• WordNet 3.6
    • n kestrel small Old World falcon that hovers in the air against a wind
    • n kestrel small North American falcon
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The American Kestrel hawk weighs only four ounces
    • n Kestrel kĕs"trĕl (Zoöl) A small, slender European hawk (Falco alaudarius), allied to the sparrow hawk. Its color is reddish fawn, streaked and spotted with white and black. Also called windhover and stannel. The name is also applied to other allied species.☞ This word is often used in contempt, as of a mean kind of hawk. “Kites and kestrels have a resemblance with hawks.”
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n kestrel A common European falcon, Falco tinnunculus, Tinnunculus alaudarius, or Cerchneis tinnunculus, of small size and reddish color. The body is 12½ inches long, the wing 9. The bird is brick-red with black arrow-heads on the back, the under parts being some shade of buff, fawn, or rufous, much spotted with black, and the head, neck, and rump being mostly bluish-gray. It inhabits parts of Asia and Africa, as well as the whole of Europe. It builds in hollow trees and in cliffs, or in nests deserted by crows, magpies, etc., and feeds on mice, small birds, and insects. The kestrel may be recognized by its habit of hovering or sustaining itself in the same place in the air by a rapid motion of the wings, always with its head to the wind (whence the names stannel and windhover). The male and female differ in color, ash-gray prevailing in the former and rusty brown in the latter. This hawk being regarded as of a mean or base kind, kestrel was formerly often used as an epithet of contempt. The term is extended to a number of species of the restricted genus Tinnunculus or Cerchneis. The American representatives are commonly known as sparrow-hawks. See cut under sparrow-hawk. Also called stannel and windhover.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Kestrel kes′trel a small species of falcon.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Castrel
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. quercerelle—L. querquedula.


In literature:

She proved to be the "Kestrel," of 18 guns, Commander Holmes.
"Owen Hartley; or, Ups and Downs" by William H. G. Kingston
KESTREL, breeding in captivity, ii.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Volume II (of 2)" by Charles Darwin
These are the kestrel and sparrow-hawk.
"Folk-lore of Shakespeare" by Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer
Two kestrels hung bivvering and squealing above them.
"Rewards and Fairies" by Rudyard Kipling
There are many kinds of kites, falcons and hawks, kestrel being numerous.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 1" by Various
Since leaving Antelope Springs, however, the "Flying Kestrel" had been lagging a little.
"A Romance in Transit" by Francis Lynde
A kestrel wheeled slowly across his vision uttering its dismal cry.
"The Princess Galva" by David Whitelaw
The Kestrel of Australia is almost identical with the Kestrel of Europe.
"An Australian Bird Book" by John Albert Leach
The kestrel must have caused it.
"The White Gauntlet" by Mayne Reid
To think of the hungry kestrel pouncing upon this innocent bird!
"Faithful Margaret" by Annie Ashmore

In poetry:

"Beauty!" again, still "beauty"?
Wait till the winter comes!
Till kestrel and hungry kite seek booty
And the bleak cold benumbs!
"To A Singing Warbler" by Cale Young Rice
Aye, even childlike is his glee;
But how he crisps with hate and dread
And shakes a clawlike fist to see
A kestrel hover overhead:
Though he would never shoot it dead.
"Bird Watcher" by Robert W Service
A few tangled locks that are fast turning white
Crown a physog. the colour of brick,
But as keen as a kestrel's-as bold and as bright -
Is the blue eye of Brigalow Mick.
"Brigalow Mick" by Harry Breaker Morant
Once I waylaid thee in green forest covers,
Hoping that spring might free my lips with gentle fingers;
Alas! her presence lingers
No longer than on the plain the shadow of brown kestrel hovers.
"Invocation" by Francis Brett Young
I have seen a green country, useful to the race,
Knocked silly with guns and mines, its villages vanished,
Even the last rat and the last kestrel banished -
God bless us all, this was peculiar grace.
"Report on Experience" by Edmund Blunden

In news:

An urban haven for kestrels, sparrows, and other open-country birds.
Insitu to Integrate Kestrel Software into UASs.
Insitu to Integrate Kestrel Software into UASs.
Walker announces $30 million in Contributions to Superior's Kestrel Aircraft Corporation.
This program provides toddlers with opportunities to participate in nature-inspired crafts as well as enjoy encounters and experiences with everything from turtles to bugs to the Wesselman kestrel Skylar.
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The Kestrel proof-of-concept demonstrator on display at AirVenture 2011.
The Kestrels (47-6) move on to play Delton-Kellogg (47-10-1) in the semifinals at 2 pm Friday at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.
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Foley had some good moments, but simply could not match the talent of the Kestrels .
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) of Kestrel Coal working with Matrikon and Matrikon's Alarm Manager.
Opera singers in a hot-air balloon greeted those attending Kestrel Vintners' The Big Night harvest event in Washington's Yakima Valley recently.

In science:

Removing the confound of time in investigating the relation of serial behaviours: testosterone, prolactin and the transition from sexual to parental activity in male America kestrels.
Post-hatching parental care behaviour and hormonal status in a precocial bird