• a Representation of the Domains Of The Lord Ti, Bringing to Him Offerings in Procession
    a Representation of the Domains Of The Lord Ti, Bringing to Him Offerings in Procession
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v offer put forward for consideration "He offered his opinion"
    • v offer threaten to do something "I offered to leave the committee if they did not accept my proposal"
    • v offer ask (someone) to marry you "he popped the question on Sunday night","she proposed marriage to the man she had known for only two months","The old bachelor finally declared himself to the young woman"
    • v offer produce or introduce on the stage "The Shakespeare Company is offering `King Lear' this month"
    • v offer make available or accessible, provide or furnish "The conference center offers a health spa","The hotel offers private meeting rooms"
    • v offer present for acceptance or rejection "She offered us all a cold drink"
    • v offer make available for sale "The stores are offering specials on sweaters this week"
    • v offer offer verbally "extend my greetings","He offered his sympathy"
    • v offer make available; provide "extend a loan","The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages"
    • v offer propose a payment "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"
    • v offer mount or put up "put up a good fight","offer resistance"
    • v offer agree freely "She volunteered to drive the old lady home","I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it"
    • v offer present as an act of worship "offer prayers to the gods"
    • n offer a usually brief attempt "he took a crack at it","I gave it a whirl"
    • n offer something offered (as a proposal or bid) "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
    • n offer the verbal act of offering "a generous offer of assistance"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

the Representation of The Lord Ti Assisting At The Preliminaries of the Sacrifice and Offerings the Representation of The Lord Ti Assisting At The Preliminaries of the Sacrifice and Offerings
The Queen Shakes the Sistrum While The King Offers The Sacrifice The Queen Shakes the Sistrum While The King Offers The Sacrifice
"'May I offer you a lozenge?'" "'May I offer you a lozenge?'"
Two women and a group of children offer food to a girl Two women and a group of children offer food to a girl
Offering. Mexican pictograph Offering. Mexican pictograph
The Prince bows over his offering to the lion The Prince bows over his offering to the lion
We Came to Offer You the Position of Colonel 157 We Came to Offer You the Position of Colonel 157

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There is a restaurant in Stockholm that only offers all-garlic products. They even have a garlic cheesecake
    • Offer Attempt; endeavor; essay; as, he made an offer to catch the ball. "Some offer and attempt."
    • Offer That which is offered or brought forward; a proposal to be accepted or rejected; a sum offered; a bid. "When offers are disdained, and love denied."
    • Offer The act of offering, bringing forward, proposing, or bidding; a proffer; a first advance. "This offer comes from mercy."
    • Offer To attempt; to undertake. "All that offer to defend him."
    • Offer To bid, as a price, reward, or wages; as, to offer a guinea for a ring; to offer a salary or reward.
    • Offer To bring to or before; to hold out to; to present for acceptance or rejection; as, to offer a present, or a bribe; to offer one's self in marriage. "I offer thee three things."
    • Offer To make an attempt; to make an essay or a trial; -- used with at. "Without offering at any other remedy.""He would be offering at the shepherd's voice.""I will not offer at that I can not master."
    • Offer To present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest; as, to offer an opinion. With the infinitive as an objective: To make an offer; to declare one's willingness; as, he offered to help me.
    • Offer To present itself; to be at hand. "The occasion offers , and the youth complies."
    • Offer To present, as an act of worship; to immolate; to sacrifice; to present in prayer or devotion; -- often with up. "Thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement.""A holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices."
    • Offer To put in opposition to; to manifest in an offensive way; to threaten; as, to offer violence, attack, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The Coca Cola company offers more than 300 different beverages
    • offer To bring or put forward; present to notice; hold out to notice or for acceptance; present: sometimes used reflexively.
    • offer To present for acceptance or rejection; tender or make tender of; hence, to bid or tender as a price: as, to offer ten dollars for a thing.
    • offer To present solemnly, or as an act of worship: often with up: as, to offer up a prayer; to offer sacrifices; hence, to sacrifice; immolate.
    • offer To expose for sale.
    • offer To propose to give or to do; proffer; volunteer; show a disposition or declare a willingness to do (something): as, to offer help; to offer battle.
    • offer To attempt to do; set about doing (something) to or against one; attempt; make a show of doing (something): as, to offer violence or resistance; to offer an insult.
    • offer Synonyms and Adduce, Allege, Assign, etc. (see adduce), exhibit, extend, hold out, furnish, give, propound, propose, show, move.
    • offer To present itself; come into view or be at hand: as, an opportunity now offers.
    • offer To present or make an offering; offer up prayer, thanks, etc.; present a eucharistic oblation.
    • offer To present one's self in order to pay court or respects; pay one's respects.
    • offer To act on the offensive; deal a blow.
    • n offer The act of presenting to notice or for acceptance, or that which is brought forward or presented to notice or for acceptance; a proposal made and submitted: as, his offer of protection was declined; to receive an offer of marriage.
    • n offer The act of bidding or proposing to give a price or to do for a price, or the sum bid; a tender or proposal to give or do something for a specified equivalent, or for something in return: as, no offer of less than a dollar will be received; he made an offer for the building of the bridge.
    • n offer Attempt; endeavor; essay; show; pretense.
    • n offer An offering; something presented by way of sacrifice or of acknowledgment.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The University of Plymouth was the first university to offer a degree in surfing
    • v.t Offer of′ėr to bring to or before: to hold out for acceptance or rejection: to make a proposal to: to lay before: to present to the mind: to attempt: to propose to give, as a price or service: to present in worship
    • v.i Offer to present itself: to be at hand: to declare a willingness
    • n Offer act of offering: first advance: that which is offered: proposal made
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  • John Gray
    John Gray
    “To offer a man unsolicited advice is to presume that he doesn't know what to do or that he can't do it on his own.”
  • John Gray
    John Gray
    “Generally speaking, when a woman offers unsolicited advice or tries to help a man, she has no idea of how critical and unloving she may sound to him.”
  • Bhagavad Gita
    Bhagavad Gita
    “Whatever you do, make it an offering to me -- the food you eat, the sacrifices you make, the help you give, even your suffering.”
  • Winston Churchill
    “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”
  • Kenneth Branagh
    Kenneth Branagh
    “Friendship is one of the most tangible things in a world which offers fewer and fewer supports.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Yes, we must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship Let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest!”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. offren, AS. offrian, to sacrifice, fr. L. offerre,; ob,see OB-) + ferre, to bear, bring. The English word was influenced by F. offrir, to offer, of the same origin. See 1st Bear


In literature:

When the mules were brought in and $5 offered to the boy or man who could ride one of them, Alfred was tempted to make the trial.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
B offered $950, which offer was declined.
"Up To Date Business" by Various
It is suggested that pigs are offered to Bhainsasur by the Hindus for the same reason.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV" by R.V. Russell
They offer water to the dead in the month of Kunwar (September-October).
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India" by R. V. Russell
Advice is offered sparingly, because it is known that experience is the only true guide.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 3, January 19, 1884." by Various
He saw that she was tiring, but he did not offer any help, for he knew that she was a sportsman.
"The Highgrader" by William MacLeod Raine
Though I offered the money, he doesn't know the least that the offer came from our side.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope
An offer of money would not be delicate.
"The War Trail" by Mayne Reid
The Kentuckian, offered $2000 to Baby for the return of Andrew his former slave, but the offer was indignantly refused.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920" by Various
On this he offered to furnish one-eighth of the cost, on condition of enjoying one-eighth of the profit.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith

In poetry:

Their constant daily presence I
Rejoicing at, did see;
And that which takes them from the eye
Of others, offer'd them to me.
"Innocence" by Thomas Traherne
For how many things in my little life
Have offer'd unto me
Their fresh sweet hopes with blossoms rife
As the spring-buds on a tree.
"The Pool" by Alexander Anderson
The dearest offering He can crave
His portion in our souls to prove,
What is it to the gift He gave,
The only Son of His dear love?
"Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity" by John Keble
Yours was that bitterest mortal fate,
No choice save thirst or swinish trough:
Love's self but offered sensuous bait,
Or virtuous scoff.
"Off Mesolongi" by Alfred Austin
There in the fragrant twilight I will raise
A secret altar of the rich sea sod,
Whereat to offer sacrifice and praise
Unto my lonely god:
"To Sleep" by C S Lewis
Oh, happy shades--to me unblest!
Friendly to peace, but not to me!
How ill the scene that offers rest,
And heart that cannot rest, agree!
"The Shrubbery, Written In A Time Of Affliction" by William Cowper

In news:

Samsung will soon be offering a line-up of HDTVs that offer the Yahoo Widget Engine , which will enable TV watchers to interact with a set of "TV Widgets".
There is a report this morning in The Business Review about an idea that is floating around, an Initial Public Offering, being offered by our Malta business neighbor, GlobalFoundries.
This expanded approval of Zytiga was made under the FDA 's priority review program, which offers an accelerated six-month review for drugs that may offer major advances in treatment or provide a treatment when no adequate therapy exists.
0The Syracuse School District is now offering free lunches to students regardless of income as part of a new program offered through the US Department of Agriculture.
All freebie offers require an email address, so create one specifically for freebies so offers and spam don't clog your inbox.
So, gyms capitalize on this by offering special offers, and reduced rates.
Kevin Youkilis weighing a " handful " of offers, including one-year offer from Yankees, report says.
FAMU attorney says offer is most school can offer.
Seasons 52, opening in the Westfield UTC mall, will offer weekly specials inspired by changes in seasonal offerings.
In an effort to gain more pre-orders, video game companies and stores like GameStop are offering more pre-order offer incentives than ever.
Shure has begun offering the new UR1M micro-bodypack which offers wireless audio in an ultra-compact package.
Mike Stobe/Getty NBA Commissioner David Stern said the players' association's latest offer on a new CBA offered "modest" economic concessions.
The same features offered in the right handed version are also offered in the left hand ed version, 3D trigger and movement of the trigger position to accommodate your hand size.
Offering a heavily stylized collection with a 1960s mod look, Lim knows that underneath all the layers he needs to offer his girls the wardrobe additions that keep women buying 3.1.
Event producer Steve Burns offered his suggestions of wines to pair with each dish from among the many offered by members of the San Luis Obispo Vintners Association.

In science:

Compared to them we offer in some cases a better performance, in other a more flexible representation.
The description of the system from the D0-brane has offered a new perspective to the moduli space of noncommutative instantons where the noncommutativity of the system is measured by the presence of the Fayet-Iliopoulos D term.
Worldsheet and Spacetime Properties of p-p' System with B Field and Noncommutative Geometry
Perhaps no popular cryptosystems offer such speed.
A simple unbreakable code
The work described in this paper offers a first step towards that direction.
From Syntactic Theories to Interpreters: A Specification Language and Its Compilation
However, the version of the theory, pursued in the present work, seems not to offer us this opportunity.
Quantum Theory within the Framework of General Relativity