least resistance


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n least resistance the least effortful way to do something
    • ***


  • Phil Weltman
    Phil Weltman
    “The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.”
  • Samuel Butler
    “Belief like any other moving body follows the path of least resistance.”
  • H. Janicki
    H. Janicki
    “People travel in the way of least resistance, by choosing one's environment, one will travel in a particular way.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “It is following the line of least resistance that makes men and rivers crooked.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “The path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men, crooked.”
  • Louis Binstock
    Louis Binstock
    “Too often the shortcut, the line of least resistance, is responsible for evanescent and unsatisfactory success.”


In literature:

In his case, if ever, motion follows least resistance.
"The Gates Between" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
It was impossible to resist such evidence, outwardly at least, and Uncle Mo appeared to accept it.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
He felt quite unable to offer the least resistance, and at the same time he felt a sense of relief that something had happened at last.
"Jimbo" by Algernon Blackwood
Consequently their markets here are flooded with cheap flimsy Japan-made stuff, which they buy because it's cheap, the line of least resistance.
"Letters from China and Japan" by John Dewey
They would follow the path of least resistance.
"The Observers" by G. L. Vandenburg
The British instantly marched into the deserted works, without meeting with the least resistance.
"Burgoyne's Invasion of 1777" by Samuel Adams Drake
Evolution in a matter of this sort will take place gradually and along the line of least resistance.
"Twentieth Century Inventions" by George Sutherland
Roese preserved his military attitude, and stood his punishment without in the least resisting.
"A Little Garrison" by Fritz von der Kyrburg
The one who would show the least sign of resistance ought to be shot at once.
"Waterloo" by Émile Erckmann
He has merely followed the line of least resistance and found to his surprise that it leads to the altar.
"Modern marriage and how to bear it" by Maud Churton Braby

In poetry:

Vain task to resist the loving gaze
That so fondly meets his own,
Revealing a heart that cares for praise
From him and him alone;
And though censure and grief upon him pall,
Unto to her, at least, he is all in all.
"Husband And Wife" by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

In news:

Members of Least Resistance Training Concepts used jetting wands to push the mud away from the horse's legs so it could be pulled out.
Path of least resistance strewn with trash.
Point/Counterpoint: Go with the tree of least resistance .
Following Path of Least Resistance , Terrorists Turn Yemen Into Poor Man's Afghanistan.
Mode of least resistance .
Are you traveling on path of least resistance .
Facing Hostility, Lindros Takes Path of Least Resistance .
Take the 'little path' of least resistance.
Path of least resistance strewn with trash.
Path of least resistance Cyclists say SMART shouldn't put brakes on pedestrian-bike pathway.
Middle-of-the-Road Neither horrific nor disaster-rific, Cormac McCarthy adaption takes the path of least resistance .
Are you traveling on path of least resistance.
"We're basically providing a channel of least resistance in your fields that gives subsurface water a way to drain off," Davis says.
At Least Britney, Lindsay Et Al. Resist Siren Call of the Logo Wall.
The market put in some of the most somnolent trading of the year this week and tightest ranges, but the path of least resistance remained to the upside.

In science:

It might be thought that some sort of Everettian approach could be adopted, but as the relative state finds no place in the Deutsch-Hayden framework, it appears, at least prima facie, to be resistant to standard Everettian analysis.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
Therefore there exists N1 such that when choosing a random environment according to µ1 , the probability is at least 1/2 that either all edges adjacent to v have infinite resistance (i.e.
On which graphs are all random walks in random environments transient?
Each of these wires has a resistance at least ρi,j and thus we further reduce the network by assigning each wire the same resistance ρi,j .
Recurrence and transience for long-range reversible random walks on a random point process
Green, “Iteratively reweighted least squares for maximum likelihood estimation, and some robust and resistant alternatives,” J.
Convex optimization problem prototyping for image reconstruction in computed tomography with the Chambolle-Pock algorithm
The infimum of the energies of this subset of flows is at least the infimum of the energies of the previous set and so by Thomson’s principle, the effective resistance cannot be decreased by this operation.
The Cover Time of Random Walks on Graphs