• WordNet 3.6
    • n lifelessness not having life
    • n lifelessness a state of no motion or movement "the utter motionlessness of a marble statue"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Without any greenhouse effect, Earth would be cold and lifeless with an average temperature of 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • n lifelessness The state of being lifeless; destitution of life, vigor, or spirit; inactivity.
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  • Boris Pasternak
    Boris Pasternak
    “I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn't of much value. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them.”


In literature:

A leg hung over the edge very white and lifeless.
"The Nigger Of The "Narcissus" A Tale Of The Forecastle" by Joseph Conrad
The horror of that lifeless, grinning face was in his voice.
"The Courage of Marge O'Doone" by James Oliver Curwood
They were glassy and almost lifeless.
"The Delight Makers" by Adolf Bandelier
With a sudden stopping of his heart, he saw her lying apparently lifeless on a stacked-up pile of rugs.
"The Lighted Match" by Charles Neville Buck
That the lifeless remains of a human being are powerless to injure or benefit, I was thoroughly persuaded.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
The result was that they were as lifeless and dull as most other virtuous things.
"The Loom of Youth" by Alec Waugh
Despite the good weather the dogs seemed almost lifeless.
"The North Pole" by Robert E. Peary
Murder and concealment of a lifeless body, here, would be easy enough.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck
In two hours and a half we reached Mocha, a lifeless pueblo under the shadow of Carguairazo.
"The Andes and the Amazon" by James Orton
Lucy stood like stone when the lifeless body of the boaster fell almost at her feet, and all the color was gone from her face.
"The Young Trailers" by Joseph A. Altsheler

In poetry:

I look down on it from my far love-dream,
As some drowned saint may see with musing eyes
Her lifeless body float adown the stream,
While she is smiling in her skies.
"The Captain's Wife" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
"Among the dead bodies all lifeless he lay,
Till evening drew on of the following day.
When by a young lady discovered was he;
And this was thy mother, my pretty Bessee!
"The Beggar's Daughter Of Bethnal Green" by Henry Morley
"Among the dead bodyes all lifelesse he laye,
Till evening drewe on of the following daye,
When by a yong ladye discoverd was hee;
And this was thy mother, my prettye Bessee!
"The Beggar's Daughter of Bednall-Green" by Anonymous British
And now that sweetness is more sweet,
Here where the aeroplanes
Labouring and groaning in the height
Lift their lifeless vans:--
Sweet, sweet to hear
The far off wren singing clear.
"The Wren" by John Freeman
So she has touch'd, with all her inmost truth,
Each seeming lifeless, though not breathless thing;
And they round into fresh and radiant youth,
Beaming like Eden in its first sweet spring.
"Oh, Glorious Time!" by Alexander Anderson
"Swear that no lucre shall thy zeal betray;
Swerve not thy foot with fortune's votaries more;
Brand thou their lives, and brand their lifeless day—"
The winning phantom urged me, and I swore.
"Elegy XIX. - Written in Spring, 1743" by William Shenstone

In news:

Four-and-a-half years after Kathy Wangler's poisoned, lifeless body was discovered in her home, her husband goes on trial for her murder.
In a perplexingly lifeless convention address, the president fails to live up to his reputation as a brilliant orator.
First Lake Vostok Samples 'Lifeless,' But American Scientist Says That's Not Conclusive .
The classroom TV screens were lifeless, blank and mute when Daniel Boone students returned to school this week.
Lifeless stands of blue-streaked timber become fashionable furniture in designers' hands.
Why is the presidential campaign so lifeless.
Lifeless Markets Remain in Holding Pattern , On Pace for Sixth Weekly Gain.
Authorities in Phoenix Monday were investigating the death of TV pitchman Don Lapre, who was found lifeless in his jail cell Sunday in what they said appeared to be a suicide.
Janus — "Lifeless" Video Lesson.
Formerly fun Clippers are flat-out lifeless in loss.
Lindsay Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor in lifeless 'Liz & Dick.
Pack looks fully finished in lifeless loss.
See how a Dallas designer gives new energy to dated, lifeless homes.
Lifeless New Orleans Saints should be embarrassed by this loss.
Formerly fun Clippers are flat-out lifeless in loss.

In science:

As a mechanism for producing desirable peptides on a lifeless planet, my opinion is that the inverse Zeno effect has no plausibility. I would only change that opinion if I was presented with a detailed model, at the level of the quantum states of all the particles involved.
A review of Johnjoe McFadden's book ``Quantum Evolution''
Eigen model, which first considered that the evolution can be guided other than by chance, is the first mathematical model that makes Darwin’s idea of mutation and selection able to work in a simple and seemingly ”lifeless” system of chemical reactants [1, 2].
Quasispecies distribution of Eigen model
This has crucial implications for astrophysics because a value much larger than observed would prevent galaxy formation, and hence would result in a lifeless universe. A multiverse solution seemed almost the only way out [47, 48].
Editorial note to "Large number coincidences and the anthropic principle in cosmology"