• WordNet 3.6
    • n iridescence the visual property of something having a milky brightness and a play of colors from the surface
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Iridescence Exhibition of colors like those of the rainbow, especially a surface reflection which changes color with the angle at which the object is viewed; the quality or state of being iridescent; a prismatic play of color; as, the iridescence of mother-of-pearl. It is due to interference of light waves reflected from the front and back surfaces of a thin layer transpatrent or semitransparent film.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n iridescence The condition of being iridescent; exhibition of alternating or intermingling colors like those of the rainbow, as in mother-of-pearl, where it is an effect of interference (see interference, 5); any shimmer of glittering and changeable colors.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Iridescent


In literature:

Lloyd touched the iridescent silk of her wide sleeve.
"The Wizard's Daughter and Other Stories" by Margaret Collier Graham
But the mussel, particularly the one found in the James river, yields an iridescent pearl of some little value.
"The Bounty of the Chesapeake" by James Wharton
Bubbles rose, dully iridescent, floated, broke.
"The Flaming Jewel" by Robert W. Chambers
The sky towards the west was pitch black except for the iridescent twinkle of the fiery stars which studded that section of the heavens.
"The Jameson Satellite" by Neil Ronald Jones
He dissolves like an iridescent vapour.
"Suspended Judgments" by John Cowper Powys
She no longer saw it through the iridescent haze of excited fancy.
"The Faith Doctor" by Edward Eggleston
The sand was noticeably darker, and here and there under the sun's rays, it held that faintly iridescent glint that was unmistakable.
"Shoe-Bar Stratton" by Joseph Bushnell Ames
Her gown changed to vivid red; about her throat the graceful pearls were faintly iridescent.
"Mountain Blood" by Joseph Hergesheimer
A sudden mist blurred the sunset splendour, the bronze and purple iridescence of the sea.
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
In some cases the Roman pearl has a true iridescence which is produced by "burning" colors into the hollow enamel bead.
"A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public" by Frank Bertram Wade

In poetry:

Life is just a web of doubt
Where, with iridescent gleams,
Flickers in or struggles out
Love, the golden moth of dreams.
"Quatrains" by Charles Hamilton Musgrove
And every snow-tipped peak grows pink
An iridescent gem!
My heart beats quick, with joy, to think
How I am nearing them!
"To The Hills!" by Govinda Krishna Chettur
His lot is far from being
An iridescent dream;
And yet, I nearly always find,
He holds a happy state of mind,
With cheerfulness his theme.
"The Gadder" by Bert Leston Taylor
O'erhead, the iridescence of the stars,
Ray blending softly with refulgent ray;
Below, above the harbor's hidden bars,
The crumbling iridescence of the spray.
"Sea Lyrics" by Clinton Scollard
Where are the people as beautiful as poems,
As calm as mirrors,
With their oceanic longings —
The idler whom reflection loved,
The woman with the iridescent brow?
For I would bring them flowers.
"The Black Angel" by Henri Coulette
Its color in the light of the sun is no longer like vermilion
But has become like wan desires of a sickly salik bird's heart.
In the morning's light both sky and surrounding dewy forest sparkle
like iridescent peacock wings.
"The Hunt (Sikar)" by Jibanananda Das

In news:

Blue-Green Algae: Iridescent but Deadly.
Blue-Green Algae : Iridescent but Deadly.
The pendants feature sparkling or iridescent glass and will be used to make necklaces and earrings.
Orinthologists just got a hold of one of these iridescent green birds, received from a trapper in Indonesia.
Ririe-Woodbury's Iridescence : Behind the Scenes.
Chris Teren too this photograph of iridescence on a cloud over Spieden Island on the afternoon of Sept 10.
Belen resident Lucy Urtiaga credits her cure from breast cancer to an iridescent angel.
Blue-Green Algae: Iridescent but Deadly.
One of the jewelry designers told viewers of a late-night shopping channel that the thin layer of iridescence called "patina" was taken from the ancient glass and assembled flake by flake on a base used to create new jewelry.
Iridescent jewel tones inspire ladies to strut.
Warmed by sun, boat exhaust and vast amounts of human urine, the iridescent green water of Party Cove sloshes about at a tepid 85 degrees.
Announces the addition of a new Brite Overall Iridescent Silver film to its VinylEfx® metalized vinyl product line.
Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants (typically blue and green) known for their iridescent tails.
Polish the nail with iridescent pink polish.
Huge pots of lavender, their iridescent violet flowers reaching skyward, enclose a bench perfect for writing.

In science:

Rendering iridescent colors appearing on natural objects.
Augmenting Light Field to model Wave Optics effects
Rendering biological iridescences with rgb–ba sed renderers.
Augmenting Light Field to model Wave Optics effects
Rendering iridescent colors of optical disks.
Augmenting Light Field to model Wave Optics effects
The beautiful early microscopy observations by Hachisu et al. unambiguously showed the existence, at low volume fractions, of colloidal crystals and crystalline alloys, which Bragg-reflect visible light and are, in particular, responsible for the iridescence of opals.
Effective interactions between electric double-layers