• WordNet 3.6
    • n invasion the act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder
    • n invasion (pathology) the spread of pathogenic microorganisms or malignant cells to new sites in the body "the tumor's invasion of surrounding structures"
    • n invasion any entry into an area not previously occupied "an invasion of tourists","an invasion of locusts"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: India used to be the richest country in the world until the British invasion in the early 17th Century
    • Invasion A warlike or hostile entrance into the possessions or domains of another; the incursion of an army for conquest or plunder.
    • Invasion The act of invading; the act of encroaching upon the rights or possessions of another; encroachment; trespass.
    • Invasion The incoming or first attack of anything hurtful or pernicious; as, the invasion of a disease.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n invasion The act of invading a country or territory as an enemy; hostile entrance or intrusion.
    • n invasion Hence A harmful incursion of any kind; an onset or attack, as of disease.
    • n invasion Infringement by intrusion; encroachment by entering into or taking away what belongs to another: as, an invasion of one's retirement or rights.
    • n invasion In phytogeography, the phenomenon of the movement of plants from an area of one character into one of a different character, and their colonization in the latter. It includes, according to F. E. Clements, the ideas both of migration and of ecesis. (See migration, 5, and ecesis.) The same author distinguishes invasions as continuous or intermittent, complete or partial, temporary or permanent. First thns used by Goeze, 1882.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Invasion the act of invading: an attack: an incursion: an attack on the rights of another: an encroachment: a violation
    • Invasion . See Invade.
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  • Hervey Allen
    Hervey Allen
    “Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages.”
  • Marshall Mcluhan
    “Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.”
  • Danny Mcgoorty
    Danny Mcgoorty
    “I have never liked working. To me a job is an invasion of privacy.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. invasio,: cf. F. invasion,. See Invade


In literature:

"Xerxes" by Jacob Abbott
Had it been taken it might have saved Greece from the danger of Persian invasion.
"Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Edwards was brought to trial on the charge of leading an armed invasion of New Hampshire.
"The Hero of Ticonderoga" by John de Morgan
And now a change comes over the character of the invasions.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 03" by Various
The people would arm to resist invasion?
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
From the time of William's obtaining quiet possession of his realm to his invasion of England, a long period intervened.
"William the Conqueror" by Jacob Abbott
"Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms" by Charles Munde
The colonial farmers who suffered from the Kafir invasion of 1834-5 were not exclusively Boers.
"Lord Milner's Work in South Africa" by W. Basil Worsfold
The result of these invasions was almost uniform.
"The Huguenots in France" by Samuel Smiles
Meanwhile there was no relaxation of French preparations for an invasion of England, or of naval activity on the part of Great Britain.
"The Political History of England - Vol XI" by George Brodrick

In poetry:

And wheresoever an invasion
'Gainst this injunction has been planned,
Heaven has made it the occasion
For rendering bare his chastening hand.
"Admonition" by James Madison Bell
Laden with figs and olives, or a freight
Of purple grapes, tanned singing men shall row,
Chanting wild songs of how Eternal Fate
Withstood that fierce invasion long ago.
"From ‘W’ Beach" by Geoffrey Dearmer
Did'st thou not flinch when t'ward the Christian west
The fell invasion of the Saracen
Headed its course with crimson scimitar;
Supplanting the mild precepts of the Cross
With those of lust, of hate and bigotry?
"Metabole." by Alfred Castner King

In news:

Jaromir Jagr wears No 68 in reference to the Soviets' 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.
0Four men face charges of home invasion and armed robbery of a Munising Township man growing medical marijuana.
THE NEW SEASON/CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Fall's One-Man French Invasion.
Locals, Fearing Invasion, Turn Against Foreign Arabs.
Boot-changer arrested for home invasion.
Freighters that stay in the Great Lakes don't bring the invasive species in, but they can help spread invasives from port to port around the region.
Invasive plant came from St Lawrence Seaway.
Just when you think that an invasive species is limited in its distribution.
Just when you think that an invasive species is limited in its distribution — BAM — you get a call from an eagle-eyed volunteer and the situation suddenly changes.
The invasive pest originated in Asia and was first detected in California in 2008.
"Russia has launched a full scale military invasion," Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said today in Tbilisi, Georgia's capital.
Singer Tom Gabel from Against Me performs onstage during KROQ's LA Invasion concert held at the Home Depot Center on September 15, 2007 in Carson, California.
0The invasive plant, garlic mustard , has made its way to the Copper Country.
Help control this invasive weed in your community and backyard.
Late last month, Texas lawmakers shelved anti-TSA groping legislation that would have outlawed invasive pat-downs at Lone Star airports.

In science:

In this case, it is known that the system becomes less resilient to epidemic invasion (Sander et al., 2002) and the bounds given above are no longer valid.
Complexity and anisotropy in host morphology make populations safer against epidemic outbreaks
If u is an invasion of p− by p+ with ∀ (t, x) ∈ R × Ω, p− (t, x) < u(t, x) < p+ (t, x). and u is increasing in time t.
Generalized transition waves and their properties
This result shows the uniqueness of the global mean speed among a certain class of almost planar invasion fronts.
Generalized transition waves and their properties
Remark 1.12 Notice that property (1.19) and the fact that u is an invasion imply that the speed c is necessarily (strictly) positive.
Generalized transition waves and their properties
But one does not need ξt to be monotone or |ξt − ξs | → +∞ as |t − s| → +∞, namely u may not be an invasion front.
Generalized transition waves and their properties