• WordNet 3.6
    • v mash reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading "grind the spices in a mortar","mash the garlic"
    • v mash talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries","My husband never flirts with other women"
    • v mash to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition "crush an aluminum can","squeeze a lemon"
    • n mash mixture of ground animal feeds
    • n mash a mixture of mashed malt grains and hot water; used in brewing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1962, the Mashed Potato, the Loco-Motion, the Frug, the Monkey, and the Funky Chicken were popular dances.
    • Mash A mass of mixed ingredients reduced to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure; a mass of anything in a soft pulpy state. Specifically Brewing, ground or bruised malt, or meal of rye, wheat, corn, or other grain (or a mixture of malt and meal) steeped and stirred in hot water for making the wort.
    • n Mash A mesh.
    • Mash A mess; trouble.
    • Mash A mixture of meal or bran and water fed to animals.
    • v. t Mash (Brewing) To convert into a mash; to reduce to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure; to bruise; to crush; as, to mash apples in a mill, or potatoes with a pestle.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: MASH stood for "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital."
    • n mash A mixture or mass of ingredients beaten or stirred together in a promiscuous manner; especially, a mess of bran and grain, or of meal, stirred with boiling water, or a mixture of boiled turnips and bran, etc., for feeding farm stock.
    • n mash Softness produced by beating or bruising; a pulpy state or condition: in the phrase all to mash, or all to a mash.
    • n mash In brewing and distilling, a mixture of ground grain, malted or otherwise prepared, and water.
    • n mash A mess, mixture, or jumble; confusion; disorder; trouble.
    • n mash A double-headed hammer for breaking coals.
    • n mash [⟨ mash, transitive verb, 3.] One who gains the affection or sentimental admiration of another: as, he is evidently her mash.
    • mash To make a mash of by infusing or steeping in water, as malt in brewing.
    • mash To press or beat into a confused mass; crush by beating or pressure: as, to mash apples in a mill.
    • mash To gain the affection or sentimental admiration of (one of the opposite sex). See masher, 3.
    • mash Synonyms Crush, etc. See dash.
    • mash To act furiously; be violent: as, to go mashing around.
    • n mash An obsolete form of mesh.
    • n mash A dialectal form of marsh.
    • n mash In India, a kind of bean, Phaseolus radiatus.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Mash mash to beat into a mixed mass: to bruise: in brewing, to mix malt and hot water together
    • v.i Mash to act violently
    • n Mash a mixture of ingredients beaten or stirred together, as of bran, meal, &c., or bran and boiled turnips, &c., for feeding cattle or horses: in brewing, a mixture of crushed malt and hot water
    • v.t Mash to gain the affections of one of the opposite sex, to treat as a sweetheart
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Akin to G. meisch, maisch, meische, maische, mash, wash, and prob. to AS. miscian, to mix. See Mix


In literature:

The regulations dealing with the mashing operations are very stringent.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
Boil tips and stalks separately, when the stalks are soft, mash and rub them through a sieve.
"Vaughan's Vegetable Cook Book (4th edition)" by Anonymous
What right had he ter bust our still an' break up our wu'm and pour our mash an' singlings out on the ground?
"The Ordeal" by Charles Egbert Craddock
It ain't done with; I can't think about it without wanting to mash something.
"Dixie Hart" by Will N. Harben
Peter, mash the potatoes.
"The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays" by Walter Ben Hare
Mash 'im an' smash 'im!
"Standard Selections" by Various
Sour Mash never cared for these things.
"Chapters from My Autobiography" by Mark Twain
The walls of the nut shatter outwards and save the kernel, whereas with a hammer you mash the nut.
"Northern Nut Growers Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-First Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
It was cold now; the cook took on a new duty of the maintenance of hot pails of bran mash and salt water for the relief of frozen hands.
"The White Desert" by Courtney Ryley Cooper
These may be mashed with a stout hoe or shovel, or with a block like a pavier's rammer.
"Guano" by Solon Robinson

In poetry:

When you are mashing Irish spuds
You'll wear the very finest duds.
If good to you these prospects look,
Come, live with us and be our cook.
"Help" by Franklin Pierce Adams
The man in the North,
He pledged his troth,
To find a Richmond barber,
But the man in the South,
He mashed his mouth
At a place they call Cold Harbor.
"The Man In The South" by Anonymous Americas
I'm not flat and sly
Like a spatula creeping up from below.
At most I am a heavy and clumsy pestle
Mashing good and bad together
For a little taste
And a little fragrance.
"What Kind Of A Person" by Yehuda Amichai
They say like thunder-bold he crashed
Into a wall of stone;
To bloody muck his face was mashed,
He died without a moan;
In borrowed black the girl went back
To London Town alone.
"Rivera Honeymoon" by Robert W Service
We never seen the bloke ahead!
'Ow can they call us rash?
I jist seen 'Arry move to shove
'Is arm around 'is mash;
I seen 'er jump to grab the wheel,
Then, Lord!...there came the smash!
"The Joy Ride" by C J Dennis
I'm goin' 'ome to Blighty: can you wonder as I'm gay?
I've got a wound I wouldn't sell for 'alf a year o' pay;
A harm that's mashed to jelly in the nicest sort o' way,
For it takes me 'ome to Blighty in the mawnin'.
"Going Home" by Robert W Service

In news:

Try chef Cat Cora's recipe for Garlic Mashed Potato Pancakes, a great use for leftover mashed potato es, from her complete seven-day menu.
Singapore is home to a 7-11 with a mashed potato and gravy vending machine.
Many of us will spend at least part of our Thanksgiving mashing potatoes for the masses.
The seniors, who dressed in costume for the video, performed to the song "Monster Mash " originally produced by Bobby "Boris" Pickett in 1962.
Idaho spud truck rolls on side, mashing potatoes.
Jake Lowery Keeps On Mashing For JMU.
The equipment you use to mash your potatoes will have a big effect on their texture.
Several development frameworks enable companies to create ' mash -ups' of existing applications and Web services, rolling out dynamic tools on the fly.
Mashing Up Next Generation of Online Applications.
It was a mash-up of art on skateboard decks and actual skateboarders showing off their craft on a mini deck.
Mashed potatoes made with olive oil makes a simple side.
New York strip steak comes with mashed potatoes and green beans.
"Call Me Maybe" / "Gangnam Style" mash-up.
Everyone's doing the monster mash-up these days.
Writer for City covering county government, politics, the environment, and a mish-mash of other things.

In science:

Modern Citizen Science experiences are naturally online, taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies, for database-image-tagging mash-ups.
Proceedings of the 2011 New York Workshop on Computer, Earth and Space Science
Open data can be characterized as information processing with the goal to create knowledge and to manipulate that knowledge effectively (e.g., via collaborative tagging and interactive mash-up visualizations).
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
For such data as well as for collaboratively constructed and mashed-up open data one cannot assume “centralized data design” as it is found at traditional databases.
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
With the increasing presence of organisations on the Internet, and with the creation of a slew of web applications like social networks, web 2.0 mash-ups and the like, users start having their own demands for identity management on the web as well (cf. [22, 20]).
The Identity Crisis. Security, Privacy and Usability Issues in Identity Management
Six detected objects are associated with PNe positions from the Acker et al. (1992) and Kohoutek & K ¨uhl (2002) catalogues and five from the MASH I catalogue, with one object from the MASH catalogue positively detected only at 6 cm.
A pilot study of the radio-continuum emission from MASH planetary nebulae