• WordNet 3.6
    • adv moreover in addition; furthermore, their quality is improving"; moreover, mice nested there" "computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time","the cellar was dark","what is more, there's no sign of a change"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Moreover Beyond what has been said; further; besides; in addition; furthermore; also; likewise. "Moreover , he hath left you all his walks."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • moreover Beyond what has been said; further; besides; also; likewise.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adv Moreover mōr-ō′vėr more over or beyond what has been said: further: besides: also.
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  • Marcel Proust
    “Lies are essential to humanity. They are perhaps as important as the pursuit of pleasure and moreover are dictated by that pursuit.”
  • E. M. Cioran
    E. M. Cioran
    “The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live --moreover, the only one.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “In my opinion a mathematician need not preoccupy himself with philosophy -- An opinion, moreover, which has been expressed by many philosophers.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
More, + over,


In literature:

Moreover, Alexander made a tender appeal, and adroitly suggested a distasteful counter-proposition.
"The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" by William Milligan Sloane
Moreover, I had no means of getting any.
"The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
Moreover, other habits had become confirmed.
"A History of Art in Chaldæa & Assyria, v. 1" by Georges Perrot
Moreover, both use words, and both employ sentences; but here the likeness ends.
"English: Composition and Literature" by W. F. (William Franklin) Webster
It became, moreover, a centre of improvement, not for Germany alone, but for the whole astronomical world.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
They suffer under alarms, moreover, from which we are happily free.
"The Beauties of Nature" by Sir John Lubbock
Moreover, Jake imagined they might have to meet the antagonism of rich and unscrupulous rivals.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss
Moreover, in spite of certain lines in his face, he was absurdly boyish to have sung those great songs.
"The Dominant Strain" by Anna Chapin Ray
Moreover it is perhaps better to be wrong in one's belief's than not to have any.
"The Paliser case" by Edgar Saltus
Moreover, there has been simultaneously going on a differentiation of climates.
"Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I" by Herbert Spencer

In poetry:

Not me alone, moreover,
But millions and millions!
Space unending spans not all the questions
From earth here and up toward heaven.
"Ivar Ingemundson's Lay" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Moreover, having lived, and learned
The taste of Life's most bitter spring,
For all the sick this sister yearned —
The poor and suffering.
"In Memoriam~ -- Alice Fane Gunn Stenhouse" by Henry Kendall
"Yet am I very sorry for my sin;
Moreover, Christ, I cannot bear that hell,
I am most fain to love you, and to win
A place in heaven some time: I cannot tell:
"King Arthur's Tomb" by William Morris
"Stood whom I knew, but scarcely dared to touch,
She seemed to have changed so in the night;
Moreover she held scarlet lilies, such
As Maiden Margaret bears upon the light
"King Arthur's Tomb" by William Morris
Except because the rooks will make a caw
Just now and then together: and the breeze
Soon rises up again among the trees,
Making the grass, moreover, bend and tease
Your face, but pleasantly. Mayhap the paw
"Fancies At Leisure - I" by William Michael Rossetti
Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,
we ourselves flash and yearn,
and moreover my mother told me as a boy
(repeatedly) 'Ever to confess you're bored
means you have no
"Dream Song 14: Life, friends, is boring" by John Berryman

In news:

Moreover, the timberland is not home to any of the frogs , nor does it contain the habitat the species needs to survive, Poitevent has said.
Moreover, if not half but all of the game is mental, adopting such a change can give you a huge competitive advantage in the job market.
Moreover, he's simply thankful to be alive.
Moreover, along with all the other drilling he stopped, he also halted the Keystone pipeline.
Moreover, the economy is worsening, coming in below expectations.
Moreover, despite making navigating through Windows 8's tiled interface somewhat easier, its hotkeys don't make enough of a difference to make it a clear favorite among keyboards .
Moreover, even if Roe is overturned, the issue would return to state legislatures, and abortion would probably be legal in more states than in 1972.
Moreover, no one who was nonunion could still work in the union shop.
Moreover, it was a natural satellite just like our moon .
Moreover, women who have MRIs before breast surgery seem to be no less likely to need a second surgery to remove additional cancerous tissue.
Moreover, women who have MRIs before.
Moreover, they had never played on the same afternoon in Bellaire prior to Saturday.
Moreover, it really bothers me to think that I may have only six months left with my son Jack.
" Moreover, he says, "the vagueness of the phrase was deliberately (or instinctively) calculated by its sponsors stimulate.
Moreover, the weakest connection or hardware point determines the maximum capability of a conference for all part...

In science:

Moreover, the fact that the original Dyson potential (6) contains interaction between all pairs of the gas particles is also not substantial.
The statistical properties of the city transport in Cuernavaca (Mexico) and Random matrix ensembles
Moreover, let M, N ⊂ B (Tq ) denote the von Neumann algebras generated by {lq (ξ ) + lq (ξ )∗ | ξ ∈ V }, and respectively by {lq (η) + lq (η)∗ | η ∈ W }.
Random unitaries in non-commutative tori, and an asymptotic model for q-circular systems
Moreover, σ(D) is a commutative subalgebra of W ′ .
Derivation-Simple Algebras and the Structures of Generalized Lie Algebras of Witt Type
Moreover, F ∈ L2(Hm red ) if and only if f is square integrable relative to e−|z |2 .
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds
Moreover, D0 is independent of the choice of local frame {ej }, connection ∇, and approximate identity ρε .
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds