• WordNet 3.6
    • adj maroon of dark brownish to purplish red
    • v maroon leave stranded on a desert island without resources "The mutinous sailors were marooned on an island"
    • v maroon leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue "the travellers were marooned"
    • n maroon an exploding firework used as a warning signal
    • n maroon a dark purplish-red to dark brownish-red color
    • n maroon a person who is stranded (as on an island) "when the tide came in I was a maroon out there"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are bananas called "Red banana" that are maroon to dark purple when ripe
    • Maroon A brownish or dull red of any description, esp. of a scarlet cast rather than approaching crimson or purple.
    • Maroon An explosive shell. See Marron, 3.
    • a Maroon Having the color called maroon. See 4th Maroon.
    • n Maroon In the West Indies and Guiana, a fugitive slave, or a free negro, living in the mountains.
    • v. t Maroon To put (a person) ashore on a desolate island or coast and leave him to his fate.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • maroon Very dark crimson or red. See II., 2.
    • n maroon A kind of sweet chestnut produced in southern Europe, and known elsewhere as the French or Italian chestnut, having a single kernel and attaining a large size from the fact that the other two seeds of the involucre or bur are abortive. It is largely used for food by the poor in the countries where it is produced.
    • n maroon A generic name for any pure or crimson red of very low luminosity. The color of a chestnut is yellower.
    • n maroon In dyeing, a coal-tar coloring matter obtained by purifying the resinous matters formed in the manufacture of magenta.
    • n maroon In pyrotechnics, a small cubical box of pasteboard filled with gunpowder and wrapped round with two or three layers of strong twine, used to imitate the report of a cannon. Maroons are primed with a short piece of quick-match, inserted in a hole punctured in one of the corners, and are usually exploded in batteries to produce the effect of cannonading, as in combinations of fireworks. Also marron.
    • n maroon One of a class of negroes, originally fugitive slaves, living in the wilder parts of Jamaica and Dutch Guiana. In both of these localities they were often at war with the whites, but were never fully subdued; and in the latter country, where they are called bush-negroes, they still form a large independent community professing a mongrel species of paganism. Maroons are found also in some of the other West Indian islands.
    • n maroon One who is left on a desolate island as a punishment.
    • maroon Same as feral, 2.
    • maroon To put ashore and leave on a desolate island by way of punishment, as was done by the bucaneers, etc.
    • maroon In the southern United States, to camp out after the manner of the West Indian maroons; make a pleasure-excursion of some duration, with provision for living in camp.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Maroon ma-rōōn′ a brownish crimson.
    • n Maroon ma-rōōn′ a fugitive slave living on the mountains, in the West Indies
    • v.t Maroon to put on shore on a desolate island
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. marron, abbrev. fr. Sp. cimarron, wild, unruly, from cima, the summit of a mountain; hence, negro cimarron, a runaway negro that lives in the mountains


In literature:

Brimfield kicked off once more and, with a scant minute and a half to play, the Maroon-and-Grey tried valiantly to add another score.
"Left Guard Gilbert" by Ralph Henry Barbour
Once before, many months ago, the two of them had neared the spot on an ocean craft, but duty to marooned comrades had called them back.
"Panther Eye" by Roy J. Snell
Marooners' Rock stood alone in the forbidding waters, as if it were itself marooned.
"Peter and Wendy" by James Matthew Barrie
We have not all dreamed of Treasure-Islands and Marooned sailors.
"Visions and Revisions" by John Cowper Powys
It was bad enough to have a son marooned in a mining camp without losing a daughter in the same way.
"Across the Mesa" by Jarvis Hall
Was he doomed to remain marooned forever in this terrible plane?
"Hellhounds of the Cosmos" by Clifford Donald Simak
Wouldn't it be fierce if you were marooned on the trail with a thief who has a lifelong record!
"Penny of Top Hill Trail" by Belle Kanaris Maniates
Maroons will explode above the City.
"Waiting for Daylight" by Henry Major Tomlinson
Truly, in discarding their normal size, they might as well have been marooned on another planet!
"The Raid on the Termites" by Paul Ernst
Maroon, and other Tales.
"Southern Literature From 1579-1895" by Louise Manly

In poetry:

Marooned no more, we sail the sea,
Ere sad gods were, we knew:
And from Platonic prows decree-
"The gods are Me, are You!"
"Dominions Of The Boundary" by Bernard O Dowd
R was a ring-tailed Raccoon,
With eyes of the tinge of the moon,
And his nose a blue-black,
And the fur on his back
A sad sort of sallow maroon.
"Billy's Alphabetical Animal Show" by James Whitcomb Riley
Sear, shivering shocks, and stubble blurred
With bramble-blots of dull maroon;
And creekless hills whereon no herd
Finds pasture, and whereo'er the loon
Flies, haggard as the rainless moon.
"Drouth In Autumn" by Madison Julius Cawein
With a taste for Spanish wine-shops and for spending my doubloons,
And a crew of swart mulattoes and black-eyed octoroons,
And a thoughtful way with mutineers of making them maroons,
Like a fine old salt-sea scavenger, like a tarry Buccaneer.
"The Tarry Buccaneer" by John Masefield

In news:

Maroon 5's "One More Night" Ties "Call Me Maybe" as 2012's Longest-Running #1.
Maroon 5 ties Carly Rae Jepsen for longest run at No.
Maroon 5 have matched Carly Rae Jepsen for the longest run atop of the US pop charts in 2012 after scoring a ninth week at number one.
Hoops host Maroon and White Night.
Maroon and white, and black — conflict and courage on another Mississippi campus.
One Direction vs Maroon 5.
Maroon 5's 'One More Night' re-elected for eighth straight term.
Driving home tonight on Harvey a guy in a maroon truck smiled and waved several times.
A&M issues "code maroon " after possible armed man on campus.
Code Maroon issued at Texas A&M.
College Station, TX — Texas A&M has issued a code maroon and released the following information on their website.
0 A motorcourt sits at the front on the one-story house in Beverly Crest bought by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.
'Operation Blaze Orange' to cover Highway 169 with maroon and gold.
Maroon 5 brings the 'Moves' to Amway Center.
Doyle's Deals: Maroon 5, Free Pasta Today, Recliner.

In science:

Nijm II + TM99 - double-dashed-dotted (maroon).
The nn quasi-free nd breakup cross section: discrepancies to theory and implications on the 1S0 nn force
Maroon asterisks are stars with known x-ray flu x measurements.
Reevaluating the Mass-Radius Relation for Low-Mass, Main Sequence Stars
Asterisks in maroon are stars with known xray flux measurements.
Reevaluating the Mass-Radius Relation for Low-Mass, Main Sequence Stars
Shown are 1 Gyr (blue – solid) and 8 Gyr (maroon – dashed) isochrones computed with a solar heavy element composition (GS98).
Reevaluating the Mass-Radius Relation for Low-Mass, Main Sequence Stars
Black, maroon and tan are the number of 6j symbols when no inequality, selected inequality and all inequalities are imposed to the angular momenta.
Efficient $6j$ symbol evaluations for atomic calculations