• WordNet 3.6
    • adj jejune lacking interest or significance or impact "an insipid personality","jejune novel"
    • adj jejune displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity "adolescent insecurity","jejune responses to our problems","their behavior was juvenile","puerile jokes"
    • adj jejune lacking in nutritive value "the jejune diets of the very poor"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Jejune Juvenile; childish; immature.
    • Jejune Lacking matter; empty; void of substance.
    • Jejune Lacking nutritional value.
    • Jejune Void of interest; barren; meager; dry; as, a jejune narrative.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • jejune Scantily supplied or furnished; attenuated; poor.
    • jejune Barren; unfurnished; wanting pith or interest, as a literary production; devoid of sense or knowledge, as a person; dry; uninteresting; shallow.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Jejune je-jōōn′ empty: void of interest: barren
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. jejunus, fasting, hungry, dry, barren, scanty; of unknown origin
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. jejunus, hungry.


In literature:

So she tried to fill in his jejune outlines.
"The Research Magnificent" by H. G. Wells
Hence it is as common a thing to hear our orators condemned for being too jejune and feeble as too excessive and redundant.
"Letters of Pliny" by Pliny
Yea, and Chrysippus too, though he does not so trifle, yet is very jejune, while he hunts after improbable etymologies.
"Essays and Miscellanies" by Plutarch
In fact, he was raising the League from a jejune experiment into a flourishing organization.
"The Fortunate Youth" by William J. Locke
Then as to ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE; was there ever known a more jejune notion than that?
"Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous in Opposition to Sceptics and Atheists" by George Berkeley
At that moment they both had a similar jejune feeling of the repetition of old things and new things not fully connecting.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito" by Steven Sills
The answers, therefore, as prepared for the Minister are generally jejune, often barely civil, sometimes actually misleading.
"Collections and Recollections" by George William Erskine Russell
They drain the cup of voluptuous pleasure to its dregs, and flee from home as jejune and supine.
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
Howel had become jejune, and limited very much by his failing sight.
"Mrs. Warren's Daughter" by Sir Harry Johnston
But this Satir comes in only by the by, and in a very jejune Manner.
"A Critical Essay on Characteristic-Writings" by Henry Gally

In news:

Four years ago, The Jejune Institute set up shop in San Francisco's Financial District, adding a touch of mystery and wonder to the city.

In science:

Microflora persistence on duodenum -jejunal flat or normal mucosa in time after a meal in children.
Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis. Part 1. Systemic psoriatic process