• WordNet 3.6
    • n llama wild or domesticated South American cud-chewing animal related to camels but smaller and lacking a hump
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Llama (Zoöl) A South American ruminant (Auchenia llama), allied to the camels, but much smaller and without a hump. It is supposed to be a domesticated variety of the guanaco. It was formerly much used as a beast of burden in the Andes, and is also kept on some ranches in the United States.
    • Llama The fleece of the llama{1}, a fine, soft wool-like hair.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n llama An even-toed ruminant ungulate quadruped, Auchenia glama or llama, or Lama peruviana, of South America, of the order Ungulata, suborder Artiodactyla, superfamily Tylopoda, family Camelidæ, closely related to the camel of the Old World, but smaller, without a hump, and woolly-haired. Like the camel, it is known only in the state of domestication; it is supposed to be descended from the guanaco. The llama is also called the American camel, and has been known to Europeans since 1544. It was the only beast of burden in America before the arrival of the Spaniards, and is still used as such in the Andes, the formation of its feet enabling it to walk on slopes too rough or steep for any other animal. It is about 3 feet high at the shoulder, and so closely allied to the alpaca that the latter is sometimes regarded as a finer-wooled variety of it.
    • n llama The wool of the llama. It is used in making stuffs for women's wear, lace, tassels, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Llama lä′ma or lā′ma a South American ruminant of the camel family, used for transport in the Andes.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary


In literature:

See, the llamas have lain down.
"The Forest Exiles" by Mayne Reid
Llama and alpaca wool are fine textile obtained from animals of the camel kind native to South America.
"Commercial Geography" by Jacques W. Redway
The Llama Temple is considered to be one of the most important places to visit; it is in the eastern quarter of the Tartar City.
"Travels in the Far East" by Ellen Mary Hayes Peck
Such is the religion of the Llamas; such is the religion of the Japanese; such is Roman Christianity.
"The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics" by Various
The guanaco, by some supposed to be the llama in its wild state, is found on the eastern side of Tierra del Fuego.
"The Land of Fire" by Mayne Reid
See, the llamas have lain down.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
I allude to the llama and his co-genera the alpaco, the huanacu, and the vicuna.
"Travels in Peru, on the Coast, in the Sierra, Across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests" by J. J. von Tschudi
The great beast of burden in Bolivia is the llama, which looks something like a cross between a camel and a sheep.
"Birdseye Views of Far Lands" by James T. Nichols
LEDGER, Mr., on the Llama and Alpaca, ii.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Volume II (of 2)" by Charles Darwin
Who knows how the Grand Llama of Thibet decrees the destinies of millions!
"Melomaniacs" by James Huneker

In poetry:

Tu, sombra aerea que, cuantas veces
Voy a tocarte, te desvaneces
Como la llama, como el sonido,
Como la niebla, como el gemido
Del lago azul.
"Rimas XV" by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

In news:

A woman in Warren County saved one of her llamas from a bear attack.
(Photo by Raz Rasmussen of Wallowa Llamas ).
Seattle trio Llama plays some of their wonderful pop tracks from their self-titled record live on KEXP.
Shari Lidji, Red Llama Studio.
The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office plans to prosecute as an adult the younger of the two East Lake residents charged with beating two pet llamas .
A Ruler, Something of a Snake, Becomes a Llama .
Obama Meets His Llama Supporter Mr Eko.
Big smiles, oohs and ahhs, and joyful looks ensued as the students learned about llamas , asked questions and were able to pet the soft wool of Flight.
This is a picture of a sleeping llama at Wilderness Walk in Hayward.
Wolf Eyes With Raven Strain and Sick Llama.
Meany showed seven types of animals at the fair, including pigeons, cows, horses, pigs, llamas, rabbits and goats.
Beautiful people, llamas, mule-drawn wagons, at least one boat, motorcycles, TV personalities, and relatives of American heroes are part of the Fourth of July celebration here.
Miss Chip at Rhinebeck after Lleaping Llama - 2009.
The third annual Sheep to Shawl , Llama to Pajama event took place Oct 6 at Green Hill Park Farm in Worcester.
I sheared four llamas yesterday, and opened the barn up for friends to watch.

In science:

King, G., Gakidou, E., Ravishankar, N., Moore, R., Lakin, J., Vargas, M., Tellez-Rojo, M., Avila, J., Hernandez Avila, M. and Hernandez Llamas, H. (2007). A “politically robust” experimental design for public policy evaluation, with application to the Mexican universal health insurance program. J.
Comment: The Essential Role of Pair Matching in Cluster-Randomized Experiments, with Application to the Mexican Universal Health Insurance Evaluation
At millimetric and submillimetric frequency ranges there are the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetric Array) and the LLAMA (Large Latin American Millimetric Array) arrays, which are planned to be operating in Chile in 2015, and in Argentina/Brazil in 2011, respectively.
Cosmic Magnetic Fields: from Stars and Galaxies to the Primordial Universe
Al primer término del lado derecho en la literatura se le llama efecto de Sachs-Wolfe ordinario y describe las perturbaciones tanto gravitatorias como del plasma en la LSS.
The quantum origins of the cosmological asymmetry
Por su similitud con el movimiento de la pieza de ajedrez se le llama difeomorfismo de caballo.
The quantum origins of the cosmological asymmetry
Llama et al. (2011) modelled it as resulting from the absorption of the stellar coronal plasma compressed at a bow shock formed at the boundary with the planetary magnetosphere.
Searching for star-planet magnetic interaction in CoRoT observations