• WordNet 3.6
    • v interlock coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively
    • v interlock become engaged or intermeshed with one another "They were locked in embrace"
    • v interlock hold in a locking position "He locked his hands around her neck"
    • n interlock the act of interlocking or meshing "an interlocking of arms by the police held the crowd in check"
    • n interlock a device that prevents an automotive engine from starting "car theives know how to bypass the ignition interlock"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The five interlocking Olympic rings are black, blue, red, green, and yellow because at least one of these colors appears on every national flag.
    • Interlock To connect together so that the parts work together as a coordinated unit; to connect as a single system.
    • Interlock To unite by locking or linking together; to secure in place by mutual fastening. "My lady with her fingers interlocked ."
    • v. i Interlock To unite, embrace, communicate with, or flow into, one another; to be connected in one system; to lock into one another; to interlace firmly.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • interlock To be locked together; mutually engage, clasp, or cling: embrace: as, the interlocking boughs of a wood.
    • interlock To lock or clasp together; lock or hitch one in another: as, cattle sometimes interlock their horns.
    • interlock In geography, to be involved together: specifically applied to the headwaters of two different drainage systems which dovetail together yet flow in opposite courses.
    • interlock To cross-lock or lock in combination; lock so that unlocking can be effected only under certain conditions, or after certain other motions have previously been made.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Interlock in-tėr-lok′ to lock or clasp together
    • v.i Interlock to be locked together
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In literature:

You see a couple turn the corner with arms lovingly interlocked.
"The Devil" by Joseph O'Brien
The boughs did not break, but they swayed and separated as you would part your two interlocked hands.
"Bird Stories from Burroughs" by John Burroughs
Now those arms were closed and the hands were interlocked.
"Doubloons--and the Girl" by John Maxwell Forbes
Prunes interlocking limbs to get into shape; believes it beneficial.
"The Apple" by Various
Our branches twined and interlocked in service of a joint endeavour.
"Merchantmen-at-Arms" by David W. Bone
She interlocked it with the other and looked meditatively at the ground, moving a loose stone with the toe of her shoe.
"Belford's Magazine, Vol 2, December 1888" by Various
The lockstitch required two threads, one passing through a loop in the other and both interlocking in the heart of the seam.
"The Invention of the Sewing Machine" by Grace Rogers Cooper
As residence area, it was splashy; a series of interlocked estates rather than expensive mansions packed closely together.
"Shock Treatment" by Stanley Mullen
She walked on with irregular steps, her hands interlocked and hanging before her, palms downward, her eyes on the ground.
"East Angels" by Constance Fenimore Woolson
They stand now face to face with interlocked arms in mutual contemplation.
"Tuscan Sculpture of the Fifteenth Century" by Estelle M. Hurll

In poetry:

It’s monstrous, horrid, shocking,
Beyond the power of thinking,
Not to know, interlocking
Is no mere form of linking.
"Cats Cradle Song," by James Clerk Maxwell
Call it a good marriage - For no one ever questioned Her warmth, his masculinity,
Their interlocking views;
Except one stray graphologist
Who frowned in speculation At her h's and her s's, His p's and w's.
"Call It A Good Marriage" by Robert Graves

In news:

"Sponsors of the bill that changed interlock law wanted to see two things - to see increased use of interlocks and to avoid impacting people's lives by suspending their license," said Steve Lind with the safety commission.
Build a Rip-Gut or Interlocking Fence.
Controlling Access With Interlocks and Mantraps.
Modules enhance functionality of programmable interlock systems.
These include the G monogram, the interlocking Gs hardware, the script font, and the green and red stripes of the Italian label.
Boston Scientific Launchs Interlock-35 Fibered IDC Occlusion System.
Ricon Corp.'s K and S Series wheelchair lifts feature an interlocked restraint belt, as well as barriers to prevent excessive rolling on the platform.
Portland Cello Project ( PCP ) is an interlocking mass of classical and indie rock music that will make you stop and ponder just what else cellos are capable of when in the hands of incredibly talented and stylistically brave musicians.
The DP7000 Series pedestal reel features a two-piece, non-welded interlocking base.
From Columbia Green Technologies Inc. GREEN ROOF TRAYS INTERLOCK.
The interlocking nature of the issues makes the close observer feel like he or she is still bouncing around on a 1970s icon.
Company's founder a pioneer in trapped key interlocking, which is still used in dock safety systems worldwide.
TULARE — Among the equipment, fertilizers and other farm-related items on display at the World Ag Expo this week, a Madera Ranchos interlocking paving company is hoping to pique the interest of future clients.
The new Vari-truss is a flexible lighting truss, which consists of interlocking structural components that can be assembled in minutes and easily manipulated into virtually any shape.
Fortress amGard Pro heavy-duty , safety gate switch interlocks comply with developing global standards to safeguard plant and personnel.

In science:

The response of the system was investigated when all the interlock signals are fired.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
When all the interlock signals are fired the voltages are shut down, without ramping, and an inhibit error alarm occurs via software.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
Applying the interlock signal again to all channels and clearing the error alarm via the PVSS software, the inhibit behaviour was reset and all channels were operational again and could be ramped up on demand as required.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
HV interlock signals were removed one by one to individual channels.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
The behaviour of the system was investigated when the interlock signals were fired for only some of the channels on a power supply module.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System