• WordNet 3.6
    • v lacquer coat with lacquer "A lacquered box from China"
    • n lacquer a hard glossy coating
    • n lacquer a black resinous substance obtained from certain trees and used as a natural varnish
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Lacquer A varnish, consisting of a solution of shellac in alcohol, often colored with gamboge, saffron, or the like; -- used for varnishing metals, papier-maché, and wood. The name is also given to varnishes made of other ingredients, esp. the tough, solid varnish of the Japanese, with which ornamental objects are made.
    • v. t Lacquer To cover with lacquer. "Lacquer'd chair."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n lacquer Lac as used in dyeing.
    • n lacquer An opaque varnish containing lac, properly so called. Especially, a kind of varnish, consisting of shellac dissolved in alcohol, with the addition of other ingredients, particularly coloring matters. It is applied to different materials to protect them from tarnish and to give them luster, especially to brass.
    • n lacquer Decorative work colored and then varnished so as to produce a hard, polished appearance like that of enamel.
    • n lacquer A resinous varnish obtained from the Rhus vernicifera by making incisions in the bark. when dissolved in spring water and mixed with other ingredients, such as gold, cinnabar, or some similar coloring matter, it is applied in successive coatings to wood-ware, imparting to it a highly polished lustrous surface.
    • n lacquer Lacquer-ware; articles of wood which have been ornamented by coating with lacquer. The making of this ware is an extensive industry in China and Japan, especially in the latter country, which excels in the beauty and delicacy of the articles produced. The chief kinds are: black lacquer; gold lacquer, which is of many different shades, and, when fine, of brilliant metallic luster; andaventurin or sprinkled lacquer, in which thegrains of gold are of various degrees of minuteness, and are put on sometimes in a uniform sprinkle, sometimes in cloudings. On many pieces decorated with lacquer, figures in relief of one of these kinds are applied upon a surface of another. A surface of lacquer is often adorned with pieces of gold or silver-foil, and inerusted with small reliefs in bronze, mother-of-pearl, ivory, and other materials.
    • lacquer To varnish; treat or decorate with lacquer.
    • n lacquer crude lacquer, the sap of the Rhus vernicifera of Japan.
    • n lacquer lacquer colored with lampblack, used for drawing fine lines in the shading of feathers, hair, etc., on gold lacquer.
    • n lacquer a variety of Japanese lacquer with small gold fiakes in irregular clusters. See nashiji lacquer.
    • n lacquer a pure lacquer freed from water, exposed to the light, and stirred till it becomes black: used as a basis, or undercoating, on which the finishing lacquer is afterward placed.
    • n lacquer a variety of Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold, in imitation of the skin of a pear. Also called a venturin lacquer.
    • n lacquer a pure lacquer to which has been added water which had been used with a whetstone and contains fine particles of the stone in suspension: used on cheap ware.
    • n lacquer a variety of Japanese lacquer of a pure black or greenish-black color.
    • n lacquer a dark-green varnish made by adding to branchlacquer a small proportion of tooth-dye, which is prepared by boiling rice-vinegar in which iron filings have been placed, and by afterward exposing it to the rays of the sun for several days.
    • n lacquer a variety of Japanese lacquer produced by mixing oil with the sap of the lacqner-tree (Rhus vernicifera). It is of a yellowish color and needs no polishing. When applied to furniture, being transparent, it shows the natural grain of the wood beneath.
    • n lacquer a Japanese lacquer of a pure red color: same as coral or vermilion lacquer (which see, under coral).
    • n lacquer a red lacquer which requires no final polishing. See shunuri lacquer.
    • n lacquer a red cinnabar lacquer with carved decoration, made in China.
    • n lacquer a variety of Japanese lacquer with marbled or veined effects in various colors.
    • n lacquer varnish obtained from the branches of the lacquer-tree; branch-lacquer. See seshime lacquer, under lacquer.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Lacquer lak′ėr a varnish made of lac and alcohol
    • v.t Lacquer to cover with lacquer: to varnish
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. lacre, a sort of sealing wax, Pg. lacte, fr. laca, lac. See Lac the resin


In literature:

Here we get our first idea of what real lacquer means.
"In Eastern Seas" by J. J. Smith
Mary's letters to her, tied with a bit of blue ribbon, reposed in a pretty lacquered box designed especially to hold them.
"Marjorie Dean" by Pauline Lester
A little table of lacquered wood a foot square and four inches high was set before each man of our party.
"Harper's Young People, January 13, 1880" by Various
At the edge of the gutter where they stood, a Chinese shoemaker had set out on a lacquer tray his offering to the gods.
"The Readjustment" by Will Irwin
The lacquer on a steel pen protects it until it has been used for a while.
"Makers of Many Things" by Eva March Tappan
They returned with steaming bowls of rice and meat, and a narrow lacquer table.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
It had red lacquered walls, and the back wall was looking-glass.
"Oswald Bastable and Others" by Edith Nesbit
The first course consisted of sweetmeats, served upon lacquered plates.
"Harper's Young People, May 18, 1880" by Various
They have a lacquered tub half full of warm water.
"Harper's Young People, May 25, 1880" by Various
They walk up its steep stairs, and arrive at the lacquered threshold.
"Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories" by Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton

In poetry:

In heaven's ironblue vault revolves
a cool and lacquered dynamo.
The word sparks in my teeth, resolves
--oh, noiseless constellations!--so--
"Without Hope: [Reménytelenül]" by Attila Jozsef
Frost upon small rain—the ebony-lacquered avenue
Reflecting lamps as a pool shows goldfish.
The sight suddenly emptied out of the young man's eyes
Entering upon it sideways.
"Arterial" by Rudyard Kipling
Ah! stud-bred of ill-omen,
I have watched the strongest go — men
Of pith and might and muscle — at your heels,
Down the plantain-bordered highway,
(Heaven send it ne'er be my way!)
In a lacquered box and jetty upon wheels.
"The Undertaker's Horse.." by Rudyard Kipling
They balance upon arched insteps like springing bridges of crimson lacquer;
they swing up over curved heels like whirling tanagers sucked
in a wind-pocket; they flatten out, heelless, like July ponds,
flared and burnished by red rockets.
"Towns in Colour" by Amy Lowell

In news:

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Artsy Crafty, $8.
Planar 's complete line of LCD HDTVs includes 1080p resolution on all models and elegant diamond-polished black lacquer aluminum bezels.
Enter Riva , Chanel's latest lacquer creation due out December 1st.
And Dylan's latest, Tempest, is a flood of musicology frozen in black lacquer.
According to the company, the new OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps combine base and color in one convenient product for high-quality results.
Swatch gives old-school clockwork a neon face-lift with its New Gent lacquered watches ($75 at 1528 Broadway, at 45th St. 212-764-5541), available in ten superbright colors.
Soy sauce spiked with sweetness is lacquered onto meat or seafood.
Revision of D1353 - 09 Standard Test Method for Nonvolatile Matter in Volatile Solvents for Use in Paint, Varnish , Lacquer, and Related Products.
D3924 Standard Specification for Standard Environment for Conditioning and Testing Paint, Varnish , Lacquer, and Related Materials.
NEW YORK — Nicole by OPI is launching new fall shades of nail lacquer exclusively at Target this fall.
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Sweet Hook, $7.
And this is definitely true with his latest creation: The Runway Collection by Oscar de la Renta Nail Lacquer.
Summer is all about sandals and bright lacquers.
While we dig the throwback to the atomic era, the low-VOC water-based lacquer and eco-friendly MDF used in this American-made piece are all laudable traits, too.
This 30"x12"x12 bamboo-ply cabinet has lacquered doors that can be customized in a wide selection of colors.

In science:

Also, the lacquer, the most common finish on guitars, loses plasticizers and becomes more brittle over time.
Music in Terms of Science