• WordNet 3.6
    • n ministry the work of a minister of religion "he is studying for the ministry"
    • n ministry building where the business of a government department is transacted
    • n ministry religious ministers collectively (especially Presbyterian)
    • n ministry a government department under the direction of a minister
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Ministry Administration; rule; term in power; as, the ministry of Pitt.
    • Ministry Agency; instrumentality. "The ordinary ministry of second causes.""The wicked ministry of arms."
    • Ministry The act of ministering; ministration; service. "With tender ministry ."
    • Ministry The body of ministers of state; also, the clergy, as a body.
    • Ministry The office, duties, or functions of a minister, servant, or agent; ecclesiastical, executive, or ambassadorial function or profession.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ministry The act of ministering; the rendering of service; ministration.
    • n ministry The state of ministering or serving; agency; instrumentality.
    • n ministry The office or function of a minister, civil or ecclesiastical; the state of being a minister, in any sense; the exercise of a ministerial office: as, to discharge one's ministry faithfully; to enter the ministry of the gospel; to be appointed to the ministry of war.
    • n ministry The general or a particular body of ministers of religion; the ministerial or clerical class; the clergy or priesthood. In episcopal churches the ministry consists of bishops, priests, and deacons, and of subdeacons and the minor orders, when such exist, in addition to these.
    • n ministry The body of ministers of state in a conntry; the heads of departments collectively; the executive administration: as, to form a ministry; the policy of the British ministry; the French ministry has resigned. In the United States the corresponding body is called the cabinet.
    • n ministry A ministerial department of government; the organization of functionaries administering a branch of public affairs; a minister and his subordinates collectively: as, the ministry of war or of justice.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Ministry act of ministering: service: office or duties of a minister: the clergy: the clerical profession: the body of ministers who manage the business of the country
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  • Captain J. G. Stedman
    Captain J. G. Stedman
    “Old England liberty -- to be robbed by the Ministry, and insulted by the populace without redress.”
  • Sir Isaac Newton
    Sir Isaac Newton
    “The Christian ministry is the worst of all trades, but the best of all professions.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. ministerium,. See Minister (n.), and cf. Mystery a trade
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—minor, less.


In literature:

Adviser to the Ministry of Public Works in Egypt, 1904-1908.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various
Between the ministry that was gone and the ministry to come, Lewis acted by the advice of Liancourt.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
We did no business on Mr. Fox's coming into the Ministry.
"Lord John Russell" by Stuart J. Reid
Our ministry at the present day deserves no blame.
"Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
From the ministry, therefore, Hastings had every reason to expect support; and the ministry was very powerful.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
It marks also the beginning of his own public ministry, for which he evidently had been in preparation for a considerable time.
"The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit" by Ralph Waldo Trine
Need for an Air Ministry.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
Another change of ministry took place in 1902 when M. Waldeck-Rousseau was succeeded by M. Combes.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8)" by Various
The office of the ministry is the second gift of God the apostle enumerates.
"Epistle Sermons, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
Spain may possibly be amusing his employers, as he is employed to amuse the Spanish Ministry.
"The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. IX" by Various

In poetry:

But ah! when Science drops her shield--
Its peaceful shelter proved in vain--
And bares her snow-white arm to wield
The sad, stern ministry of pain;
"For The Meeting Of The National Sanitary Association" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Not much, but very sweet to give;
And it is grief of griefs to bear
That all these ministries are o'er,
And thou, so happy, Love, elsewhere,
Never can need me more:--
"Commissioned" by Susan Coolidge
'Tis there the ministry thy name repeat
And tell what mercies were vouchsaf'd of late,
Then joins the church, and begs through all our days
Not only with our lips, but lives to praise.
"Hezekiah" by Thomas Parnell
Ah, not for their own sake are earth and sky
And the fair ministries of Nature dear,
But as they set themselves unto the tune
That fills our life; as light mysterious
Flows from within and glorifies the world.
"Dulciora" by Henry Van Dyke
This is the cruel cross of life — to be
Full visioned only when the ministry
Of death has been fulfilled, and in the place
Of some dear presence is but empty space.
What recollected services can then
Give consolation for the "might have been"?
"Too Late" by Nora Perry
And naught could lure him from his mood, save his own trusting boy,
Who climbed the silent father's neck, with ministry of joy;
That gentle boy, unlike a child, companions never sought,
Content to share his father's crust, his father's gloomy lot.
"The Sinless Child Part 4" by Elizabeth Oakes Smith

In news:

THE REVEREND KIRBYJON CALDWELL approached the idea of writing a book much the same way he did leaving Wall Street to enter the ministry: reluctantly.
These are not the usual people who come to Good Shepherd Ministries to get a warm meal, but this is a special day.
Cross Over Ministries will present a gospel singing tomorrow evening at the Taylor County Senior Center.
Photo provided by the Russian Interior Ministry's branch in the Nizhny.
Ministry for loved ones of prisoners to hold first support group meeting in April.
In Buenos Aires hundreds of men and women, from all parts of Argentina, stand in line all day and night before the Ministry of the Interior.
Youth ministry in old dairy barn rings with praises.
This undated file photo released Oct 31, 2010, by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior purports to show Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri.
(AP Photo/Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior).
In the north part of town, Focus on the Family will hold its "Love Won Out" program, which the ministry created in 1998 to help gays overcome same-sex attraction.
Was recently capitalized with 1 million euros to coordinate the projects related to the building of the Sea Highways on behalf of the Transportation and Infrastructures Ministry in close partnership with the Ministry of Economy.
Hoedown to help Young Life Ministry.
An email/newsletter ministry of Richard D Swift, publishing the sermons of Rev.
A celebration of life for Tim will be held at 11:00 am, Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at Wilks Funeral Home, 211 W Chubbuck Road, with Pastor Scott Sampson from Rocky Mountain Ministries officiating.
I love the Lord and have been in ministry for decades.

In science:

This work was supported by the Ministry for Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.
Dynamics of relaxor ferroelectrics
This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grants 10233010 and 10221001) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (NKBRSF G19990754).
Testing Gamma-Ray Burst Jet Structure with the Distribution of Gamma-Ray Energy Release
Ministry of Science Serbia, under contract no 141016.
On the existence of the "classical trajectories" of atoms in the Stern-Gerlach experiment
This work was financed by the Polish Ministry of Science in 2005-2008 as a re search project.
Prompt optical observations of GRBs with "Pi of the Sky" system
This work is supported in part by the Italian Ministry of University (MIUR) under contracts PRIN 2007-024045.
The Integration Algorithm of Lax equation for both Generic Lax matrices and Generic Initial Conditions