• WordNet 3.6
    • v lob propel in a high arc "lob the tennis ball"
    • n lob the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc.) in a high arc
    • n lob an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Lob A dull, heavy person. "Country lobs ."
    • v. t Lob (Mining) See Cob v. t.
    • Lob Something thick and heavy.
    • n Lob The act of lobbing;
    • n Lob (Zoöl) The European pollock.
    • Lob To let fall heavily or lazily. "And their poor jades Lob down their heads."
    • Lob to propel (relatively slowly) in a high arcing trajectory; as, to lob a grenade at the enemy.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n lob A dull, sluggish person; a lout.
    • n lob The last person in a race.
    • n lob Something thick and lumpish; a lump.
    • n lob A thick, soft mixture. See the quotation, and compare loblolly.
    • n lob A lobworm.
    • n lob The pollack.
    • n lob The coalfish.
    • n lob [⟨ lob, verb] In cricket, a low slow ball.
    • n lob In lawn-tennis, a play by which one of the contestants knocks the ball over the head of his opponent into the back part of the court.
    • n lob Lob Lie-by-the-fire—the Lubber-flend, as Milton calls him—is a rough kind of Brownie or House Elf, supposed to haunt some north-country homesteads, where he does the work of the farm-labourers, for no grander wages than “—to earn his cream-bowl duly set.”
    • lob To throw (a lump or ball, etc.); toss gently or with a slow movement; specifically, in lawn-tennis, to strike (the ball) over the head of one's opponent into the back part of the court.
    • lob To kick.
    • lob To be tossed with a slow movement, as a cricket-ball or a shot.
    • lob To hang down; drop or droop.
    • lob To hang wearily or languidly; allow to drop or droop.
    • lob In milling, to break (ore, etc.) into pieces with a hammer for sorting.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Lob lob a clumsy person, the last in a race: a lobworm: the coal-fish: at cricket, a long slow ball: something thick and heavy
    • v.t Lob to throw gently, slowly, or with underhand delivery: at lawn-tennis, to strike the ball high over an opponent's head into the end of the court: to hang wearily down
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
W. llob, an unwieldy lump, a dull fellow, a blockhead. Cf. Looby Lubber


In literature:

You needn't bowl any of your mild lobs down to us.
"The Master of the Shell" by Talbot Baines Reed
Stealing the till and opening the safe is what we call 'lob-sneaking and Peter-screwing.
"Six Years in the Prisons of England" by A Merchant - Anonymous
I began to think as you'd had a lob just a bit too hard.
"First in the Field" by George Manville Fenn
But the dealer in lobs knows that the man who leaves his citadel, leaves it, sooner or later, not to return.
"The Hill" by Horace Annesley Vachell
From this they emerged rather hurriedly when a shell lobbed right into the craft.
"The 28th: A Record of War Service in the Australian Imperial Force, 1915-19, Vol. I" by Herbert Brayley Collett
There was Lob's Pond, by the mill, and Deep Pool, and Musk Rat, and Little Sandy.
"Penguin Persons & Peppermints" by Walter Prichard Eaton
Soon he was smoothly receiving the pitcher's curves and lobbing them back.
"Jim Spurling, Fisherman" by Albert Walter Tolman
Passed two Pagodas, each of nine stories, and made a romantic cut-off, via Lob Creek.
"Kathay: A Cruise in the China Seas" by W. Hastings Macaulay
Lobbing shrapnel at grazing cows was always quite a favourite game with Brounckers.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
An hour later some hilarious subalterns walked along the whole row of huts and lobbed stones on to the roofs.
"A Padre in France" by George A. Birmingham

In poetry:

Fleiss und Arbeit lob ich nicht.
Fleiss und Arbeit lob ein Bauer.
Ja, der Bauer selber spricht,
Fleiss und Arbeit wird ihm sauer.
Faul zu sein, sei meine Pflicht;
Diese Pflicht ermuedet nicht.
"Die Faulheit" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
"We're up agin it, mate; we know that well.
There ain't a man among us wouldn't lob
Over the parapit an' charge like 'ell
To end the job.
But this is war; an' discipline - well, lad,
We sez we 'ates it; but we ain't too bad.
"Rabbits" by C J Dennis
‘E lobs in me shop an’ -- “Is this enough rain for yeh?”
Honest yer Honor, I’d like to explain for yeh,
‘Twas n’t ‘is tone, or ‘is talk of the weather
And ‘twas n’t ‘is grin; but the whole lot together.
"'Wet'" by C J Dennis
"An' now," 'e sez, "I'm 'ere to do a job
I promised, if it was me luck to lob
Back 'ome before me mate," 'e sez, an' then,
'E grins again.
"As clear as mud," I sez. "But I can't work
Me brains to 'old yer pace. Say, wot's the lurk?"
"Digger Smith" by C J Dennis
'Twas Spadger's Lane where Ginger Mick 'ung out
Before 'e took to follerin' the Flag;
The Lane that echoed to 'is drunken shout
When 'e lobbed 'omeward on a gaudy jag.
Now Spadger's Lane knows Ginger Mick no more,
Fer 'e's become an 'ero at the War.
"In Spadger's Lane" by C J Dennis
I lets it go at that, an' does me job;
An' when a little later on I lob
Along the 'omeward track, down by Flood's gate
I meet ole Digger Smith, an' stops to state
Me views about the weather an' the war…
'E tells me Jim gets 'ere nex' day, at four.
"Jim" by C J Dennis

In news:

Officer Suspended for Lobbing Racial Slur at Red Sox Outfielder.
In his graceful assuming of various characters, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine lobs a searing riposte at Uganda's anti-gay bill in a new solo show.
New York's Gobby Lobs One Off the Deep End.
Same ethics accusations again lobbed at Snellville mayor pro tem .
As early as next week, the Pentagon plans to lob a missile at a satellite falling toward Earth, in an unprecedented effort to keep the satellite's toxic fuel from inflicting public injury or death, federal officials said Thursday.
But the crowd went easy on Michael Bennet, instead lobbing most questions at Gov Bill Ritter.
Post #1 ­ 0 H, 0 R, 0 E, 4 lob.
EP/J ­ 8 R, 7 H, 3 E, 2 lob.
Parties lob union, abortion challenges.
The Colorado Department of Transportation every winter lobs 50-year-old munitions into snowy basins to trigger manageable avalanches before they threaten travelers.
LOS ANGELES – With each lob and highlight reel dunk they finished, the Los Angeles Clippers kept further embarrassing the Dallas Mavericks.
Robert H Schuller, once the head of a popular and prosperous megachurch, found himself in a courtroom Wednesday, unable to answer some of the questions attorneys lobbed at him.
His first road game as Lakers coach is as good a time as any to lob out the first serious questions about Mike D'Antoni's ability to teach and preach defense.
Play in Lob City, dunk in Lob City.
Chris Paul lobs it up to Blake Griffin, who finishes with a big one-handed slam.

In science:

Lobs = δV ρL (L > Llim ) is the observed luminosity and δV ρL (L < Llim ) is the luminosity that was not observed due to the flux limit of the survey.
The Dipole Anisotropy of the 2 Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey
Diagonal constructions, L¨ob’s formula and Cantor’s scattered spaces.
Modal languages for topology: expressivity and definability
The simplest explanation is LCDM: Einstein gravity plus a small positive cosmological constant suffers from the coincidence problem and the cosmological constant issue: Lob/Lt h ≃ 10−120 , while if we assume supersymmetry, one has Lob/Lt h ≃ 10−60 .
Stability in Generalized Modified Gravity
Lobs and zobs denote the sources observed in a given survey.
Shedding Light on the Galaxy Luminosity Function
The local oscillators LOA and LOB are extracted from the laser beam by means of two additional beam splitters BS1 and BS2 .
Proposal for a loophole-free Bell test using homodyne detection