optical prism


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n optical prism optical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz; used to deviate a beam or invert an image
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In news:

Unaxis Optics recently signed a non-exclusive technology license agreement for Vikuiti™ TIR Prisms with 3M Precision Optics, Inc.
Optics include the lenses, prisms, mirrors, flats, optical filters and other optical components that help bring the image into focus and to the sensor.
Is introducing its Prism Glass Block, a glazing option for vinyl windows which utilizes the patented PrismGrid™ optical film technology inside a semi-opaque double-pane unit.
Multi-coated optics and premium quality BaK-4 prism glass maximize light transmission and image clarity.
As the Web site Tactical & Rescue Gear puts it, the device "uses a modified reversed refracting telescope design with high quality glass multi-coated optical lenses and BAK-4 glass paired prism.".

In science:

The optical bench itself comprises two modified Mach-Zehnder interferometers serving as beam-splitting and beam-recombination devices21 (Fig. 2), creating the two identical beams, delay lines, and a simple APS with two CaF2 prisms in each interferometer arm.
Tests of achromatic phase shifters performed on the SYNAPSE test bench: a progress report
Simultaneous imaging of the nanotube in both polarizations is achieved by placing a Wollaston prism in the optical microscope’s infinity space (see Fig. 1).
Polarized light emission from individual incandescent carbon nanotubes
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Temperature dependent refractive index of silicon and germanium
Quijada, “Cryogenic high-accuracy absolute prism refractome ter for infrared through farultra-violet optical materials: implementation and initial results, ” Proc.
Temperature dependent refractive index of silicon and germanium
The spectral shift is primarily due the combination of the position of the slit (large, narrow, etc) and of a small angle between the optical components that fold the 3 photometric beams on the camera (3 glued total-reflexion prisms).
AMBER Task Force February 2008 run report