• WordNet 3.6
    • adj narcotic inducing mental lethargy "a narcotic speech"
    • adj narcotic inducing stupor or narcosis "narcotic drugs"
    • adj narcotic of or relating to or designating narcotics "narcotic addicts","narcotic stupor"
    • n narcotic a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cocaine works in a totally different way from narcotics such as morphine or heroin. Heroin works on receptor sites in the brain which are stimulated by the drug to produce pain-relieving and mood-enhancing chemicals. Cocaine on the other hand works by stimulating the central nervous system, and like alcohol, is processed through the liver.
    • n Narcotic när*kŏt"ĭk (Med) A drug which, in medicinal doses, generally allays morbid susceptibility, relieves pain, and produces sleep; but which, in poisonous doses, produces stupor, coma, or convulsions, and, when given in sufficient quantity, causes death. The best examples are opium (with morphine), belladonna (with atropine), and conium. "Nercotykes and opye (opium) of Thebes."
    • a Narcotic när*kŏt"ĭk (Med) Having the properties of a narcotic; operating as a narcotic.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The 1st US federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium) was enacted in 1909.
    • narcotic Having the power to produce stupor.
    • narcotic Consisting in or characterized by stupor: as, narcotic effects.
    • n narcotic A substance which directly induces sleep, allaying sensibility and blunting the senses, and which, in large quantities, produces narcotism or complete insensibility. Opium, Cannabis Indica, hyoscyamus, stramonium, and belladonna are the chief narcotics, of which opium is the most typical.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Narcotic nar-kot′ik having power to produce torpor, sleep, or deadness
    • n Narcotic a medicine producing sleep or stupor
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  • Carl Jung
    “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity.”
  • Pietro Mascagni
    Pietro Mascagni
    “Modern music is as dangerous as narcotics.”
  • John W. Gardner
    “Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.”
  • Tennessee Williams
    “Time rushes toward us with its hospital tray of infinitely varied narcotics, even while it is preparing us for its inevitably fatal operation.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. narcotique, Gr. narkwtiko`s, fr. narkoy^n to benumb, na`rkh numbness, torpor


In literature:

He lost no time in seeking Edith; Mrs. Euston was yet buried in the leaden slumber produced by a powerful narcotic.
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 4 October 1848" by Various
The three great staple productions of Cuba are sugar, the sweetener; coffee, the tonic; and tobacco, the narcotic of half the world.
"Due South or Cuba Past and Present" by Maturin M. Ballou
Is not thought excited by stimulants, and deadened or even annihilated by narcotics?
"Flowers of Freethought" by George W. Foote
The man from the Narcotics Squad had left peaceably.
"Prologue to an Analogue" by Leigh Richmond
But do you think Psi is a sickness, like narcotic addiction?
"Modus Vivendi" by Gordon Randall Garrett
They are only narcotics.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
He will feel none of the narcotic effects of ordinary diet.
"Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by Experience in All Ages" by William Andrus Alcott
I see her now looking up into my face, and entreating me to prevent them from smothering her, and to be sure and give her a strong narcotic.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
How was this narcotic poison used by the Athenians?
"A Treatise on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene (Revised Edition)" by Calvin Cutter
Wasn't it worse than the demon weed since its seeds carried the substance necessary for narcotics?
"The Land of Look Behind" by Paul Cameron Brown

In poetry:

With great ships flash. Dark trees
Stir as with winds narcotic
From craggy vales chaotic,
For sea and land exotic
"Evensong" by E J Rupert Atkinson
Belovèd, smoke my amber Pipe awhile
And from its Bowl narcotic Joys beguile,
Suck Lethe from its Stem - what though I trace
A certain greenish Pallour in your Smile?
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr." by Wallace Irwin

In news:

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control is considering an attempt to tweak a law setting up a registry for people convicted of methamphetamine-related crimes following an appeals court decision.
Police are searching for a suspect who ran from a Rite-Aid store after demanding narcotics from the pharmacy and claiming he had a gun, police said.
Caddo-Shreveport narcotics agents arrest six.
A NUMBER OF DRUG cases involving a recently dismantled and controversial narcotics squad were withdrawn Thursday, a move that defense attorneys across the city said was long overdue.
Police are searching for a group of men suspected of working together to rob area pharmacies by demanding narcotics and claiming to be armed, police said.
The teen could have received 12 years under Indonesia's tough narcotics laws.
He didn't bounce quick enough, and police busted him with the $20 narcotics purchase still in the palm of his hand.
The Marshall County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to help keep prescription drugs off the street and out of the hands of abusers.
This car was involved in a shooting in Brighton where a 21-year-old Brighton man was shot and killed by Hueytown narcotics officers on Wednesday, Aug 22, 2012.
Two narcotics officers assigned to a unit with the Hueytown Police Department have been involved in a shooting in Brighton this afternoon, officials said.
Hernando County sheriff narcotic detectives served three search warrants Tuesday, ultimately arresting eight people and seizing drugs, weapons and vehicles.
Conditions at Colorado Springs, CO. Undercover narcotics officers arrested three people and seized $45,000 worth of drugs Thursday.
Boats collide, narcotics task force deficit & a drug bust .
Narcotics investigators searched a Clover Valley home, Tuesday morning.
Narcotics Sergeant Guy Selleck says investigator had a search warrant for a commerical marijuana growing operation.

In science:

Surveillance data on drug abuse are available for 61 health treatment centers in the Bangkok metropolitan region from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB).
Population size estimation based upon ratios of recapture probabilities
Results A total of 268 significant interests separating between users that most actively spread information on narcotics and the rest of the network and a set of themes summarizing these interests.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation
Some even comment on their use of drugs and their experiences with various kinds of narcotics.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation
Due to the criminal nature and the general social disapproval of narcotics, it is difficult (or outright impossible ) to assess the drug community directly.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation
We are solely interested in the group of users writing about narcotics for the third reason; they are the ones that use drugs or are likely to do so in the future.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation