• WordNet 3.6
    • n legalese a style that uses the abstruse technical vocabulary of the law
    • ***


In news:

I f organized fun offers a rare escape from memos, policy, and legalese, it can also occasion such drudgery.
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals opinion written by Judge Jane P Wiseman in case No 109,101, gives the appearance that it sanctions the use of legalese double-talk to deceive the citizens.
Capitol Matters: House employs legalese to cut flood aid.
Easing the Legalese with Hispanic Workers.
A smoky cloud of loopholes and legalese has the Indiana Smoke Free Air Law less effective than many health officials and lawmakers would like it.
It's one of those state agencies with duties so technical that a case on its docket reads like legalese gobbledegook.
When it comes to tallying the total price of capital punishment, the cost of those cases for the legal community is more than just expansive legalese and court procedures that span a decade or two.
First, the faux copyright legalese spread like wildfire across the social networking site.
This week's show seems to unintentionally revolve around legal matters, but happily you'll find very little legalese here.
From open source versus for-profit intellectual property to the limits of patents on creativity, we take an in-depth look at the legalese that surrounds internet innovations.
English will soon become the language of choice for health insurance companies, replacing their traditional dialect of legalese, mumbo-jumbo and fine print.
County attorney Charles McKee puts it politely, and buffs it with legalese.