• Light's servants were very odd
    Light's servants were very odd
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj odd not easily explained "it is odd that his name is never mentioned"
    • adj odd not divisible by two
    • adj odd an indefinite quantity more than that specified "invited 30-odd guests"
    • adj odd not used up "leftover meatloaf","she had a little money left over so she went to a movie","some odd dollars left","saved the remaining sandwiches for supper","unexpended provisions"
    • adj odd beyond or deviating from the usual or expected "a curious hybrid accent","her speech has a funny twang","they have some funny ideas about war","had an odd name","the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves","something definitely queer about this town","what a rum fellow","singular behavior"
    • adj odd of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The odds of having quadruplets are 1 in 729,000
    • Odd Different from what is usual or common; unusual; singular; peculiar; unique; strange. "An odd action.""An odd expression.""The odd man, to perform all things perfectly, is, in my poor opinion, Joannes Sturmius.""Patients have sometimes coveted odd things.""Locke's Essay would be a very odd book for a man to make himself master of, who would get a reputation by critical writings."
    • Odd Left over after a definite round number has been taken or mentioned; indefinitely, but not greatly, exceeding a specified number; extra. "Sixteen hundred and odd years after the earth was made, it was destroyed in a deluge.""There are yet missing of your company
      Some few odd lads that you remember not."
    • Odd Not divisible by 2 without a remainder; not capable of being evenly paired, one unit with another; as, 1, 3, 7, 9, 11, etc., are odd numbers. "I hope good luck lies in odd numbers."
    • Odd Not paired with another, or remaining over after a pairing; without a mate; unmatched; single; as, an odd shoe; an odd glove.
    • Odd Remaining over; unconnected; detached; fragmentary; hence, occasional; inconsiderable; as, odd jobs; odd minutes; odd trifles.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The odds against a royal flush in poker are exactly 649,739 to 1.
    • odd Single; sole; singular; especially, single as rendering a pair or series incomplete; lacking a match; being of a pair or series of which the rest is wanting: as, an odd glove; two or three odd volumes of a series.
    • odd Singular in excellence; unique; sole; hence, peerless; famous.
    • odd Singular in looks or character; peculiar; eccentric; at variance with what is usual: as, an odd way of doing things; an odd appearance.
    • odd Leaving, as a number, a remainder of one when divided by two: opposed to even.
    • odd Numbered with an odd number: as, the odd files of a company (that is, the files numbered 1, 3, 5, and so on).
    • odd Left over after pairs have been reckoned; by extension, remaining after any division into equal numbers or parts: thus, the division of sixteen or nineteen among five leaves an odd one or four odd.
    • odd Remaining over after, or differing from, the just or customary number.
    • odd Additional to a whole mentioned in round numbers, or to any other specified whole: following and after a number or quantity, or without and when it takes the place of a unit appended to a ten.
    • odd Not included with others; not taken into the common account; sporadic; incidental; casual: as, a few odd trifles; to read a book at odd times.
    • odd Out of the way; remote.
    • odd At odds; at variance; unable to consort or agree.
    • odd Strange, Queer, etc. (see eccentric), grotesque, droll, comical.
    • n odd Something that is numerically odd. In golf, ‘an odd,’ ‘two odds,’ etc., per hole is the handicap given to a weaker opponent by deducting one, two, etc., strokes from his total for every hole. To have played the ‘odd’ is to have played one stroke more than one's opponent. If one's opponent has played one stroke more, that is, the ‘odd,’ one's next stroke is the ‘like’; if two strokes more, one's next stroke will be ‘one off two’; if three more, ‘one off three’; and so on.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The odds of being born male are about 51.2%, according to census.
    • adj Odd od not paired with another: not even: left over after a round number has been taken: additional to a certain amount in round numbers: not exactly divisible by two: strange: unusual in kind or appearance: trifling: remote:
    • adj Odd od (Shak.) at variance
    • ***


  • Henry Kissinger
    “If we do what is necessary, all the odds are in our favor.”
  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer
    “Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”
  • Theodore Roethke
    Theodore Roethke
    “What is madness but nobility of soul. At odds with circumstance?”
  • Barry Bonds
    Barry Bonds
    “I like to be against the odds. I'm not afraid to be lonely at the top. With me, it's just the satisfaction of the game. Just performance.”
  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer
    “I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.”
  • Jesse Jackson
    “I am not a perfect servant. I am a public servant doing my best against the odds. As I develop and serve, be patient. God is not finished with me yet.”


At odds - If you are at odds with someone, you cannot agree with them and argue.
Odds and ends - Odds and ends are small, remnant articles and things- the same as 'bits and bobs'.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. odde, fr. Icel. oddi, a tongue of land, a triangle, an odd number (from the third or odd angle, or point, of a triangle), orig., a point, tip; akin to Icel. oddr, point, point of a weapon, Sw. udda, odd, udd, point, Dan. od, AS,. ord, OHG. ort, G. ort, place (cf. E. point, for change of meaning)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Scand., Ice. oddi, a triangle, odd number—Ice. oddr, point; cf. A.S. ord, point.


In literature:

How odd this should be the first marriage in the family, and Laura the youngest!
"Floyd Grandon's Honor" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
And, oddly enough, there was not much smoke in the distance.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
The odd player is a squirrel.
"Games and Play for School Morale" by Various
Somehow, as soon as she spoke, Elsmere saw the whole odd little scene with other eyes.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
I know it's very sad, really, and I'm not unfeeling; but it is such an odd tale, now, isn't it?
"The House of Souls" by Arthur Machen
They look afar off like gigantic hats: further still, like quaint odd toadstools in motion.
"A Tramp's Notebook" by Morley Roberts
All the company laughed at Dick's odd venture; and Miss Alice, who felt pity for the poor boy, gave him some money to buy another cat.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
The odd player stands in the center and is the bull.
"Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium" by Jessie H. Bancroft
It seems odd, doesn't it?
"The Children's Book of London" by Geraldine Edith Mitton
She thought he looked rather odd.
"The Dark Tower" by Phyllis Bottome

In poetry:

Pallas grew vapourish once, and odd,
She would not do the least right thing,
Either for goddess, or for god,
Nor work, nor play, nor paint, nor sing.
"On the Countess of Burlington Cutting Paper" by Alexander Pope
And, worst of all, the youngest one was puny,
So odd, and still, and slight,
That father, mother, and the other brothers,
Thought him not over bright.
"Hop-O-My-Thumb" by Clara Doty Bates
Christ, and Christ only, is the Prince of Peace,
Who caused his Father's furious wrath to cease,
And by his blood, shed on the cursed tree,
Made God and man, before at odds, agree.
"Christ Is All In All" by Rees Prichard
We all, alas! are enemies of God's —
We all are with our righteous Judge at odds —
And had been still, had Christ not laid the plan
Of peace, of lasting peace, 'twixt God and man.
"Advice, To Search For The Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
When this was told to CAPTAIN TODD,
At first he thought it rather odd,
And felt some perturbation;
But very long he did not grieve,
He thought he could a way perceive
To SUCH a situation!
"The Sensation Captain" by William Schwenck Gilbert
A usage sae barb'rous! nae mortal can bear!
-- Odd! they'll drive me to madness wi' perfect despair!
If I canna get Jamie, nor yet Dan nor Pate,
Faith I'll e'en tak the first chiel that comes in my gate.
"To Get A Man" by Hector MacNeill

In news:

You must renew your boat registration by Dec 31 of every odd-numbered year (i.e.
Jennifer Garner at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Odd Life Of Timothy Green' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on August 6, 2012.
INTERVIEWS Tyler, the Creator Is a Centaur in Odd Future's 'Rella' Video.
Tyler, the Creator Is a Centaur in Odd Future's 'Rella' Video.
Stupid, outrageous, and undeniably entertaining: Yup, it's a new Odd Future video.
"Oddly enough, they're world records," Timmerman chuckled Monday of his weekend of wonder.
It's odd to see chain-email forwards in 2012.
Driving south along the shore of the Salton Sea this weekend, I saw an odd shimmer in the distance.
Tim Goodman Gives the Odds on Which Fall Shows Will Survive.
A little-known fact is that employees at Chock 's luncheonettes were union members, represented, oddly enough, by the United Mine Workers of America.
Odd Things Happen When You Chop Up Cities and Stack Them Sideways.
Sarah Palin calls Obama's Christmas card with Bo 'odd'.
The odd twist to the Chron 's Chiu endorsement.
A movie about the fiercely competitive world of butter sculpture might seem odd, but then again, we've had similar stories about dog shows and children's beauty pageants.
Chris Sullivan, pharmacy technician, beat both odds and is the newest and youngest clown in the alley.

In science:

For n odd we have H n (Indeed, both Xσ,y /P and Yξ /P can be regarded as fixed point sets of torus actions on the variety denoted by Py in [L1], and it suffices to use the odd vanishing theorem [L1, 8.6] for Py together with [L3, 4.4]).
Classification of unipotent representations of simple p-adic groups,II
The Case N Odd Let us next consider the case with N odd.
Dynamical Correlations for Circular Ensembles of Random Matrices
We note that the first three (and similarly the last three) are connected via odd reflections which correspond to the odd reflections that connect the associated Dynkin diagrams.
Constructing r-matrices on simple Lie superalgebras
Then each summand has an odd number of odd ci ’s.
The enumeration of simple permutations
We see that, for odd k , ord2 (bk ) = (k + 1)/2 if and only if the number of the remaining summands is odd.
The enumeration of simple permutations