• a Street in the Higher Quarter of Modern SiÛt
    a Street in the Higher Quarter of Modern SiÛt
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj modern characteristic of present-day art and music and literature and architecture
    • adj Modern used of a living language; being the current stage in its development "Modern English","New Hebrew is Israeli Hebrew"
    • adj modern relating to a recently developed fashion or style; "their offices are in a modern skyscraper","tables in modernistic designs"
    • adj modern belonging to the modern era; since the Middle Ages "modern art","modern furniture","modern history","totem poles are modern rather than prehistoric"
    • adj modern ahead of the times "the advanced teaching methods","had advanced views on the subject","a forward-looking corporation","is British industry innovative enough?"
    • n modern a typeface (based on an 18th century design by Gianbattista Bodoni) distinguished by regular shape and hairline serifs and heavy downstrokes
    • n modern a contemporary person
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Part of the Modern Village Of Karnak, to The West Of the Temple of ApÎt Part of the Modern Village Of Karnak, to The West Of the Temple of ApÎt
the Modern Cemetery of Zawyet El-meiyetÎn the Modern Cemetery of Zawyet El-meiyetÎn
Love. Modern Neapolitan Love. Modern Neapolitan
Modern Caleches Modern Caleches
The Ultra-Modern artist The Ultra-Modern artist

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Greece and Australia are the only countries to participate in all of the modern Olympics.
    • n Modern A person of modern times; -- opposed to ancient.
    • Modern New and common; trite; commonplace. "We have our philosophical persons, to make modern and familiar, things supernatural and causeless."
    • Modern Of or pertaining to the present time, or time not long past; late; not ancient or remote in past time; of recent period; as, modern days, ages, or time; modern authors; modern fashions; modern taste; modern practice.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The modern Olympic Games were held in the first time in 1896 at Athens and were then followed by the 1900 Paris games. The winter games were added in 1924.
    • modern Pertaining to the present era, or to a period extending from a not very remote past to the passing time; late or recent, absolutely or relatively; not ancient or remote in time. With reference to history, modern is opposed to either ancient or medieval — modern history comprising the history of the world since the fall of the Roman empire, or since the close of the middle ages (see middle ages, under age); but the word is often used in a much more limited sense, according to the subject or occasion: as, modern fashions, tastes, inventions, science, etc., generally referring to the comparatively brief period of from one to three or four generations. See modern languages, below. Abbreviated modern
    • modern Not antiquated or obsolete; in harmony with the ideas and habits of the present: as, modern fashions; modern views of life.
    • modern Common; trite; general; familiar; trivial.
    • modern In heraldry See ancient, 5.
    • modern Synonyms Recent, Late, etc. See new.
    • n modern One who has lived or lives in modern times, or who lives at the present day, in distinction from one of the ancients, or from one who lived in time past.
    • n modern One who adopts new views and opinions.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Waldo Hanchett invented the modern dentist's chair in 1848.
    • Modern Latin as written between 1500 and the present time, mostly used as a scientific medium
    • adj Modern mod′ėrn limited to the present or recent time: not ancient:
    • n Modern one who lives in modern times:
    • adj Modern mod′ėrn (Shak.) commonplace
    • n Modern (pl.) the nations of the present day, distinguished from the Greeks and Romans—the ancients
    • ***


  • Georges Bernanos
    “The modern state no longer has anything but rights; it does not recognize duties any more.”
  • Bruce Barton
    “The ablest men in all walks of modern life are men of faith. Most of them have much more faith than they themselves realize.”
  • Susan Sontag
    “Perversity is the muse of modern literature.”
  • Bryan Appleyard
    Bryan Appleyard
    “Modernism may be seen as an attempt to reconstruct the world in the absence of God.”
  • Jean Baudrillard
    “You are born modern, you do not become so.”
  • Robert Hewison
    Robert Hewison
    “Post-modernism is modernism with the optimism taken out.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. moderne, L. modernus,; akin to modo, just now, orig. abl. of modus, measure; hence, by measure, just now. See Mode


In literature:

They show its modernity, its nearness to our own days.
"Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome" by Apicius
The lantern is square, with a shallow, conical, modern roof.
"The Cathedrals of Northern France" by Francis Miltoun
We see, therefore, that quite primitive savage races approached our most modern ideas in liberty of choice in marriage.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
The author's partiality to modern works excusable.
"Modern Painters Volume I (of V)" by John Ruskin
Yellow is often employed in a modern Feraghan, both in the border and in the field.
"Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern" by Rosa Belle Holt
It is not a very imposing slope, and a modern army might take it in its stride.
"Westward with the Prince of Wales" by W. Douglas Newton
Well, we modern town-dwellers have almost forgotten what a real bull is like.
"Five Stages of Greek Religion" by Gilbert Murray
Their essential peculiarity is the freer relationship of tones and semitones than is found in the definite pattern of our modern scales.
"Music: An Art and a Language" by Walter Raymond Spalding
Like the rum jug which is preserved for medicinal purposes, the revival has a use in the pathology of modern church life.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
The place of France in modern civilization.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar

In poetry:

Then with my modern armour
Above my ancient scars,
I'll march upon my foemen
And strike with prison bars.
"Prison Bars" by Ernest Jones
Oh modern singers, ye who vote
Our times for song unfit,
Your Pegasus is smooth of coat
And patient of the bit;
"Six Studies In Exotic Forms Of Verse" by Emily Pfeiffer
The babe upraised his wondering eyes,
And timidly he said,
"A trend towards experiment
In modern minds is bred.
"Envoy" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Such is giddy FASHION's son !
Oh ! wou'd their reign had ne'er begun !
And may it soon BE OVER!
"Male Fashions for 1799" by Mary Darby Robinson
A health, fair Themis! Would the enchanted vine
Wreathed its green tendrils round this cup of thine!
If Learning's radiance fill thy modern court,
Its glorious sunshine streams through Blackstone's port.
"A Modest Request" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
I'm a century old and more to-day--
A ripe old age for a modern man,--
Yet they who rocked my cradle, they say,
Predicted a thousand years my span;
They christened me at the fount of prayer,
And gave me a star-gemmed robe to wear.
"Uncle Sam's Soliloquy" by Madge Morris Wagner

In news:

Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology by M.I.
'Borgen' Tops 'The Killing,' 'Modern Family'.
Denver ballet company brings a classic tale to Leadville's Tabor Opera, with some modern updates.
Today, it's Ira Glass, the venerable NPR quirk-meister, appearing with modern dance troupe Monica Bill Barnes and Company.
This year's Daytime Emmys will pay tribute modern day Dorian Gray Dick Clark and American Bandstand, which started right here in Philadelphia.
It's also a particularly modern dilemma.
A Bank Run Teaches the 'Plain People' About the Risks of Modernity.
Modern Variations on the Classics.
We saw relatively little of Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday night because, unlike in some of her shows elsewhere, she wasn't naked.
The Obamas really represent a modern couple making it work, with all the tradeoffs and turn-taking that implies.
presents modernism on piano in "Bright Moods".
Late-onset diabetes is a scourge of the modern world, but at least doctors thought they knew how to treat it.
Modern Takes on Classic Styles.
In Faces of the Past, Modernity Looms.
Benét was led onto the stage by a modern R&B melody from his four-piece band and a backup singer.

In science:

Second the present theory may serve as a toy model for the study of general extended ob jects which play an important role in modern string theory.
A note on topological brane theories
However, in their modern versions the accelerators of particles are strong enough to outpower the ICS cooling.
Neutron Stars as Sources of High Energy Particles - the case of RPP
One of the features of modern physics is a renaissance of the above theory, its postulates, predictions, and consequences.
Wheeler-Feynman Absorber Theory Viewed by Model of Expansive Nondecelerative Universe
Ulam, Problems in modern mathematics, Interscience Publishers, New York, 1960.
Perron-Frobenius spectrum for random maps and its approximation
However, the postulate of the local smoothness was unquestionable, and rests as it is until now in many modern theories.
Gibbs and Quantum Discrete Spaces