• WordNet 3.6
    • adj off-the-cuff with little or no preparation or forethought "his ad-lib comments showed poor judgment","an extemporaneous piano recital","an extemporary lecture","an extempore skit","an impromptu speech","offhand excuses","trying to sound offhanded and reassuring","an off-the-cuff toast","a few unrehearsed comments"
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Off the cuff - If you do something off the cuff, you do it without any preparation.


In literature:

He helped to tear off the cuffs.
"Back to God's Country and Other Stories" by James Oliver Curwood
Craig, his coat and waistcoat off, his detachable cuffs on the floor, was burrowing into masses of huge law-books.
"The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig" by David Graham Phillips
By the time I graduated the cuffs and collar were almost worn off.
"The Biography of a Rabbit" by Roy Benson
There were several which ranked about the same, and scribbling three or four names on his shirt-cuff, he rushed off to find the first.
"The Port of Adventure" by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
Bart took off his belt, stuck it and his cuff links in the drawer and lay down.
"The Colors of Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Probably I should be sent off with a kick and a cuff, and the crew would hear that I had informed against them.
"Dick Cheveley" by W. H. G. Kingston
Removing his coat, he turned back the cuffs of his brown shirt, then took off the bandages from Tina's hands and feet.
"Shapes that Haunt the Dusk" by Various
Joe helped to uncover Bob, shook the snow off his clothes, wiped his eyes with the cuff of his coat, and sent him on his way.
"Harper's Young People, January 20, 1880" by Various
As we walked up the platform I see Josiah furtively on-button his stiff linen cuffs as if preparin' to throw 'em off for life.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
So the jury was called back, and Mrs. Greening was excused, and Hammer wiped off the sweat and pushed back his cuffs.
"The Bondboy" by George W. (George Washington) Ogden

In poetry:

Along the great highway,
I hold you by the cuff.
O spurn me not, I pray,
Nor break old friendship off.
"An Entreaty" by Confucius
The slumbers from his drowsy eyes,
And think that it was time to rise.
So Cuff went off. His master woke,
And Cuff was gone! It was no joke.
The Lawyer's work must now be done,
All by himself; and till the sun
"Amusing Trial, in Which a Yankee Lawyer Rendered a Just Verdict." by Anonymous Americas

In news:

I think what Romney said "off the cuff" was refreshing.
It's a bit harder to remember just how you did it, considering that part of the camera's charm is its off-the-cuff shots.
Or maybe I just wanted to see a troupe of actors deliver off-the-cuff jokes about Jonestown and Pet Rocks.
An off-the-cuff comment by Coach Bruce Pearl at a charity fundraiser could raise a few eyebrows.
Off the Cuff By Chris A Porter WNI Web Developer and webmaster shares his perspective on technology, local and national politics, and life in the Quad-city area.
Later he said he was speaking off the cuff , which any politician will tell you is code for "speaking from the heart.".
Romney defends ' off the cuff ' remarks on Obama backers as victims.
Comparing Bill Clinton's Actual, Off The Cuff Speech With His Prepared Remarks.
All presidents reveal glimpses of themselves through gaffes and off-the-cuff candor.
Going off-the-cuff , Romney does himself few favors.
Off the Field, Off the Cuff .
Colbert, off the cuff .
Off the Cuff By Chris A Porter WNI Web Developer and webmaster shares his perspective on technology, local and national politics, and life in the Quad-city area.
Romney defends 'off the cuff' remarks caught on secret video.
Romney Not Apologizing For 'Off The Cuff' Remarks.

In science:

It is just as bad to give an off-the-cuff overestimate of the uncertainties as it is to claim that everything is under control with an optimistic estimate of uncertainties.
Summary and Outlook for 9th International Symposium on Heavy Flavor Physics