• "The empty branch bore a label."
    "The empty branch bore a label."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj labeled bearing or marked with a label or tag "properly labeled luggage"
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Pasted a Tomato Can Label on the Suitcase 31 Pasted a Tomato Can Label on the Suitcase 31
Example of Plant Label Example of Plant Label


  • Mark Twain
    “There isn't a single human characteristic that can be safely labeled as American.”
  • Raymond Smullyan
    Raymond Smullyan
    “Some people are always critical of vague statements. I tend rather to be critical of precise statements; they are the only ones which can correctly be labeled wrong.”
  • Dennis Franz
    Dennis Franz
    “For lack of a better term, they've labeled me a sex symbol. It's flattering and it should happen to every bald, overweight guy.”
  • Dick Cavett
    Dick Cavett
    “To label me an intellectual is a misunderstanding of what that is.”
  • Thomas J. Peters
    “All business success rests on something labeled a sale, which at least momentarily weds company and customer.”
  • R. D. Laing
    “The experience and behavior that gets labeled schizophrenic is a special strategy that a person invents in order to live in an unlivable situation.”


Pin down with a label - If you pin someone down with a label, you characterise them, often meant negatively as the label is restrictive.


In literature:

Your hamper will be unpacked to-morrow, and the pots labelled with your name.
"The New Girl at St. Chad's" by Angela Brazil
Each box bears a large placard or label of its contents.
"Games For All Occasions" by Mary E. Blain
They were labelled `Mild.
"The Fifth Form at Saint Dominic's" by Talbot Baines Reed
She had tried a shoe polish factory; they put her on gluing labels.
"Working With the Working Woman" by Cornelia Stratton Parker
The superintendent read the label and frowned.
"Tam O' The Scoots" by Edgar Wallace
It was labelled as "homicide committed by person or persons unknown," and it stayed that way.
"The Penal Cluster" by Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)
I think I cut the string off the label.
"New Treasure Seekers" by E. (Edith) Nesbit
It may be preserved in tin or earthenware pots, well closed and cautiously labelled.
"Practical Taxidermy" by Montagu Browne
It's a honey-comb, and every cell is labeled.
"A Son of Hagar" by Sir Hall Caine
Printed labels which are pasted on this corner of the sheet are also used.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education

In poetry:

To mine, it serves for the old June weather
Blue above lane and wall;
And that farthest bottle labelled "Ether"
Is the house o'ertopping all.
"Confessions" by Robert Browning
Bix to Buxtehude to Boulez,
The little white dog on the Victor label
Listens long and hard as he is able.
It's all in a day's work, whatever plays.
"The Victor Dog" by James Merrill
Every day so near, and yet so distant—
Everywhere so plenty, yet so little mine—
Doubtless they are angels wrongly labelled,
Angels made in other spheres to shine.
"Take Them Away! They'll Drive Me Crazy" by Henry Clay Work
When that thou findest, thou art straight a lord
Of time and space—art heir of all things grown;
And not my name, poor, earthly label-word,
But I myself thenceforward am thine own.
"To An Autograph-Hunter" by George MacDonald
I read the label underneath,
That telleth me whereto I must;
I see the sentence eke that saith
Remember, man, that thou art dust!
But yet, alas, but seldom I
Do think indeed that I must die.
"Upon The Image Of Death" by Robert Southwell
Then he shut down the coffin, well pleased to be rid,
Of the youth, who got terribly mauled, for
The sake of a hat peg – Then tacked on the lid
A label – Please keep until called for – “
"To A Hatpeg" by Barcroft Henry Boake

In news:

David Binney's ambitious release on his own label earlier this year, Graylen Epicenter, drew even more praise than usual from critics and fellow musicians.
During a discussion between a friend and myself the topic of what label Americans of African descent preferred came up.
Trayvon- Zimmerman tragedy shows labels don't fit when it comes to race, ethnicity.
That's the question Gary Clark Jr grapples with on his major label debut.
Festival king's major label debut lands on October 23.
Whiskey labels tend to feature a host of tricksy little terms such as "fine," "old," and "smooth".
Byham Q&A: 'I don't want to be labeled just a blocker .
As myth of Rodriguez has blown up, label that found 'Sugar Man' a little lost in shuffle.
Loyalty and marketing solutions provider Alliance Data Systems Corp. Said Thursday that it has signed a multi-year agreement to create and manage a new private-label credit card program for online jewelry retailer Blue Nile .
The musician, Grammy-winning producer and label exec shares the future he sees for Blue Note Records.
Blue Note jazz label releases immersive Spotify app.
Set up a drink station in the corner of a room where kids can mix and mingle while partaking of their favorite beverages labeled with cute foam pumpkin labels.
Tift Merritt was labeled an "alt-country" rising star when she emerged around the turn of the century, but it's a label that hasn't fit her well as her music has evolved.
While not as old as KWUR, this label has been around for a while for an alternative independent label.
Prior to joining Tailored Solutions, she was deputy editor of Labels & Labeling magazine.

In science:

Indeed, even though C (2n) is known to be the number of plane trees, the positivity of labels makes it difficult to count labellings that make a plane tree well labelled.
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
It is thus natural to work first without this positivity condition: define a plane tree to be an unconstrained wel l label led tree if its vertices have integral labels, the labels of two adjacent vertices differ at most by one, and the label of the root vertex is one.
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
The labelling of a labelled tree can be recovered uniquely from the label of its root and the variations of labels along all edges.
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
Since there is no positivity condition on the labels of unconstrained well labelled trees, all κ(ǫ) can be set independently and the number of labellings of a plane tree that yield an unconstrained well labelled tree is just 3n .
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
Precisely, a generating tree is a rooted, labeled, and typically infinite tree such that the label of a node determines the labels of its children.
Finitely labeled generating trees and restricted permutations