• Almost naked, foot-sore, heart-sore, he arrived at the convent gate
    Almost naked, foot-sore, heart-sore, he arrived at the convent gate
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj naked completely unclothed "bare bodies","naked from the waist up","a nude model"
    • adj naked lacking any cover "naked branches of the trees","lie on the naked rock"
    • adj naked devoid of elaboration or diminution or concealment; bare and pure "naked ambition","raw fury","you may kill someone someday with your raw power"
    • adj naked having no protecting or concealing cover "naked to mine enemies"- Shakespeare"
    • adj naked (of the eye or ear e.g.) without the aid of an optical or acoustical device or instrument "visible to the naked eye"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Forty percent of Americans iron their clothes while wearing their underwear or being completely naked
    • Naked Having no clothes on; uncovered; nude; bare; as, a naked body; a naked limb; a naked sword.
    • Naked Having no means of defense or protection; open; unarmed; defenseless; as, naked to invasion. "Had I but served my God with half the zeal
      I served my king, he would not in mine age
      Have left me naked to mine enemies."
      "Thy power is full naked .""Behold my bosom naked to your swords."
    • Naked Mere; simple; plain; as, the naked truth. "The very naked name of love."
    • Naked (Mus) Not having the full complement of tones; -- said of a chord of only two tones, which requires a third tone to be sounded with them to make the combination pleasing to the ear; as, a naked fourth or fifth.
    • Naked Unprovided with needful or desirable accessories, means of sustenance, etc.; destitute; unaided; bare. "Patriots who had exposed themselves for the public, and whom they saw now left naked ."
    • Naked Without addition, exaggeration, or excuses; not concealed or disguised; open to view; manifest; plain. "The truth appears so naked on my side, That any purblind eye may find it out.""All things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do."
    • Naked (Bot) Without pubescence; as, a naked leaf or stem; bare, or not covered by the customary parts, as a flower without a perianth, a stem without leaves, seeds without a pericarp, buds without bud scales.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In Arizona it is illegal to take naked photographs before noon on Sunday.
    • naked Unclothed; without clothing or covering; bare; nude: as, a naked body or limb. The word is sometimes used in the English Bible and in other translations in the sense of scantily clad—that is, having nothing on but a short tunic or shirt-like undergarment, without the long sheet-like mantle or outer garment.
    • naked Without covering; especially, without the usual or customary covering; exposed; bare: as, a naked sword.
    • naked Specifically— In botany, noting flowers without a calyx, ovules or seeds not in a closed ovary (gymnosperms), stems without leaves, and parts destitute of hairs.
    • naked In zoology, noting mollusks when the body is not defended by a calcareous shell.
    • naked In entomology, without hairs, bristles, scales, or other covering on the surface.
    • naked Open to view. Not inclosed: as, a naked fire.
    • naked Mere; bare; simple.
    • naked Having no means of defense or protection against an enemy's attack, or against other injury; unarmed; exposed; defenseless.
    • naked Bare; unprovided; unfurnished; destitute.
    • naked In music, noting the harmonic interval of a fifth or fourth, when taken alone.
    • naked In law, unsupported by authority or consideration: as, a naked overdraft; a naked promise.
    • naked Synonyms Uncovered, undressed.
    • naked Unprotected, unsheltered, unguarded.
    • naked Said of a vessel's bottom when her copper is stripped off.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 'Naked' means to be unprotected. 'Nude' means unclothed.
    • adj Naked nā′ked without clothes: uncovered: open to view: unconcealed: evident: unarmed: defenceless: unprovided: without addition or ornament: simple: artless:
    • adj Naked nā′ked (bot.) without the usual covering
    • ***


  • William Blake
    “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.”
  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia
    “They say a lot of women would like to see me naked, but there's not a lens long enough for that.”
  • Federico Garcia Lorca
    Federico Garcia Lorca
    “To see you naked is to recall the Earth.”
  • Bob Dylan
    “But even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked.”
  • Tennessee Williams
    “I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action.”
  • Bible
    “Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I shall return there. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord.”


Butt naked - If someone is butt naked, they have no clothes on at all, often when they can be seen.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. nacod,; akin to D. naakt, G. nackt, OHG. nacchot, nahhot, Icel. nökviðr, nakinn, Sw. naken, Dan. nögen, Goth. naqaþs, Lith. nůgas, Russ. nagii, L. nudus, Skr. nagna,. √266. Cf. Nude
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. nacod; Ger. nackt.


In literature:

He was naked to the waist, exposing a powerful torso.
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
The natives were black, with woolly hair, and perfectly naked.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
You had to come to it clean from all desire, naked of all possession.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
A naked man maun rin.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
But what about a Lilia Godiva, quite naked on her bike, like the other on her horse?
"The Bill-Toppers" by Andre Castaigne
He wore diamond buttons on his jacket, which, being open, exposed his naked chest.
"Borneo and the Indian Archipelago" by Frank S. Marryat
The pirate captain had stripped himself naked to the waist.
"Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates" by Howard I. Pyle
But there it stood, like a naked man, unashamed; proud of its white form; without a single cloud; burning in the white sunlight.
"Flash-lights from the Seven Seas" by William L. Stidger
And what can be more disgraceful than to strip anybody stark naked and put him in a corner?
"Jewish Children" by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich
This panorama of naked bodies, of wild-eyed yellow faces drawn with fatigue and heat passes before ones' eyes for an hour.
"The Critic in the Orient" by George Hamlin Fitch

In poetry:

She shook the dust from her naked feet,
And her sackcloth closer drew,
And into the porch of the awe-hushed church
She passed like a ghost from view.
"In The "Old South"" by John Greenleaf Whittier
I shut the door to face the naked truth,
I stood alone—I faced the truth alone,
Stripped bare of self-regard or forms or ruth
Till first and last were shown.
"Memory" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
But when the sullen North begins to wail,
Old friends forsake her, leaving one by one;
Till all untended in her leafless vale,
The naked year is left to die alone.
"Prosperity And Adversity" by Albery Allson Whitman
Leave me in peace, O Spectres, who haunt
My labouring mind, I have fought and failed.
I have not quailed,
I was all unmailed
And naked I strove, 'tis my only vaunt.
"The Last Quarter Of The Moon" by Amy Lowell
Nor is there room for any man to pray,
(When from this world he once is gone away)
Whom you believe, as naked here he came,
To have gone naked hence to hell's fierce flame.
"That It Is In Vain To Pray For The Dead" by Rees Prichard
From east to west with tides of love—
The ocean of Eternal Life,
Whose waves flow ever free and warm
From land of snow to land of palm
And heal the naked wounds of strife.
"The Eternal Life" by Folger McKinsey

In news:

Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe.
While many Hollywood stars have taken their tops off in movies, only a few handfuls of big screen bombshells and leading men have gone all the way and gotten totally naked.
"Icelandic people are not prudish about people being naked," the band tells Just Jared of the "mystery film experiment.
Naked ambition left the Emmy-winning actress nude in Sarah Polley's romantic drama, which bowed Saturday night at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Watchmen director Zach Snyder puts Dr Manhattan (a buff, CGI'd Billy Crudup) front and center, buck naked for minutes at a time.
NEW YORK (CBS/AP) They came, they saw, they got nearly naked.
Lady Gaga loves going naked, but she'd rather wear fur.
A group of Republican lawmakers and staff jumped into Israel's Sea of Galilee last year after a night of dining and drinking, and one freshman congressman swam naked, Republican aides confirmed late.
Woman was jumped by four men, taunted for being a lesbian, left naked.
A little treat for history buffs…and fans of naked chicks on horseback.
Keyboardist/composer Wayne Horvitz may still be known (notorious is more like it) for his association with the mad, bad avant-garde blare of John Zorn's Naked City.
Half-naked Olympians, Kevin Durant and still no T.P.
LONDON — It's nice that we're getting so many hits on our Web site for the Olympics, but I've noticed that most of them are for photos of half-naked Olympians.
Iran Bans Love Triangles, Half-Naked Men.
But if you're naked and playing outside, expect the police to break up the game.

In science:

As we have seen, the formation of naked singularities in the above discussed models is generically forbidden by theorem 4.1.
Genericity of blackhole formation in the gravitational collapse of homogeneous self-interacting scalar fields
Thus, the theorem does not exclude the existence of initial data which give rise to naked singularities for the given potential, it only assures that such data are non-generic.
Genericity of blackhole formation in the gravitational collapse of homogeneous self-interacting scalar fields
Actually, there are examples of such solutions containing naked singularities in the literature, and it is our aim here to show how they fit in this scenario.
Genericity of blackhole formation in the gravitational collapse of homogeneous self-interacting scalar fields
It is then shown that for ν < 2 the system forms a naked singularity, and the existence of an interval of values of ν is interpreted as a generic violation of cosmic censorship (that is anyway restored when loop quantum gravity modifications are taken into account, see [1 3]).
Genericity of blackhole formation in the gravitational collapse of homogeneous self-interacting scalar fields
An example of naked singularity for V (φ) = 0.01eφ for φ ≥ 0.
Genericity of blackhole formation in the gravitational collapse of homogeneous self-interacting scalar fields