• WordNet 3.6
    • v iterate run or be performed again "the function iterates"
    • v iterate to say, state, or perform again "She kept reiterating her request"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Iterate By way of iteration.
    • v. t Iterate ĭt"ẽr*āt To utter or do a second time or many times; to repeat; as, to iterate advice. "Nor Eve to iterate Her former trespass feared."
    • a Iterate Uttered or done again; repeated.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • iterate To utter or do again; repeat: as, to iterate an advice or a demand.
    • iterate Repeated.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Iterate it′ėr-āt to do again: to repeat, in modern usage replaced by the verb reiterate
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  • George Eliot
    “Iteration, like friction, is likely to generate heat instead of progress.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. iteratus, p. p. of iterare, to repeat, fr. iterum, again, prop. a compar. from the stem of is, he, that; cf. L. ita, so, item, likewise, also, Skr. itara, other, iti, thus. Cf. Identity Item
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. iterāre, -ātumiterum, again.


In literature:

He met me at every turn with this downright iteration.
"The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete" by George Meredith
Her iterations upon money were the vile constraint of an awakened interest and wonderment at its powers.
"The Amazing Marriage, Complete" by George Meredith
And with every iteration, the thrill in her voice seemed to deepen.
"Angel Island" by Inez Haynes Gillmore
He lay and wondered for a long time, but fell asleep again; and the steely iteration went on in his dreams.
"Pierre And His People, [Tales of the Far North], Complete" by Gilbert Parker
She had only heard, in her own brain, the iteration of Ba'tiste's calling.
"Northern Lights, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
Frequent iteration was one of her strongest weapons.
"The Little Warrior" by P. G. Wodehouse
Et sequitur leviter filia matris iter.
"Gargantua and Pantagruel, Book III." by Francois Rabelais
Iter, under the name Durocina.
"Edwy the Fair or the First Chronicle of Aescendune" by A. D. Crake
Iter Boreale, MS. note on, 165.
"Notes & Queries, Index of Volume 1" by Various
He was succeeded by his curate, who insisted with like iteration on the duty of supporting the people imposed upon the land.
"Disturbed Ireland" by Bernard H. Becker

In poetry:

A bullock in a biped's boot,
I iterate, is Billy!
He crushes with a careless foot
The touching water-lily.
"Billy Vickers" by Henry Kendall
He kin' o' l'itered on the mat,
Some doubtfle o' the seekle;
His heart kep' goin' pitypat,
But hern went pity Zekle.
"High-Worthy Mister!" by James Russell Lowell
He kin' o' l'itered on the mat,
Some doubtfle o' the sekle,
His heart kep' goin' pity-pat,
But hern went pity Zekle.
"The Courtin'" by James Russell Lowell
Good friends, you urge my Odes grow trite,
And that of worthless station,
Of fleeting youth and joy, I write
With endless iteration.
"The Reply Of Q. Horatius Flaccus To A Roman "Round-Robin"" by Alfred Austin
I, in strange lands at gray of dawn,
Wakeful, have heard that fruitless plaint
Through Memory's chambers deep withdrawn
Renew its iterations faint.
"Phoebe" by James Russell Lowell

In news:

Back in March, Peter May wrote for ESPN Boston that Celtics coach Doc Rivers had vetoed a first iteration of a swap with Oklahoma City, but Rivers wouldn't discuss the players involved.
In honor of Modernica's 20th anniversary, the company is releasing a new iteration on the classic mid-century fiberglass shell chair originally designed by the Eameses.
The latest iteration, the HP Digital Entertainment Center z565 ($2,999 direct) is a good, steady evolution of the product.
If you're a fan of Google's services, it might be time to upgrade to a new iteration of the browser — or a different browser entirely.
Iterative approach to regulation a pattern for EPA.
The engine, the best iteration of the going-away N156 6.2-liter V-8, is righteous.
It's a mixed bag of changes in 'Call of Duty' franchise's latest iteration.
The Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival was held last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this past week, and it was (as always for the June iteration of the festival) hot outside.
The company on September 29 took the wraps off several new products, most notably the first pc-based iteration of TiVo.
It's hard to fathom that the Northside Festival is only in its fourth iteration, yet so it goes in the startup age, when culture itself seems scalable.
It is widely believed that this iteration of the smartphone sensation will be the biggest launch in the history of consumer electronics.
Across a product line with many SKUs or for a single product with multiple iterations worldwide, there are many opportunities to "template" the package design and "serve up" the contents dynamically into a printable digital file.
There are a few core pieces of gear that I have in multiple iterations.
Skin & Bones's newest iteration rakes in neighborhood crowds with a stellar bar and simple, affordable bites.
Along with simpler, geometric checks, it's big and bold for Fall 2012, and shoppable in any iteration you could dream of.

In science:

If a permutation should be highly iterated, it should be iterated a prime number of times.
Statistics of Random Permutations and the Cryptanalysis Of Periodic Block Ciphers
It is unclear in what situations such large numbers of iterations would occur, but from a pure mathematical point of view, the additional security granted by prime iteration counts is interesting.
Statistics of Random Permutations and the Cryptanalysis Of Periodic Block Ciphers
We continued iterating in this manner until the reduction in the fit statistic on any given iteration was less than 1, at which point we assumed convergence.
Hydrostatic Gas Constraints on Supermassive Black Hole Masses: Implications for Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Dynamical Modelling in a Sample of Early-Type Galaxies
We can therefore iterate the above procedure, each time setting the prior equal to the posterior obtained in the previous iteration.
Priors in quantum Bayesian inference
In this paper we study a class of dynamical systems generated by iterations of multivariate permutation polynomial systems which lead to polynomial growth of the degrees of these iterations.
Multivariate Permutation Polynomial Systems and Nonlinear Pseudorandom Number Generators