microwave spectroscopy


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n microwave spectroscopy the use of spectroscopy to study atomic or molecular resonances in the microwave spectrum
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In science:

The low initial atom number and measured lattice depth results in no more than one atom per lattice site, as confirmed by microwave spectroscopy .
Randomized benchmarking of atomic qubits in an optical lattice
Microwave spectroscopy on our system, a resonator coupling two large Josephson junctions, produced complex energy spectra well explained by quantum theory over a large frequency range.
Spectroscopy of Three-Particle Entanglement in a Macroscopic Superconducting Circuit
Electromagnetic transitions have been measured in PS with microwave spectroscopy such as the ground state hyperfine splitting an d the fine structure transitions in the first excited state of the triplet system.
Low Energy Antiproton Experiments -- A Review
Electromagnetic transitions in excited states, particularly the n=2 fine structure and Lamb shift splittings could be induced by microwave spectroscopy.
Low Energy Antiproton Experiments -- A Review
The rf-renormalization of gJ described in was first probed using microwave spectroscopy and through the modification of spin-exchange collisions between Rb and Cs atoms .
Radio-frequency induced ground state degeneracy in a Chromium Bose-Einstein condensate