• Mercy. Supplication, favor. Egyptian
    Mercy. Supplication, favor. Egyptian
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n mercifulness leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice "he threw himself on the mercy of the court"
    • n mercifulness a disposition to be kind and forgiving "in those days a wife had to depend on the mercifulness of her husband"
    • n mercifulness the feeling that motivates compassion
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The guillotine was originally called a louisette. Named for Antoine Louis, the French surgeon who invented it. It became known as the guillotine for Joseph Ignace Guillotin, the French physician who advocated it as a more merciful means of execution than the noose or ax.
    • n mercifulness The quality of being merciful; tenderness toward the faults or needs of others; readiness to forgive offense or relieve suffering.
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  • Edwin Hubbel Chapin
    “The essence of justice is mercy.”
  • William Penn
    “Kings in this should imitate God, their mercy should be above their works.”
  • Bible
    “The merciful shall obtain mercy.”
  • Bible
    “Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy. [Mathew]”
  • Bible
    “A merciful person is merciful to their animals.”
  • Motto
    “Mercy is nobility's true badge.”


In literature:

For after death amends may no man make, For then mercy and pity do him forsake.
"Everyman and Other Old Religious Plays, with an Introduction" by Anonymous
The thing was too certain, too apparent; in mercy to himself as well as to her, he averted his eyes.
"The Long Night" by Stanley Weyman
And if so, what a mercy to her, and what a mercy for me!
"The Annals of the Poor" by Legh Richmond
May it be condescended to show the honoured mercy and benevolence.
"The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari" by James S. De Benneville
One said: {143} "God has forbidden it;" the other, "God is merciful and forgiving.
"The Faith of Islam" by Edward Sell
To them the ground belonged, and upon their mercy depended the success or failure of the produce.
"The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria" by Morris Jastrow
I will throw myself entirely on her mercy; and surely human creatures should not be unmerciful since God is so merciful.
"Frank Oldfield" by T.P. Wilson
The pain is merciful.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
He who showed no mercy to his brother, received judgment without mercy for himself.
"The Parables of Our Lord" by William Arnot
Should the settlers fall into their hands, they must expect no mercy!
"The Secret of the Island" by W.H.G. Kingston (translation from Jules Verne)

In poetry:

Yes, I will have mercy--
The mercy of the tiger or the wolf,
Athirst for blood.
"The Spagnoletto. Act V" by Emma Lazarus
For Thou art God alone,
To tender pity prone,
Propitious unto all
Who on thy mercy call.
"My God, Thy Suppliant Hear" by George Sandys
The Spirit calls today:
Yield to His power;
O grieve Him not away;
’Tis mercy’s hour.
"Today the Savior Calls" by Samuel Francis Smith
Now to the stricken doe
And the wounded hind
There comes the Mercy of God
That is cool and kind.
"The Truce of God" by Katharine Tynan
With mercy let justice
To mortals be given,
For Justice and Mercy
Are twin-born in heaven!
"The Maid Of Saxony; Or, Who's The Traitor? - Act III" by George Pope Morris
With mercy let justice
To mortals be given;
For Mercy and Justice
Are twin-borne of heaven.
"The Maid Of Saxony; Or, Who's The Traitor? - Act III" by George Pope Morris

In news:

That soldier, Joseph Dwyer, found his image a symbol of valor and mercy in the midst of war.
TASTY TIDBITS WNY golfer Tsukiyama named Rolex All-American Feria signs with Mercy.
Only two songs that year that spent more than one week at #1 – 'Have Mercy' by The Judds, and today's K-LAW Classic.
Mercy Pie Baking Tradition Provides Finishing Touch For Community Thanksgiving Dinner.
Fistful Of Mercy (Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison, Joseph Arthur).
The newly-formed folk-rock supergroup Fistful Of Mercy combines the ample talents of Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur.
Fistful of Mercy, "As I Call You Down".
Fistful of Mercy's Dhani Harrison on Having Three Frontmen.
At the Coachella festival, Dhani Harrison talked to Rolling Stone about how much fun he's been having as a member of Fistful of Mercy, his band with songwriters Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur.
Merci Boutique is located beside its sister store, Fleur de Lis, in Chenoweth Square.
A Plea for Mercy for a Murderer in Pennsylvania.
New physician caring for Mercy and Uihlein Living Center residents.
SARANAC LAKE – Residents of Mercy andUihleinLivingCenters now have a permanent doctor they can call their own.
Well, MERCY's over for now.
Costanza died after a long battle with cancer surrounded by family and friends at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest.

In science:

In the protein-genes world, the fidelity of transmission is at the mercy of the biochemical technology for copying.
The transmission sense of information
Merci notammen t à mon frère et ma sœur pour être venus me rendre visi te que lques jours à
The Hidden Subgroup Problem
Such an ansatz allows interesting experiments with the DIM but all physical arguments presented in its favour are unfounded or just based on inconsistent numerical schemes (we will mercifully pass over in silence the relevant references).
The disc instability model of dwarf-novae and low-mass X-ray binary transients
In the case of LMXBTs we are at the mercy of the X-ray satellites that happen to be in orbit during the outburst.
The disc instability model of dwarf-novae and low-mass X-ray binary transients
It is rather discomforting that the theory should allow a system to be steered or piloted into one or the other type of state at the experimenter’s mercy in spite of his having no access to it.
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: Are They Related to Quantum Paradoxology?