• WordNet 3.6
    • n lady's-finger tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews; sometimes placed in genus Hibiscus
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Lady's-finger a name for many plants: a piece of confectionery
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hláf-digehláf, a loaf, dǽgee, a kneader, or=hláfweardige (i.e. loaf-keeper, see ward), and thus a contr. fem. of Lord.


In literature:

He's been a-practising for a year, and I believe he could run the point o' that spear of his through a lady's finger-ring.
"A Knight of the Cumberland" by John Fox Jr.
Lady Janet's many-ringed fingers, mechanically stroking the cat in her lap, began to stroke him the wrong way.
"The New Magdalen" by Wilkie Collins
A delicate lady's hand, with a pink flush round the finger nails.
"The Lock And Key Library" by Various
I left three days later, after cordially shaking hands with the two men and kissing the lady's fingers.
"Original Short Stories, Volume 3 (of 13)" by Guy de Maupassant
Ku's mother asked what their employment was, and the old lady said they trusted for food to her daughter's ten fingers.
"Myths and Legends of China" by E. T. C. Werner
After all, it was only my lady's maid, with a rubbishing whitlow on her finger.
"Verner's Pride" by Mrs. Henry Wood
Mrs. Burton, when she knocked at Lady Ongar's door, had a little note ready for the servant between her fingers.
"The Claverings" by Anthony Trollope
Lady Chillington's trembling fingers pointed out the lines she was to read.
"The Argosy" by Various
She sat silent, looking at him in a distressed fashion and restlessly fingering Lady Richard's invitation.
"Quisanté" by Anthony Hope
Ferdinand just touched his lordship's finger, and bowed rather stiffly; then, turning to his mother, he gave her Lady Bellair's note.
"Henrietta Temple A Love Story" by Benjamin Disraeli

In poetry:

The red blood ran through the clover near,
And the heath on the hills o'erhead;
The daisy's fingers were tipp'd with red,
As she started to life, when the lady said:
"Awaken! for I am here."
"The Awaking" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

Once confined to a fat cat's finger, today's pinkie rings are dainty, pretty and made for a lady.
For example, there was danger at one point that the cylinders that animate King Kong's hand might over stroke and cause the ape 's fingers to crush his leading lady in his palm.