• Negation. Dakota
    Negation. Dakota
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj negative involving disadvantage or harm "minus (or negative) factors"
    • adj negative expressing or consisting of a negation or refusal or denial
    • adj negative having a negative charge "electrons are negative"
    • adj negative designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions "negative criticism"
    • adj negative having the quality of something harmful or unpleasant "ran a negative campaign","delinquents retarded by their negative outlook on life"
    • adj negative characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features "a negative outlook on life","a colorless negative personality","a negative evaluation","a negative reaction to an advertising campaign"
    • adj negative less than zero "a negative number"
    • adj negative reckoned in a direction opposite to that regarded as positive "negative interest rates"
    • adj negative not indicating the presence of microorganisms or disease or a specific condition "the HIV test was negative"
    • v negative vote against; refuse to endorse; refuse to assent "The President vetoed the bill"
    • n negative a piece of photographic film showing an image with light and shade or colors reversed
    • n negative a reply of denial "he answered in the negative"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Negation. Pai-Ute sign Negation. Pai-Ute sign
Negation. No. Dakota Negation. No. Dakota
Negation. No. Pai-Ute Negation. No. Pai-Ute
No, negation. Pai-Ute No, negation. Pai-Ute
Positive and Negative Carbons Positive and Negative Carbons

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Celery has negative calories. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.
    • Negative (Photog) A picture upon glass or other material, in which the light portions of the original are represented in some opaque material (usually reduced silver), and the dark portions by the uncovered and transparent or semitransparent ground of the picture.
    • Negative A proposition by which something is denied or forbidden; a conception or term formed by prefixing the negative particle to one which is positive; an opposite or contradictory term or conception. "This is a known rule in divinity, that there is no command that runs in negatives but couches under it a positive duty."
    • Negative A word used in denial or refusal; as, not no . "No wine ne drank she, neither white nor red.""These eyes that never did nor never shall
      So much as frown on you."
    • Negative an eyepiece consisting of two plano-convex lenses with their curved surfaces turned toward the object glass, and separated from each other by about half the sum of their focal distances, the image viewed by the eye being formed between the two lenses. it was devised by Huyghens, who applied it to the telescope. Campani applied it to the microscope, whence it is sometimes called Campani's eyepiece.
    • Negative (Logic) Asserting absence of connection between a subject and a predicate; as, a negative proposition.
    • Negative Denying; implying, containing, or asserting denial, negation or refusal; returning the answer no to an inquiry or request; refusing assent; as, a negative answer; a negative opinion; -- opposed to affirmative. "If thou wilt confess,
      Or else be impudently negative ."
      "Denying me any power of a negative voice.""Something between an affirmative bow and a negative shake."
    • Negative (Chem) Metalloidal; nonmetallic; -- contrasted with positive or basic; as, the nitro group is negative .
    • Negative Not positive; without affirmative statement or demonstration; indirect; consisting in the absence of something; privative; as, a negative argument; negative evidence; a negative morality; negative criticism. "There in another way of denying Christ, . . . which is negative , when we do not acknowledge and confess him."
    • Negative (Photog) Of or pertaining to a picture upon glass or other material, in which the lights and shades of the original, and the relations of right and left, are reversed.
    • Negative That side of a question which denies or refuses, or which is taken by an opposing or denying party; the relation or position of denial or opposition; as, the question was decided in the negative .
    • Negative (Elect) The negative plate of a voltaic or electrolytic cell.
    • Negative The refusal or withholding of assents; veto. "If a kind without his kingdom be, in a civil sense, nothing, then . . . his negative is as good as nothing."
    • Negative To neutralize the force of; to counteract.
    • Negative To prove unreal or untrue; to disprove. "The omission or infrequency of such recitals does not negative the existence of miracles."
    • Negative To reject by vote; to refuse to enact or sanction; as, the Senate negatived the bill.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Negative emotions such as anxiety and depression can weaken your immune system.
    • negative Expressing or containing denial or negation: opposed to affirmative: as, a negative proposition.
    • negative Expressing or containing refusal; containing or implying the answer “No” to a request: as, a negative answer.
    • negative Characterized by the omission or absence of that which is affirmative or positive: as, a negative attitude; negative goodness.
    • negative Having the power of stopping or restraining by refusing assent or concurrence; imposing a veto.
    • negative In photography, showing the lights and shades in nature exactly reversed: as, a negative picture; a negative plate. See II., 5.
    • negative Measured or reckoned in the opposite direction to that which is considered as positive; neutralizing the positive: as, a debt is negative property.
    • negative Electricity developed by friction on resinous substances, as by rubbing sealing-wax with silk or flannel; resinous electricity.
    • n negative A proposition expressing a negation; a negative proposition.
    • n negative A term or word which expresses negation or denial.
    • n negative The right or power of refusing assent; a veto; also, the power of preventing.
    • n negative That side of a question which denies what the opposite side affirms; also, a decision or an answer expressive of negation: as, the question was determined in the negative.
    • n negative In photography, a photographic image on glass or other suitable medium, in which the lights and shades are the opposite of those in nature. The negative is used chiefly as a plate from which to print positive; impressions on paper or other material. Its image presents natural high lights as more or less opaque, and diminishes in opacity by delicate gradations to the deepest shadows, which should be represented by unstained or transparent film.
    • n negative Electricity like that developed by friction on resinous substances. See electricity.
    • n negative In electricity, the negative plate of a voltaic element; the metal or equivalent placed in opposition to the positive in the voltaic battery.
    • negative To deny, as a statement or proposition; affirm the contradictory of; contradict; negate.
    • negative To disprove; prove the contrary of.
    • negative To refuse assent to; refuse to enact or sanction; veto.
    • negative In grammar, to modify by a negative particle: alter by the substitution of a negative for a positive word.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are four main Blood types: A, B, AB and O and each Blood type is either Rh positive or negative. Blood types in the US Type O positive 38.4%, O negative 7.7%, A positive 32.3%, A negative 6.5%, B positive 9.4%, B negative 1.7%, AB positive 3.2%, AB negative 0.7%
    • adj Negative neg′a-tiv that denies or refuses—opp. to Affirmative: implying absence: that stops, hinders, neutralises—opp. to Positive: in photography, exhibiting the reverse, as dark for light, light for dark: :
    • n Negative a word or statement by which something is denied: the right or act of saying 'no,' or of refusing assent: the side of a question or the decision which denies what is affirmed: in photography, an image on glass or other medium, in which the lights and shades are the opposite of those in nature, used for printing positive impressions from on paper, &c.:
    • v.t Negative to prove the contrary: to reject by vote
    • adj Negative neg′a-tiv (logic) denying the connection between a subject and a predicate
    • adj Negative neg′a-tiv (algebra) noting a quantity to be subtracted
    • n Negative (gram.) a word that denies
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  • Elbert Hubbard
    “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
  • Sugar Ray Robinson
    Sugar Ray Robinson
    “I've always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative.”
  • Zig Ziglar
    “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
  • Zig Ziglar
    “When you put faith, hope and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world.”
  • Les Brown
    “Don't let the negativity given to you by the world disempower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you.”
  • Zig Ziglar
    “Are you a SNIOP? Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative Influence Of Others?”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. négatif, L. negativus, fr. negare, to deny. See Negation


In literature:

Such a condition is always negative, and requires treatment under the negative pole.
"A Newly Discovered System of Electrical Medication" by Daniel Clark
The other replied in the negative.
"Japhet in Search of a Father" by Frederick Marryat
There is knowledge at hand which enables us to reply at once in the negative.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
The powers of those bodies will be negative only.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
Contradictions could not both be real: when an affirmative was true, a negative was false.
"Loss and Gain" by John Henry Newman
Should we wish to see a proof before the negative is dry, it is taken from the fixing bath and well rinsed, though not necessarily thoroughly washed.
"Bromide Printing and Enlarging" by John A. Tennant
The answer is unanimously in the negative.
"Aether and Gravitation" by William George Hooper
What we see is a multitude of forces at work, the action of each of which often results in the negation of the other.
"Theism or Atheism" by Chapman Cohen
Gently reversing currents, a mild negative one soon overcomes our momentum.
"Pharaoh's Broker" by Ellsworth Douglass
It is in this negative way that they are interesting.
"Mystic London:" by Charles Maurice Davies

In poetry:

With dynasties of negative constructions
darkening and dying around you,
with grammar that suddenly turns and shines
like flocks of sandpipers flying,
please come flying.
"Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore" by Elizabeth Bishop
'Twas put unto the Vote at last,
And in the Negative it past,
None to her Aid shou'd move;
Yet since ARDELIA was a Friend,
Excuses 'twas agreed to send,
Which plausible might prove:
"To Mr. F. Now Earl Of W" by Anne Kingsmill Finch
In your wealth you seem to be wearing gown upon gown
upon a body of nothing but light;
yet each separate petal is at the same time the negation
of all clothing and the refusal of it.
"The Sonnets To Orpheus: Book 2: VI" by Rainer Maria Rilke
Or say at best, that negatively kind,
You inly mourn'd, and silently repin'd:
The jealous Demons in my own fond Breast,
Would all these Thoughts incessantly suggest,
And tell what Sense must feel, tho' Pity had supprest.
"An Elegy To A Young Lady" by James Hammond

In news:

Test samples from the XL Foods meat plant in Alberta have come back negative for E.
However, Moody's did revise the county's outlook from negative to stable.
S&P leaves Wake Forest Baptist bond rating same but outlook is negative.
Moody's Investor Service had already downgraded the Chicago Public Schools' bond rating outlook to "negative" from stable in July.
The survey's measure of the degree of change in current North American conditions also remained slightly in negative territory in October, unchanged from the previous month at -0.1.
A July 2012 report in Consumer Reports Magazine negatively attacks beef industry.
One negative vote was received and found to be persuasive.
President Obama and his Republican challenger, former Gov Mitt Romney, have been getting roughly equally negative treatment in the press, according to a new study.
My same-sex partner and I are legally married in another country, a marriage not recognized by our state or (obviously) federal government, with significant negative consequences to our modest financial situation.
Barack Obama in 2008 spent more money on negative attacks than anybody who had ever run for office in the United States.
Answers that made negative comments about private businesses were omitted.
Small faction responsible for negativity at senior center.
PREVIEW In music, silence has a purpose similar to that of the negative space in sculpture: it heightens your awareness of the artist's material.
Will Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Negatively Affect Cancer Centers or Be a Godsend in the New Health Care Environment.
So great, apparently, that he can criticize negative ads one moment, then turn around and issue his own attack ads the next, and no one will report it.

In science:

Essentially the same situation happens when z1 belongs to a negative (positive) sector, and z2 is in a positive (resp., negative) sector.
Introduction to the Random Matrix Theory: Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and Beyond
Recall that (2.17) defines Φκ only for non-negative functions; we thus consider only non-negative solutions to (6.1) below.
The phase transition in inhomogeneous random graphs
The situation is similar to Region B except that the phase transition is now at a negative value of u and large negative u phase is not accessible.
Directed polymers and Randomness
We have the same problem if we add an imaginary simple root with negative squared norm (as previously recalled, in II1,1 there are infinite vectors whose squared norm is negative), because we shall have positive elements out of the principal diagonal.
Standard and Non-standard Extensions of Lie algebras
Let S be the (sub)shape rooted at the negative ⊗-vertex v in the proof in the main text; since v is negative, think of it as a par.
Simple free star-autonomous categories and full coherence