• WordNet 3.6
    • adj jade of something having the color of jade; especially varying from bluish green to yellowish green
    • v jade exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress "We wore ourselves out on this hike"
    • v jade lose interest or become bored with something or somebody "I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food"
    • n jade an old or over-worked horse
    • n jade a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green
    • n jade a woman adulterer
    • n jade a semiprecious gemstone that takes a high polish; is usually green but sometimes whitish; consists of jadeite or nephrite
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Jade A color resembling that of jade{1}; it varies from yellowish-green to bluish-green.
    • Jade A disreputable or vicious woman; a wench; a quean; also, sometimes, a worthless man. "She shines the first of battered jades ."
    • Jade A mean or tired horse; a worthless nag. "Tired as a jade in overloaden cart."
    • Jade (Min) A stone, commonly of a pale to dark green color but sometimes whitish. It is very hard and compact, capable of fine polish, and is used for ornamental purposes and for implements, esp. in Eastern countries and among many early peoples.
    • Jade A young woman; -- generally so called in irony or slight contempt. "A souple jade she was, and strang."
    • v. i Jade To become weary; to lose spirit. "They . . . fail, and jade , and tire in the prosecution."
    • Jade To exhaust by overdriving or long-continued labor of any kind; to tire, make dull, or wear out by severe or tedious tasks; to harass. "The mind, once jaded by an attempt above its power, . . . checks at any vigorous undertaking ever after."
    • Jade To make ridiculous and contemptible. "I do now fool myself, to let imagination jade me."
    • Jade To treat like a jade; to spurn.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n jade A mare, especially an old mare; any old or worn-out horse; a mean or sorry nag.
    • n jade Hence A mean or worthless person, originally applied to either sex, but now only to a woman; a wench; a hussy; a quean: used opprobriously.
    • n jade A young woman: used in irony or playfully.
    • jade To treat as a jade; kick or spurn.
    • jade To reduce to the condition of a jade; tire out; ride or drive without sparing; overdrive: as, to jade a horse.
    • jade To weary or fatigue, in general.
    • jade Synonyms and Weary, Fatigue, etc. See tire, transitive verb
    • jade To become weary; fail; give out.
    • n jade A tough compact stone, varying from nearly white to pale or dark green in color, much used in prehistoric times for weapons and utensils, and highly prized, especially in the East, for ornamental Carvings. Two distinct minerals are included under the name. One of these is nephrite, a closely compact variety of hornblende (amphibole), classed with tremolite when nearly white and with actinolite when of a distinct green color; it is fusible with some difficulty, and has a specific gravity of from 2.9 to 3. The other is jadeite, which is a silicate of aluminium and sodium, analogous in formula to spodumene; a variety af a dark-green color and containing iron has been called chloromelanite. It is more fusible than nephrite, and has a higher specific gravity, viz. 3.3. This is the kind of jade most highly valued. Its translucency and color, varying from a creamy white through different shades of delicate green, give great beauty to the vases and other objects carved from it. The Chinese, who have long made use of jade for rings, bracelets, vases, etc., call it yu or yu-shih (jade-stone). A variety of jadeite having a pale-green color is called by them fei ts'ui, or kingfisher-plumes. The best-known locality from which jade has been obtained is the Kara-Kash valley in eastern Turkestan. Jade implements have been found in considerable numbers among the relics of the Swiss lake-dwellers, but it is generally believed that the material was brought from the East; they are also found in New Zealand, in the islands of the Pacific, in Central America, Alaska, and elsewhere, and the facts of their distribution are of great interest in ethnography. (See cut under ax.) The word jade, is sometimes extended to embrace other minerals of similar characters and hence admitting of like use, as zoisite (saussurite, the jade of De Saussure and jade tenace of Haüy), fibrolite, a kind of serpentine, and others. Also called ax-stone, and by the Maoris of New Zealand punamu.
    • jade To make a fool of; scorn.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Jade jād a mare, esp. an old and sorry one: a worthless nag: a woman—in contempt or irony
    • v.t Jade to tire: to harass:—pr.p. jad′ing; pa.p. jad′ed
    • n Jade jād a dark-green stone used for ornamental purposes—applied both to jadeite and nephrite.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., fr. Sp. jade, fr. piedra de ijada, stone of the side, fr. ijada, flank, side, pain in the side, the stone being so named because it was supposed to cure this pain. Sp. ijada, is derived fr. L. ilia, flanks. Cf. Iliac
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—Sp. ijada, the flank—L. ilia. It was believed to cure pain of the side.


In literature:

The length of the journey had jaded the animals.
"The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself" by De Witt C. Peters
She was painting the sea on the day that Perry first saw her, and she wore a jade-green smock.
"The Gay Cockade" by Temple Bailey
We cheat you lawfully, and in our trades; You cheat us basely with your common jades.
"The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 6 (of 18)" by John Dryden
At the year's end the time of great snow Stamps their branches with a fret of glittering jade.
"More Translations from the Chinese" by Various
Behind him rolled the moor, with the hollow where lay, water in a deep jade cup, the Kelpie's Pool.
"Foes" by Mary Johnston
The afternoon passed swiftly and the horses were becoming jaded.
"Letters of a Woman Homesteader" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
And that jade Joanna, how I hate her!
"The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn" by Evelyn Everett-Green
She looks so overworked, and jaded, and poor.
"The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax" by Harriet Parr
And do you not know that nature is a jade?
"The Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. IV. (of V.)" by Margaret, Queen Of Navarre
It had become necessary to keep the way open for General Yule and his jaded forces now in retreat from Dundee.
"Sir John French" by Cecil Chisholm

In poetry:

Brown sails on fishing boats
On a sea of jade,
Leaving on either hand
The wake we made.
"The Fishing Fleet" by Lincoln Colcord
``The Spartan borne upon his shield''
Is not the meed of jaded lust;
And, ere your feet could reach the field,
Death claimed your dust.
"Off Mesolongi" by Alfred Austin
A little woman with jade eyes
Leans on the wall of a pavilion.
She has the moonrise in her heart
And the singing of love songs
Comes to her up the river.
"The Little Woman Of Clear River" by Edward Powys Mathers
Sweet thus to drain—then to sleep:
For, beware how you stay
Till the joy pass away,
And the jaded brain
Seeketh fragrance in vain,
And hates what it may not reap.
"Satiety" by Richard Le Gallienne
But I'll never forget till the day I die,
As I stood in the driving rain,
And the jaded columns of men slouched by,
How amazement leapt into every eye,
Then fury and grief and pain.
"The Blood-Red Fourragere" by Robert W Service
"For poetry he's past his prime:
He takes an hour to find a rhyme;
His fire is out, his wit decay'd,
His fancy sunk, his Muse a jade.
I'd have him throw away his pen;—
But here's no talking to some men!"
"Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D." by Jonathan Swift

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In science:

JADE-E0 jet algorithm for which, at constant jet resolution, hadronisation corrections are small enough such that R3 is directly proportional to αs .
Experimental Tests of Asymptotic Freedom
Fig.9 represents the first gluon distribution determined by H1 from DIS jet production analyzed in NLO for x ≥ yc where yc is the minimum resolution parameter in the JADE jet finding algorithm applied here .
Deep Inelastic Physics with H1
Although the analysis is dependent on the jet selection algorithm (JADE algorithm was used) three important facts occur: a. the shoulder in e+ e− annihilation is the result of the superposition of jets of different topologies; b.
Clan concept in multiparticle dynamics and the NB ``enigma''
Previously, data have been compared to NLO semi-analytic calculations using JADE-type algorithms.
QCD Effects in Hadronic Final States
In 1981, the JADE collaboration found first evidence that the string hadronization model provides a better description of the observed hadron flow in 3-jet events than does an independent jet hadronization model.
QCD Tests at $e^+e^-$ Colliders