• WordNet 3.6
    • n moralism judgments about another person's morality "he could not stand her hectoring moralism"
    • n moralism a moral maxim
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The way that prostitutes got the nickname "Hooker" was because of a general of the Civil War. General Hooker would keep a number of prostitutes to follow has army and keep his men's moral up. The prostitutes were referred to as "Hookers brigade."
    • n Moralism A maxim or saying embodying a moral truth.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n moralism A moral maxim or saying; moral counsel or advice; moral sermonizing; inculcation of morality.
    • n moralism The practice of morality as distinct from religion; the absorption of religion in mere morality.
    • n moralism A tendency to moralize; a habit of moralizing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Moralism a moral maxim; moral counsel: morality as distinct from religion
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  • Henry David Thoreau
    “Don't be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so.”
  • Andrew Young
    “Moral power is probably best when it is not used. The less you use it the more you have.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “It is as hard and severe a thing to be a true politician as to be truly moral.”
  • James Baldwin
    “But the relationship of morality and power is a very subtle one. Because ultimately power without morality is no longer power.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Preaching is the expression of moral sentiments applied to the duties of life.”
  • Nadine Gordimer
    “There is no moral authority like that of sacrifice.”


Moral fibre - Moral fibre is the inner strength to do what you believe to be right in difficult situations Example: He lacked the moral fibre to be leader (In American English the correct spelling is 'fiber'.)
Moral high ground - If people have/take/claim/seize, etc, the moral high ground, they claim that their arguments, beliefs, etc, are morally superior to those being put forward by other people.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. moralismos, moris, custom.


In literature:

Sentiment with her is natural, the growth of her moral being; in man it is usually acquired, the result of thought.
"The Young Maiden" by A. B. (Artemas Bowers) Muzzey
It did not imply originally, and in the first place, moral qualities at all, but simply that this person or that thing belonged to God.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
His morality is amiable and somewhat epicurean, a morality of indulgence, of moderation, of good sense.
"A History of French Literature" by Edward Dowden
Such a tyrant is the teacher, who aspires to win the affection of his victims by means of moral exhortations.
"Spontaneous Activity in Education" by Maria Montessori
In the name of Heaven, what had this growing degeneracy of every moral muscle led him to now?
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
Hence room is left for faith in any moral proofs that may present themselves to us, apart from science.
"The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics" by Various
It is possible to define with more or less exactness a morally perfect person, or an ideal moral community.
"The Approach to Philosophy" by Ralph Barton Perry
Ultimately life determines moral teaching, it is not moral teaching that determines life.
"Theism or Atheism" by Chapman Cohen
We are speaking both of training in morals for every day living, and of moral training which will harden the will of a fighting body.
"The Armed Forces Officer" by U. S. Department of Defense
"The Will to Believe" by William James

In poetry:

A BAYARD in his moral pluck
Without reproach or fear,
A quiet venerable duck
With fifty pounds a year.
"First Love" by William Schwenck Gilbert
But most throughout the moral world,
I saw his glory shine;
I saw His wisdom infinite,
His mercy all divine.
"In Memory Of A Happy Day In February" by Anne Bronte
If his life be meek and pure,
Moral as his preaching,
Even him I can endure,
When he hath done his teaching.
"Dialogue With Fame." by Samuel Bamford
One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man,
Of moral evil and of good,
Than all the sages can.
"The Tables Turned" by William Wordsworth
To meet at once with valor true
The attack from an ambuscade,
In moral strife, or bloody war,
Hath many a hero made.
"Life's Emergencies" by Jared Barhite
We’ve no time for moral tags;
We can hear a sleepy sound
With his yellow tucker-bags
Brother Bee is bumming round.
"Lali" by John Le Gay Brereton

In news:

This has been great for morale, and for maintaining long-term friendships.
Pedro Morales News Archive from SmackDown.
'Bernie' a black comedy and muddy Midwest morality.
It's not often that the words of a defense attorney bring about a moral epiphany but, well, we live in strange times.
People's Budget Coalition member Esther Morales says she's angry that the media obsessed over Sup.
BAGHDAD, July 26 Army Staff Sgt Jose Sixtos considered the simple question about morale for more than an hour.
WHEN Evo Morales, Bolivia's first indigenous president, took office in 2006, he promised to govern on behalf of the country's long-downtrodden ethnic groups.
Politics is often the way we morally and culturally define ourselves.
'All Hell Will Break Loose , Politically and Morally, All Over the World'.
'Apes' is a clever, brilliantly executed moral story.
He says it ought to be considered not just moral but fully consistent with the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church.
Small-business owners' morale sinks as elections approach.
Fatah uses 'morality police' to burnish image.
This game focuses on the morality of upgrading the human body with technology, which has become rampant in the year 2027.
The epidemic of moral failure among men in the church today is directly tied to our lack of healthy relationships.

In science:

Fol lowing our work here, to separate theories T , T ′ in Keisler’s order it is therefore sufficient to find a pair (B, D∗ ) s.t. B is a λ+ -c.c. complete Boolean algebra of cardinality ≤ 2λ and D∗ an ultrafilter on B which is (λ, T )-moral but not (λ, T ′ )-moral.
A Dividing Line Within Simple Unstable Theories
Note that this gives natural new “outside” definitions of classes of first-order theories in terms of whether e.g. every ultrafilter on a given Boolean algebra is moral for T .
A Dividing Line Within Simple Unstable Theories
D We write (λ, B, T , ∆)-moral to mean (λ, B, T , ϕ)-moral for al l ϕ ∈ ∆, and (λ, B, T )-moral to mean for al l formulas ϕ in the language of T , see Remark 5.4.
A Dividing Line Within Simple Unstable Theories
Note that “(λ, B, T )-moral” in Definition 5.3 indeed means that morality holds local ly, for each ϕ.
A Dividing Line Within Simple Unstable Theories
A) =⇒ (B ) Suppose that D∗ is (λ, B, T )-moral, and we would like to show that M λ /D1 is λ+ -saturated.
A Dividing Line Within Simple Unstable Theories