• WordNet 3.6
    • adj junior used of the third or next to final year in United States high school or college "the junior class","a third-year student"
    • adj junior including or intended for youthful persons "a junior sports league","junior fashions"
    • adj junior younger; lower in rank; shorter in length of tenure or service
    • n junior the younger of two persons "she is two years my junior"
    • n junior a third-year undergraduate
    • n Junior a son who has the same first name as his father
    • n junior term of address for a disrespectful and annoying male "look here, junior, it's none of your business"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Junior A younger person. "His junior she, by thirty years."
    • Junior Belonging to a younger person, or an earlier time of life. "Our first studies and junior endeavors."
    • Junior Composed of juniors, whether younger or a lower standing; as, the junior class; the junior baseball league; of or pertaining to juniors or to a junior class. See Junior n., 2.
    • Junior Less advanced in age than another; younger. Abbreviated Jr.
    • Junior Lower in standing or in rank, or having entered later into a position or office; as, a junior partner; junior counsel; junior captain; the junior Senator from New York.
    • Junior of or relating to the third year of a four-year term; -- used of the third or next to final year in a U. S. high school or college. See junior2}, n..
    • Junior One of a lower or later standing; specifically, in American colleges and four-year high schools, one in the third year of his course, one in the fourth or final year being designated a senior; in some seminaries, one in the first year, in others, one in the second year, of a three years' course.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • junior Younger; not as old as another. It is applied to distinguish the younger of two persons bearing the same name in one family or town, and especially to distinguish a son bearing the same name as the father: opposed to senior: as, John Smith, junior. In this use commonly abbreviated Jr. or Jun.
    • junior Younger or lower in standing, as in a profession, especially the bar: as, a junior counsel; a junior partner in a firm or company.
    • junior In American colleges and schools, pertaining to the third year of the course, the next below the senior or last year; in institutions having a three years' course, usually pertaining to the first year (the second being called the middle year): as, the junior class; junior students.
    • n junior A person younger than another.
    • n junior One of less experience or inferior standing in his profession than another, who is called his senior; one employed as the subordinate of another, especially at the bar.
    • n junior In American colleges and seminaries, a member of the junior class; a student in the junior year.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Junior jōōn′yur younger: less advanced
    • n Junior one younger or less advanced
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. contr. fr. juvenior, compar. of juvenis, young. See Juvenile


In literature:

By his will the King made her joint heir to the throne with her brother Ptolemy, several years her junior.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 7" by Elbert Hubbard
On its various ships, junior officers had come threateningly close to mutiny.
"Talents, Incorporated" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Professor Howe thought I could enter the Junior class without any trouble.
"Blue Bonnet in Boston" by Caroline E. Jacobs
Her lawyers wrote back, advising her to refer Mr Rubb, junior, to them.
"Miss Mackenzie" by Anthony Trollope
Although I never expect the Frank, junior's, to equal the old-time stories, I find them all good.
"Owen Clancy's Happy Trail" by Burt L. Standish
One lady teacher only slept on the second floor; above, the seniors and juniors governed their own dormitories.
"A Little Miss Nobody" by Amy Bell Marlowe
Then, in a flash, the system was disclosed to the junior President!
"The Girl Scouts' Good Turn" by Edith Lavell
The eight weeks for which I had been engaged passed off, and I hinted to the junior partner that my time was out.
"Desk and Debit" by Oliver Optic
Ten minutes later Lennie Browne, one of the juniors, disturbed the quintette on the wheelbarrow with a message.
"A harum-scarum schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
Another day and she was rooming with a Junior who was a hard student.
"Stanford Stories" by Charles K. Field

In poetry:

His argument was novel - for
A verdict he relied
On blackening the junior
Upon the other side.
"Damon vs. Pythias" by William Schwenck Gilbert
The Captain sniffed, but took the snub,
Then, calling to the junior Sub.,
Observed, ‘Look here, what’s all this mess?
It’s fit for pigs, sir, nothing less!’
"Orange peel" by J Milton Hayes
Ah, notices are taken down,
And scorebooks stowed away,
And seniors grow tomorrow
From the juniors today,
And even swimming groups can fade,
Games mistresses turn grey.
"The School In August" by Philip Larkin
The fools, my juniors by a year,
Are tortur'd with suspense and fear;
Who wisely thought my age a screen,
When death approach'd, to stand between:
The screen remov'd, their hearts are trembling;
They mourn for me without dissembling.
"Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D." by Jonathan Swift
Of legal knowledge I acquired such a grip
That they took me into the partnership,
And that junior partnership I ween,
Was the only ship that I ever had seen:
But that kind of ship so suited me,
That now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee!
"The First Lord's Song" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Of legal knowledge I acquired such a grip
That they took me into the partnership.
And that junior partnership, I ween,
Was the only ship that I ever had seen.
But that kind of ship so suited me,
That now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee!
"HMS Pinafore: Act I" by William Schwenck Gilbert

In news:

Bonner Springs junior Ivory Elijah tries to swat a shot put up by Tonganoxie's Dane Erickson on Tuesday night.
Celia McCarter, the director of the National Junior Cotillion of Fort Mill & Tega Cay join Patti Mercer on Close Up.
Junior suffered fractured vertebra over the summer.
LAUREN WOOD/THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Pat Dickens currently serves as the chairwoman of the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges.
Begich not shy about securing fisheries chairmanship Committee gives junior senator from Alaska opportunity to 'develop an industry that is as American as it gets'.
Junior Murvin Police & Thieves This is Reggae.
A junior class photo of Michael Parlapiano from the 2006 Montclair High School Yearbook.
Which school will land Chaparral junior Davonte' Neal.
He was born May 3, 1937 in Elk Ranch, the son of Charles "Junior" and Kathleen Morrow Cadwell.
My daughter is in junior high school, and we're trying to decide what to do about high school.
Groups of sophomores and juniors have been preparing for the competition since last August.
A 41-year-old junior league hockey coach is facing charges he tried to seduce two Florida boys online.
Before those teenagers move on, however, they prepare and present "New Dances New Choreographers ," an end-of-the-year performance showcasing the work of DW's Junior Repertory Company.
Cimarron (Okla.) district seeks funds for junior high wing.
The money would be used mainly for adding a junior high wing onto the district's school.

In science:

Long term visits of senior or junior researchers who propose a project likely to have a demonstrable impact on FuturICT knowledge transfer and scientific collaboration.
One of the present authors (Y. N.) is grateful for the financial support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for Japanese Junior Scientists.
Ground-State Phase Diagrams of the Two-Dimensional Quantum Heisenberg Spin Glass Models
Then for each finite subgroup G of SL(n, C), there is a 1 : 1 correspondence between junior conjugacy classes in H om(µ|G| , G) and a basis of H 2 (Y , Q), where Y is a minimal model of Cn/G.
Orbifold Constructions of K3: A Link between Conformal Field Theory and Geometry
Note that for our Zns ⊂ SL(2, C) all non-trivial conjugacy classes in H om(µns , Zns ) are junior.
Orbifold Constructions of K3: A Link between Conformal Field Theory and Geometry
Insure that there is sufficient overlap between the original developers of the code and the junior people who will take over the maintenance of it.
Commissioning the CDF Offline Software