• The queen puts a poisoned nail into the oar
    The queen puts a poisoned nail into the oar
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n oar an implement used to propel or steer a boat
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cornelius van Drebel, a Dutch physician, built and successfully demonstrated the first submarine in 1620. It was a wooden framework covered with greased leather. The propulsion was provided by oars worked from the inside. It was tested in the Thames River in London.
    • Oar An implement for impelling a boat, being a slender piece of timber, usually ash or spruce, with a grip or handle at one end and a broad blade at the other. The part which rests in the rowlock is called the loom.
    • Oar (Zoöl) An oarlike swimming organ of various invertebrates.
    • Oar An oarsman; a rower; as, he is a good oar .
    • v. t. & i Oar To row. "Oared himself.""Oared with laboring arms."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n oar A long wooden implement used for propelling a boat, barge, or galley. It consists of two parts — a flat feather-shaped or spoon-shaped part called the blade, which is dipped into the water in rowing, and; a rounded part called the loom, ending in a piece of less diameter than the rest, called the handle. The oar rests in a hole or indentation in the gunwale, called the rowlock or oar-lock, or between two pins called thole-pins, or in a metal rest or socket. The action of an oar in moving a boat is that of a lever, the rower's hand being the power and the water the fulcrum. Oars are frequently used for steering, as in whale-boats.
    • n oar In brewing, a blade or paddle with which the mash is stirred.
    • n oar In zoöl., an oar-like appendage of an animal used for swimming, as the leg or antenna of an insect or crustacean, one of the parapodia of annelids, etc.
    • n oar One who uses an oar; an oarsman; also, a waterman.
    • oar To use an oar or oars; row.
    • oar To propel by or as by rowing.
    • oar To traverse by or as by means of oars.
    • oar To move or use as an oar.
    • n oar An obsolete spelling of ore.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Oar ōr a light pole with a flat feather or spoon-shaped end (the blade) for propelling a boat: an oar-like appendage for swimming, as the antennæ of an insect or crustacean, &c.: an oarsman
    • v.t Oar to impel by rowing
    • v.i Oar to row
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  • Earl Camden
    Earl Camden
    “It is not good to have an oar in everyone's boat.”
  • St. Francis De Sales
    “There are no galley-slaves in the royal vessel of divine love -- every man works his oar voluntarily!”
  • Harold S. Geneen
    “I don't believe in just ordering people to do things. You have to sort of grab an oar and row with them.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. ār,; akin to Icel. ār, Dan. aare, Sw. åra,; perh. akin to E. row, v. Cf. Rowlock


In literature:

One seized the oars, and the other seated himself in the stern-sheets.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
The sound of oars in the water was now heard, and a boat was observed slowly approaching the shore.
"The Two Shipmates" by William H. G. Kingston
Once more the men bent to their oars.
"The Voyage of the "Steadfast"" by W.H.G. Kingston
Four of the pirates formed the crew of the boat, and taking the oars, they pulled towards the shore.
"A Voyage round the World" by W.H.G. Kingston
What numbers of oars, stretchers, ship-hooks, and spikes were there for bringing the ship in and out of the harbour!
"A Book of Discovery" by Margaret Bertha (M. B.) Synge
My oar had tumbled down and oar and lantern were in the sea.
"Swept Out to Sea" by W. Bertram Foster
That is, the forward oar gets going after a while.
"A Venetian June" by Anna Fuller
The fellow at the oars Clancy did not know.
"Owen Clancy's Happy Trail" by Burt L. Standish
Then the two men took the oars again.
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
Exulted of Alcinoues, and aloud To his oar-skill'd Phaeacians thus he spake.
"The Odyssey of Homer" by Homer

In poetry:

Haste haste--ply swift and strong the oar!
Haste haste across the stream!
Again Lord William heard a cry
Like Edmund's drowning scream.
"Lord William" by Robert Southey
I have dreams of a sliding river--
Shannon--under the stars and sun;
I have dreams how the oar-blades quiver,
And the silvery salmon run.
"The Cripple" by Clinton Scollard
Dear voyagers, though each nearing oar
Around, is music to my ear,
Sweeter to hear, far on before,
Some swifter boatman call, "Good cheer!"
"The Immortal Voyager" by Lucy Larcom
The banked oars fell an hundred strong,
And backed and threshed and ground,
But bitter was the rowers' song
As they brought the war-boat round.
"The Rowers" by Rudyard Kipling
`His voice will repeat some poet's song
To the stroke of the rhythmic oar,
Till her maiden pulses quicken and long
For the gleam of the syren shore.
"The Fallen Elm" by Alfred Austin
While mirrored peaks of stainless snow
Turn crimson 'neath the farther shore,
And here and there the sunset glow
Threads diamonds on a dripping oar.
"Acqua Fredda" by John Lawson Stoddard

In news:

Mike Mitchell ties in his oars as team Kaos gets ready for practice yesterday evening.
REALTOR® Diana L Johnson, with Real Living Morgan Realty Group, Port Clinton, has been awarded the "President's Sales Club" Award of Achievement designation from the Ohio Association of REALTORS® (OAR).
All oars went into the water this week at the inaugural Homeland Security for Networked Industries conference in Orlando, Fla.
Always happy to pull an oar for the State Fair of Texas, I have served over the years as a volunteer contest judge for a variety of cuisines.
Honorees were recognized at a President's Sales Club Dinner during OAR's 102nd Annual Convention in Columbus.
Take to the Oars checks in from the streets of Austin.
Photo courtesy of Tahoe Paddle and Oar.
Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd. Sign In to WoodenBoat Magazine or Become A Member.
Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd was started by Ken Lott in 1983 as Barkley Sound Marine.
Anyone with a watercraft that has paddles or oars is welcome to participate.
The OARS wilderness gourmet adventure takes you down Oregon's rugged Rogue River and teaches you how to cook.
Outfitters offer trips in paddle rafts , oar rafts , and motorized rafts .
Our guides had spent the morning loading the three big oar rafts with just about everything we'd need for the next six days.
New sail , spars and oars.
Beck's Record Club Tackles Skip Spence's "Oar" with Wilco, Feist.

In science:

OAR gratefully acknowledge support from Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics, Australia.
Quantifiers for randomness of chaotic pseudo random number generators
In 1930, Ludwig pointed out that a microorganism that waves rigid arms like oars is incapable of net motion.
The hydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms
For example, a method may produce plans that provide better tumor coverage 50% of the time and better OAR sparing 50% of the time.
When is Better Best? A multiobjective perspective
However, the chance that it produces better tumor coverage and OAR sparing in a given plan may be anywhere from 0 to 50%.
When is Better Best? A multiobjective perspective
Using the methods in Table 2, IMRT was considered superior to IMAT for target and all OARs when one arc was used, and when two arcs were used, IMRT was better in only 3 of 6 OARs and the targets were substantially equivalent.
When is Better Best? A multiobjective perspective