• An Indian Stone Maul
    An Indian Stone Maul
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v maul injure badly by beating
    • v maul split (wood) with a maul and wedges
    • n maul a heavy long-handled hammer used to drive stakes or wedges
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: One of the many Tarzans, Karmuala Searlel, was mauled to death by a raging elephant on set.
    • n Maul A heavy wooden hammer or beetle.
    • Maul To beat and bruise with a heavy stick or cudgel; to wound in a coarse manner. "Meek modern faith to murder, hack, and maul ."
    • Maul To injure greatly; to do much harm to. "It mauls not only the person misrepreseted, but him also to whom he is misrepresented."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n maul A heavy wooden hammer or mallet; a kind of beetle; a mall.
    • maul To beat and bruise with a maul, or as if with, a maul; disfigure by beating.
    • maul To do injury to, especially gross injury, in any way.
    • maul To split with wedges and a maul or mallet.
    • n maul Clayey, sticky soil.
    • n maul A moth.
    • n maul The common mallow of Great Britain, Malva sylvestris.
    • n maul Specifically In well-boring, a heavy block of wood used like the ram of a pile-driver to drive pipe into the ground for water or preliminary to boring in the rock below.
    • n maul Same as mold, n.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Maul mawl to beat with a mall or a heavy stick: to injure greatly by beating
    • n Maul a heavy wooden hammer: a struggle for the ball in football, when it has been carried across the goal-line, but has not yet been touched down
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Mall a hammer


In literature:

The plow, the flail, the maul, the echoing ax Taught him their homely wisdom, and their peace.
"Our American Holidays: Lincoln's Birthday" by Various
He did not fully recover from his mauling until he went into winter quarters.
"Black Bruin" by Clarence Hawkes
Go away, before I maul ye!
"Randy of the River" by Horatio Alger Jr.
Five or six of their men-of-war were that evening taken, besides which many others were fearfully mauled.
"The Boy who sailed with Blake" by W.H.G. Kingston
We were now getting pretty severely mauled.
"Will Weatherhelm" by W.H.G. Kingston
If I could but have mauled those troopers!
"The Children of the New Forest" by Captain Marryat
It is not pleasant to be mauled by a huge mastiff.
"Wilton School" by Fred E. Weatherly
I'll give her own self a mauling.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer, (AKA) Terence
Tek her away and niver let anybody maul her i' that fashion again, poor thing.
"Aunt Rachel" by David Christie Murray
He staggered up and struck out with his maul-like fist.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet

In poetry:

The twa-some they ha'e slayne the ane,
They maul'd him cruellie;
Then hung him over the draw-brig,
That all the host might see.
"Auld Maitland" by Andrew Lang
He pierced him through and through the heart,
He maul'd him cruellie;
Then hung him o'er the draw-brig,
Beside the other three.
"Auld Maitland" by Andrew Lang
Is plenitude of passion palled
By poverty of scorn?
Does Fiction mend where Fact has mauled?
Has Death its wisest victims called
When idiots are born?
"Abstrosophy" by Gelett Burgess
Like fam'd Antigallicans let us behave;
Keep our Motto in View,—For our Country—be brave;
Remember our Sires, who the Monsieurs did maul,
And shew the brave Spirit of a true Antigaul.
"An Antigallican Song" by Cornelius Arnold
But not for me, nor I for them; and so
With happiness. Therefor I stay outside,
Believing this, and they maul to and fro,
Believing that; and both are satisfied,
If no one has misjudged himself. Or lied.
"Reasons For Attendance" by Philip Larkin
Yes, 'igher things—that wus the way she spoke;
An' when she looked at me I sorter felt
That bosker feelin' that comes o'er a bloke,
An' makes 'im melt;
Makes 'im all 'ot to maul 'er, an' to shove
'Is arms about'er…Bli'me? but it's love!
"Doreen" by C J Dennis

In news:

Pittsburgh Zoo stays closed after African dogs maul 2-year-old.
Wild dogs maul 2-year-old boy at zoo exhibit.
African dogs maul boy at Pittsburgh zoo.
A 2-year-old boy visiting the Pittsburgh zoo was killed Sunday morning when he fell off a railing that his mother had put him on top of to view a pack of African painted dogs, who pounced on the child and mauled him, police said.
Boy killed in fall, mauling at zoo after mom placed him atop railing: police.
Mickey Mouse, meet Darth Maul .
Bears men's hockey maul Mustangs, 9-5.
Hot Sugar & Haleek Maul 's 'I don't wanna b judged'.
MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio sheriff's deputy says three Rottweilers mauled their owner's two young nieces when the girls apparently ran ahead of the dogs during a walk.
Rottweilers maul owner's two nieces during walk.
Pit bulls chase kitten, maul minivan.
Pit bulls maul Calif minivan chasing kitten.
NIAGARA FALLS—A five year old girl is in critical condition after being mauled by as many as three Rottweilers in Pelham.
A special jury is deciding whether a 2-year-old boy mauled to death by dogs in Mount Pleasant died in an accident or if someone was responsible.
Tougher than nails' 65-year-old survives bear mauling .

In science:

Let me assure you that it was only for lack of time, and not because I was afraid of being mauled by an angry crowd of true believers.
M Theory and Cosmology