lounge about


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v lounge about be lazy or idle "Her son is just bumming around all day"
    • ***


In literature:

A few elderly men were lounging about.
"The Place of Honeymoons" by Harold MacGrath
So they lounged listlessly about, gravitating finally towards the end of the playground, where a deep furrow marked the line of the base.
"Vice Versa" by F. Anstey
Three or four natives were lounging about the verandah.
"The Trembling of a Leaf" by William Somerset Maugham
Mr. Figgs and the Doctor lounged about the sofas.
"The Dodge Club" by James De Mille
Mahtocheega, of course, did nothing but smoke his k'neck k'nick and lounge about the lodge.
"Seven and Nine years Among the Camanches and Apaches" by Edwin Eastman
A cowpuncher lounging about the place would have ruined everything, or at best interfered greatly.
"Brand Blotters" by William MacLeod Raine
But nothing pleased her long; and she lounged about, pale and fretful, till Aunt Laura came.
"Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag VI" by Louisa M. Alcott
Mrs. Hastings installed Winifred in a canvas lounge and wrapped a shawl about her.
"Hawtrey's Deputy" by Harold Bindloss
The men were lounging and smoking about the courtyard.
"The Rough Road" by William John Locke
They lounge about it by day and win fame and fortune in its theaters at night.
"Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905" by Various

In poetry:

And drowsy lackeys lounge about
Beside the adjacent tables
While drunks with rabbit eyes cry out
"In vino veritas!"
"Unknown Woman" by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok

In news:

Chef Sean Kagy of One Restaurant and Lounge talks with Amy about cooking a great steak, from the seasoning and sauce to the cooking temperature.
About Cobalt Restaurant and Lounge.
If you've ever wondered about Aksum, the attractively low-slung cafe lounging across the 4600 block of Baltimore Avenue, you're not alone.
After the Hudson Lounge incident, one other bar was cited more than any others by commenters on the various Houston Press blogs about the situation: Sawyer Park.
Here's a good web-exclusive video report by "Star-T" staffer Chris Kelly about the FW police raid on the Rainbow Lounge.
While sitting in her bar, Peanut's Mecca Lounge, Melinda Rhea talks about her nickname.
The Country Rock Church drew about 100 people to Sunday night's meeting at the Pub Lounge in Sidney.
The event was held in an intimate lounge and about 25 people were in attendance.
Pajama pants, sweat pants, workout pants, leisure pants, lounge pants - - are all about the same from my perspective.
People enjoying Sheesha at the Lounge Wish in Dubai, venues such as this will now have to display signs warning about passive smoking.
M adison's a city where sweatshirts and lounge pants are all too common—and I'm not just talking about college students' preferred clothing choices.
Perhaps lounging about in Cozumel, or soaking up the rays on the beaches of Mauritius.
In preparing a guide to chef-owned restaurants in the area (Dining Out 2010 — look for it on stands tomorrow), we of course wanted to talk about Savory, the much ballyhooed former Blockbuster-turned-neighborhood-restaurant-and-lounge.
The man, Aaron A Martin, 30, was last seen at the Ralston Lounge, 6420 Ward Road, on Oct 29 at about 2:30 pm after playing poker in the lounge.
Before they headlined Thursday's Late Night Lounge, the San Diego band talked about their plans.