballpark.
David Sale (left) was killed Saturday night in a brawl outside of McFadden's restaraunt.
Now library schools should become more aggressive about preparing students for positions outside the library.
My friend Xavier and I were chatting on the sidewalk outside his tapas bar one evening when he spied the pickup I was test driving and glanced in my direction.
McDonald's thinks outside the bun in France: Baguettes now on the menu.
Bomb-squad robot detonates suspicious device outside Bank of America, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
(AP) — A gunman who opened fire outside a crowded bar has wounded 17 people in Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama.

In science:

What is the physical meaning of the PT ? In the QCD the flux tube is filled with the color field which is parallel to the tube axis and equal to zero outside this tube.
A String Approximation for Cooper Pair in High-T$_{\bf c}$ superconductivity
Since with probability 1 there are no particles outside A = {x : K (x, x) > 0}, we can always consider random point field restricted to A.
Determinantal random point fields
Outside this domain the data show a linear L-dependence.
Chiral Random Matrix Model for Critical Statistics
Cross M. C. and Hohenberg P. C., Pattern Formation Outside of Equilibrium, Rev.
Existence and homogenization of the Rayleigh-B\'enard problem
Here new ways are proposed to define these quantities for arbitrary nongravitational quantum field theories in flat spacetime, such as defining R as the smallest radius outside of which only vacuum expectation values occur.
Defining Entropy Bounds