• Hardening by jets of water
    Hardening by jets of water
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj jet of the blackest black; similar to the color of jet or coal
    • v jet issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth "Water jetted forth","flames were jetting out of the building"
    • v jet fly a jet plane
    • n jet an artificially produced flow of water
    • n jet an airplane powered by one or more jet engines
    • n jet street names for ketamine
    • n jet the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)
    • n jet atmospheric discharges (lasting 10 msec) bursting from the tops of giant storm clouds in blue cones that widen as they flash upward
    • n jet a hard black form of lignite that takes a brilliant polish and is used in jewelry or ornamentation
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Acetylene Jet Acetylene Jet
Blow-through Jet Blow-through Jet
Mixed Jet Mixed Jet
Mixed Jet, Gwyer pattern Mixed Jet, Gwyer pattern
Mixing Chamber of Jet Mixing Chamber of Jet
Injector Jet Injector Jet

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Before jets, jet lag was called boat lag.
    • Jet A shooting forth; a spouting; a spurt; a sudden rush or gush, as of water from a pipe, or of flame from an orifice; also, that which issues in a jet.
    • n Jet (Min) A variety of lignite, of a very compact texture and velvet black color, susceptible of a good polish, and often wrought into mourning jewelry, toys, buttons, etc. Formerly called also black amber.
    • Jet Drift; scope; range, as of an argument.
    • n Jet Same as 2d Get.
    • Jet The sprue of a type, which is broken from it when the type is cold.
    • Jet To jerk; to jolt; to be shaken.
    • Jet To shoot forward or out; to project; to jut out.
    • v. t Jet To spout; to emit in a stream or jet. "A dozen angry models jetted steam."
    • Jet To strut; to walk with a lofty or haughty gait; to be insolent; to obtrude. "he jets under his advanced plumes!""To jet upon a prince's right."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Castor Oil®™ is used as a lubricant in jet planes.
    • jet To throw out; shoot out; spurt forth, especially from a small orifice; spout; spurt.
    • jet To shoot forward; shoot out; project; jut.
    • jet To strut; stalk; assume a haughty or pompous carriage; be proud.
    • jet To encroach offensively.
    • jet To jerk; jolt.
    • jet To turn round or about.
    • n jet A sudden shooting forth; a spouting or spurting, as of water or flame from a small orifice.
    • n jet That which so issues or spurts: as, a jet of water; a jet of blood; a jet of gas.
    • n jet A spout, or the end of a spout or nozle, for the emission of a liquid or gas: as, a rose-jet; a gas-jet.
    • n jet In metal-casting: A channel or tube for introducing melted metal into a mold.
    • n jet A small projecting piece of the metal, consisting of what remained in the hole through which the liquid metal was run into the mold: this has to be filed off before the casting can be finished. Compare runner.
    • n jet In pyrotechnics, a rocket-case filled with a burning composition, and attached to the circumference of a wheel or the end of a movable arm to give it motion.
    • n jet A large water-ladle.
    • n jet A descent; a declivity.
    • n jet Fashion; manner; custom; style.
    • n jet Artifice; contrivance.
    • n jet [A form of or substitute for gist, of the same ult. origin.] Point; drift; scope.
    • n jet A solid, dry, black, inflammable fossil substance, harder than asphalt, susceptible of high polish, and glossy in its fracture, which is conchoidal or undulating. It is found in beds of lignite or brown coal, and chiefly in rocks of Tertiary and Secondary age. The most important jet-veins are in York-shire, England, near Whitby. It is wrought into toys, buttons, and personal ornaments of various kinds.
    • n jet The color of jet; a deep, rich, glossy black.
    • jet Made of the mineral jet: as, jet beads; jet ornaments.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first flight of the Wright Brothers was a distance less than the wing span of a Jumbo Jet.
    • n Jet jet a rich black variety of mineral coal, very hard and compact, taking a brilliant polish, used for ornaments
    • n Jet jet a spouting stream: a spout at the end of a gas-pipe emitting the flame
    • v.t Jet to throw out, shoot forth
    • v.i Jet to strut, to encroach arrogantly upon
    • ***


  • Sylvia Plath
    Sylvia Plath
    “The blood jet is poetry and there is no stopping it.”
  • Charles M. Allen
    Charles M. Allen
    “If the human race wants to go to hell in a basket, technology can help it get there by jet.”
  • Saul Alinsky
    Saul Alinsky
    “Quotes from Mao, Castro, and Che Guevara... are as germane to our highly technological, computerized society as a stagecoach on a jet runway at Kennedy airport.”


Jet set - Very wealthy people who travel around the world to attend parties or functions are the jet set.
Jet-black - To emphasise just how black something is, such as someone's hair, we can call it jet-black.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. jet, OF. get, giet, L. jactus, a throwing, a throw, fr. jacere, to throw. Cf. Abject Ejaculate Gist Jess Jut


In literature:

Instead, they kicked joyously, scattering the sentries, who were jet-black Turcos.
"With the French in France and Salonika" by Richard Harding Davis
At the left was the third, carved of a single block of jet.
"The People of the Crater" by Andrew North
But though a jet was faster than the monorail it was also more expensive.
"The Cartels Jungle" by Irving E. Cox, Jr.
In the background, the susurrus of the air jets rose slightly to the soft lullaby-sound that the wheel would always sing as she rolled.
"Where I Wasn't Going" by Walt Richmond
Aunt Jo was a sprightly dame of more than seventy years, very thin, but straight and supple, and with hair still jet black.
"The So-called Human Race" by Bert Leston Taylor
He will be stationed at Marysville, relieving our excellent brother Joe Jet for work elsewhere.
"The American Missionary -- Volume 39, No. 08, August, 1885" by Various
It left no trail of jet fumes or rocket smoke.
"The Invaders" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
I'm backing off now with the forward braking jets.
"The Man Who Staked the Stars" by Charles Dye
Air jetted from it with terrific velocity, so that the tank was, for the period while its air lasted, a true rocket.
"The Wailing Octopus" by Harold Leland Goodwin
The faint drone of turbines and whistle of jets and sundered air began to enlarge.
"The Sensitive Man" by Poul William Anderson

In poetry:

I knew thy meaning—thou didst praise
My eyes, my locks of jet;
Ah! well for me they won thy gaze,—
But thine were fairer yet!
"A Song of Pitcairn's Island" by William Cullen Bryant
Was never a Maid in Waldhurst's walls
Might match with Margaret,
Her cheek was fair, her eyes were dark,
Her silken locks like jet.
"Rudiger - A Ballad" by Robert Southey
Chanting from the Bybline psalter
Touched he then her forehead altar;
Sleeking back the trickled jet,
There the marriage-seal he set.
"Lita of the Nile" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
"Frae thy jilted lad what gift mun thou get?
(T' lairocks sing sae sweetly, O!))
Twee lucky-steanes, or fine ear-rings o' jet,
When t' tide cooms hoamin' in?"
"Jenny Storm" by F W Moorman
Within there runs blood,
The same old blood!
The same red-running blood!
There swells and jets a heart—there all passions, desires,
reachings, aspirations;
"I Sing The Body Electric" by Walt Whitman
When with the staff of Benedek,
On the plateau of Koniggratz,
You saw below that wedgeing speck;
Foresaw proud Austria rammed to wreck,
Where Chlum drove deep in smoky jets.
"To Colonel Charles (Dying General C.B.B.)" by George Meredith

In news:

Jets fans would go wild (in a good way).
John woods / winnipeg free press Winnipeg Jets' Andrew Ladd (16), Bryan Little (18) and Blake Wheeler (26) celebrate Ladd's goal Sunday.
Better cool your, er, Jets.
On Tuesday, Dolphins RB Reggie Bush told a South Florida radio station that the Jets got what they deserved, referring to Darrelle Revis' season-ending knee injury.
Air Lease May Buy Up to 100 Boeing 737 MAX Jets.
On March 11, a massive 9.0-magnitude offshore earthquake triggered a tsunami, a super-wave 30 feet high, moving at the speed of a jet airliner.
The Texans and Jets are the last two teams to report to work.
Stacy Keibler is photographed on a jet-ski while vacationing in Los Cabos , Mexico.
Jet Ski Bandit caught on tape.
Caddo Magnet student presents paper at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.
Jet Aviation St Louis is offering free calibration of hand tools, such as torque wrenches and micrometers, for clients who bring their aircraft in for maintenance before December 31.
Man Arrested in Hoax Call over Bomb on Jet.
Giants, Jets, Bills and the rest.
JetBlue co-pilot calmly and quickly got jet down.

In science:

However, in GRB 030329 the bumps occur after the jet break, when all the jet is visible, so that fluctuations in the energy per unit solid angle across the jet should no longer induce significant fluctuations in the light curve.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
This definition of odd jets differs from that of jets of a graded fiber bundle in , but reproduces the heuristic notion of jets of ghosts in the above mentioned antifield BRST theory on Rn .
Lagrangian symmetries and supersymmetries depending on derivatives. Global analysis
Whether symbiotic jets are more like X-ray binary jets or the slower supersoft X-ray source and young stellar ob ject jets, they promise to provide useful information about jet production.
A radio jet in the prototypical symbiotic star Z And?
In the uniform jet (UJ) model (e.g., Lamb, Donaghy, & Graziani 2005), all GRBs produce jets with different jet opening angles θj .
Testing Gamma-Ray Burst Jet Structure with the Distribution of Gamma-Ray Energy Release
Figure 27. E–ciency to flnd an o†ine jet that matches a generator-level jet, as a function of the generator-level jet ET at high luminosity for difierent seed thresholds.
The CMS High Level Trigger