• WordNet 3.6
    • v outfox beat through cleverness and wit "I beat the traffic","She outfoxed her competitors"
    • v outfox outdo someone in trickery
    • ***


In literature:

He's outfoxed us again!
"On the Trail of the Space Pirates" by Carey Rockwell
But perhaps it was only his foxy protest because his prey had outfoxed him.
"A Mountain Boyhood" by Joe Mills
Who else outfoxed military victory reversing it from the insides cadaver out?
"Sympathetic Magic" by Paul Cameron Brown

In news:

Software that models human behaviour can make forecasts, outfox rivals and transform negotiations.
How The Culture Of Inefficiency Is Outfoxing LEED®, ASHRAE, And Efficiency Programs.
Freedom Will Outfox Control Freaks.
In Quest for 'Legal High,' Chemists Outfox Law.
To Outfox the Chicken Tax, Ford Strips Its Own Vans.
It Takes A Thief To Outfox Another One.
A Plan by Frito to Outfox The Super Bowl Audience.
England was outfoxed by Algeria in a game that ended 0-0 and left all four teams in Group C with a shot at reaching the round of 16.
Naturalists outfox invasive species with burn .
Americans are outfoxed by the democracy delusion .
Pease outfoxed Georgia at Boise State, but has a less-experienced group at Florida.
What's top of mind for CIOs isn't paranoia , but priorities: outfoxing the competition, getting more value from information, improving processes.
Outfoxed by the point man .
George Smith, one of the Navajo code talkers who helped the US military outfox the Japanese during World War II by sending messages in their obscure language, has died, the president of the Navajo Nation said.
Mullahs Outfox Obama — Again.