• WordNet 3.6
    • n numbness the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally
    • n numbness partial or total lack of sensation in a part of the body; a symptom of nerve damage or dysfunction
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Numbness The condition of being numb; that state of a living body in which it loses, wholly or in part, the power of feeling or motion.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n numbness The state of being numb; that state of a living body in which it has not the power of feeling, as when paralytic or chilled by cold: torpidity; torpor.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Numbness state of being numb: condition of living body in which it has lost the power of feeling: torpor
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  • Josh Billings
    “Threescore years and ten is enough; if a man can't suffer all the misery he wants in that time, he must be numb.”
  • Marshall Mcluhan
    “The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.”
  • Brian Klemmer
    Brian Klemmer
    “Practice, practice, practice until you eventually get numb on rejections.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. numen, pa.p. of niman, to take; so Ice. numinn, bereft.


In literature:

Badger looked dazedly about, then down at his numbed left hand and arm.
"Frank Merriwell's Reward" by Burt L. Standish
They were burning and yet seemed numb.
"Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
She grew cold, her fingers numb.
"North of Fifty-Three" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Numb though her fingers were, she must keep them fastened tightly in the frozen mane of the animal.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
Now, with a start he had trouble concealing, he suddenly realized a mind-numbing fact!
"Man of Many Minds" by E. Everett Evans
My skean rattled down from numb fingers.
"The Door Through Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
He rolled to the earth, for his ankles were even more numbed than his wrists.
"Jack Haydon's Quest" by John Finnemore
Quebec was thunderstruck, numb with fright.
"Canada: the Empire of the North" by Agnes C. Laut
Palsy, I s'pose; numb, not shakin', like Adam's.
"Tiverton Tales" by Alice Brown
I was numb for a long time.
"Highways in Hiding" by George Oliver Smith

In poetry:

Bid faithful swallows come
And build their cozy nests,
Where wind nor storm can numb
Their downy little breasts.
"Spring" by Mary Baker Eddy
And if our hearts be low with lack,
They are not therefore numb;
Not always will thy day come back—
Thyself will come!
"Christmas, 1884" by George MacDonald
I dip my fingers and sprinkle,
While three times over I say,
"Chance-bound and chance-found water
Can take a numbness away."
"The Knitters" by Padraic Colum
Mother: Alice, dear, what ails you,
Dazed and white and shaken?
Has the chill night numbed you?
Is it fright you have taken?
"A Frostry Night" by Robert Graves
Ah ! have you seen a mother's joy
In cherub sweetness dress'd,
Seiz'd by the numbing hand of death,
Expiring at her breast ?
"Lewin and Gynneth" by Mary Darby Robinson
The zones of warmth around his heart,
No alien airs had crossed;
But he awoke one morn to feel
The magic numbness of autumnal frost.
"Sandy Star And Willie Gee" by William Stanley Braithwaite

In news:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — On city streets, on the airwaves and in the newspapers of a country numbed by years of bombings and assassinations, outrage against the Taliban is suddenly reaching a zenith.
Pakistan — On city streets, on the airwaves and in the newspapers of a country numbed by years of bombings and assassinations, outrage against the.
'I was Numb' 33-year-old vows to persevere after birthday 'surprise'.
Numb to Carnage, Mexicans Find Diversions, and Life Goes On.
There's a mind-numbing number of deep-in-the-weeds posts about Paul Ryan's budget plan and how bad it is.
Yesterday, I was numbed to hear that the official platform of the Democratic National Convention struck the words God-given, and distanced themselves from our allies Israel.
The thumb-numbing communications format that has become a favorite of teenagers and created a language of its own has turned 20.
For the first time, I felt that numb terror that all of London has known for months.
The bloody battles bring destruction and death to the masses, the eventual peace only a kind of numb moral confusion to survivors.
Numb , hopeful, families endure post-Sandy recovery.
Each election season many reach a saturation point where we're numb to the political propaganda being pumped at us by both of our great nation's largest political parties.
The lake is finally warm enough to swim in without feeling numb and the days of summer in the Upper Peninsula are dwindling.
Without comment due to mind-numbing disgust.
This is a mind-numbing non sequitur—the second statement does not contradict the first.
Although their next album, 1992's Whipped, hit numb.

In science:

The identification numbe rs, positions, and alternative names for our final sample of 14 ne w RCB star are given in Table 3.
R Coronae Borealis stars in the Galactic Bulge discovered by EROS-2
Finally, note that results con firm that increasing the numbe r of receive antennas improves the system performance.
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multiuser MIMO Systems: A Game-Theoretic Framework
Lett. 99, 087203 (2007). 34 The two possible staggered configurations have quantum numb ers (kx , ky ) = (0, 0) for the symmetric superposition (it lies in the same sector as the ground-state but just above), and (kx , ky ) = (π , π ) for the antisymmetric one. 35 B. S.
Melting of a frustration-induced dimer crystal and incommensurability in the J_1-J_2 two-leg ladder
Kwiat, “Low-bias high-speed quantum numb er generator via shaped optical pulses,” Opt.
Ultrafast quantum random number generation based on quantum phase fluctuations
Our previous analysis (Kov ´aˇr et al., 2010) revealed a numb er of distinct types of possible topological structures of the effective potential.
Transition from regular to chaotic motion in black hole magnetospheres