• WordNet 3.6
    • adj lousy infested with lice "burned their lousy clothes"
    • adj lousy very bad "a lousy play","it's a stinking world"
    • adj lousy vile; despicable "a dirty (or lousy) trick","a filthy traitor"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Human lungs are 100 times easier to blow up than a standard toy balloon. But they tend to make lousy party favors.
    • Lousy Infested with lice.
    • Lousy Mean; contemptible; as, lousy knave. "Such lousy learning as this is."
    • Lousy Very bad; as, to feel lousy; to do a lousy job.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • lousy Infested with lice.
    • lousy Hence Degraded; mean; contemptible.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Lousy swarming with lice
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  • W. C. Fields
    “Show me a great actor and I'll show you a lousy husband. Show me a great actress, and you've seen the devil.”
  • Sir Lawrence Olivier
    Sir Lawrence Olivier
    “No matter how well you perform there's always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it's lousy.”
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    “The best morale exist when you never hear the word mentioned. When you hear a lot of talk about it, it's usually lousy.”
  • Gerald Barzan
    Gerald Barzan
    “As lousy as things are now, tomorrow they will be somebody's good old days.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. lús, pl. lýs; Ger. laus; from the root of Goth. liusan, to destroy.


In literature:

Is this lousy room a place for me that's used to a ship as clean as a cat from stem to stern?
"The Wind Bloweth" by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
Video reception is lousy from five hundred thousand miles out.
"Measure for a Loner" by James Judson Harmon
It would be just like the Pantheon, he thought, to pull a lousy trick like that.
"Pagan Passions" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Not a lousy person on the path all evening.
"The Best Made Plans" by Everett B. Cole
The day'll come when we'll see this country, as you might say, lousy with dudes!
"The Dude Wrangler" by Caroline Lockhart
But I located ther's a fort way out more than three hundred miles north-east of this lousy hole.
"The Heart of Unaga" by Ridgwell Cullum
I'm a lousy politician; that's my trouble.
"Despoilers of the Golden Empire" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Lazy youth maks lousy age.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
It's one of the few compensations I have for the otherwise lousy deal life handed me.
"Starman's Quest" by Robert Silverberg
Fourteen hours to go eleven lousy little light-years.
"Eight Keys to Eden" by Mark Irvin Clifton

In poetry:

Oh Lip-Stick Liz! What a lousy life this is.
It's a hell of a break for a girl on the make,
Oh Lip-Stick Liz!
"Lip-Stick Liz" by Robert W Service
He burned holes in the Decalogue,
And then it came about,
For Fortune's just a lousy rogue,
His "pocket" petered out.
"The Yukoner" by Robert W Service
"It makes me mad," stormed Hazembad,
"The prevalence of vermin."
"You've said it right," owned Gotabite,
"I'm lousy as a German."
"Troubles In The Trenches" by Abner Cosens
Our beds are maid of old rotten rugs,
And when you lay down you are covered with bugs;
The rugs they will swear they will never give bail,
And you're bound to get lousy in Vicksburg Jale.
"The Vicksburg Jail" by Anonymous Americas
So that's the pay-off to my bid for fame.
But yesterday my head was in the sky,
And now I slink and sag in sorry shame,
And hate to look my backers in the eye.
They think I threw the fight; I sorto' feel
The ringworms rate me for a lousy heel.
"Beak-Bashing Boy" by Robert W Service
Old Man Death's a lousy heel who will not play the game:
Let Graveyard yawn and doom down crash, he'll sneer and turn away.
But when the sky with rapture rings and joy is like a flame,
Then Old Man Death grins evilly, and swings around to slay.
"Death's Way" by Robert W Service

In news:

Will The Election Break The ' Lousy Status Quo'.
Today's Lousy Economy May Be The Best Obama Can Do.
The last economic data before the election show the US economy is in lousy shape, but performing above depressed expectations.
Will The Election Break The ' Lousy Status Quo.
Saints' Joe Vitt claims defense not as lousy as team stats suggest.
Lousy Cables Made by Somebody's Brother-in-Law.
Lousy Telephone Call Overrides Username And Password Protections.
The 'Real' Unemployment Rate Is Still Really Lousy .
After controversy-free, if lousy , season, Sveum persists.
Americans, president had a lousy month.
Lehrer shows why gentlemen make lousy moderators.
She takes a swipe at parking kiosks as a lousy change.
The FAA says light sport manufacturers are lousy at paperwork .
For many of us the lousy economy has made us better shoppers.
A how-to guide that guarantees lousy landings.

In science:

The resulting twenty million operations would take a “lousy ” 20 Hz quantum processor one million seconds, which is not even 12 days, still quite fast given that the same problem would classically take even the fastest supercomputer longer than the age of the universe to solve.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
This is a lousy book to use as a reference to look up something like the Lebesgue dominated convergence theorem, but if you work through the book you’ll have a good time learning the proof.
Review of "Garden of integrals"
However, we have already discussed above that the dispersion measurements such as variances and standard deviations are lousy constrained.
Testing tests on AGN microvariability