• Intendent's Palace
    Intendent's Palace
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v intend have in mind as a purpose "I mean no harm","I only meant to help you","She didn't think to harm me","We thought to return early that night"
    • v intend design or destine "She was intended to become the director"
    • v intend denote or connote "`maison' means `house' in French","An example sentence would show what this word means"
    • v intend mean or intend to express or convey "You never understand what I mean!","what do his words intend?"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In Tonawanda, New York homeless people may not start a fire in the park unless they intend to cook food.
    • Intend To apply with energy. "Let him intend his mind, without respite, without rest, in one direction."
    • Intend To bend or turn; to direct, as one's course or journey.
    • Intend To design mechanically or artistically; to fashion; to mold. "Modesty was made
      When she was first intended ."
    • Intend To fix the mind on; to attend to; to take care of; to superintend; to regard. "Having no children, she did, with singular care and tenderness, intend the education of Philip.""My soul, not being able to intend two things at once, abated of its fervency in praying."
    • Intend To fix the mind upon (something to be accomplished); to be intent upon; to mean; to design; to plan; to purpose; -- often followed by an infinitely with to, or a dependent clause with that; as, he intends to go; he intends that she shall remain. "They intended evil against thee.""To-morrow he intends To hunt the boar with certain of his friends."
    • Intend To intensify; to strengthen. "Magnetism may be intended and remitted."
    • Intend To pretend; to counterfeit; to simulate. "Intend a kind of zeal both to the prince and Claudio."
    • Intend To strain; to make tense. "When a bow is successively intended and remedied."
    • Intend To stretch; to extend; to distend. "By this the lungs are intended or remitted."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The title role of Dirty Harry, 1971, was originally intended for Frank Sinatra. After he refused, it was offered to John Wayne, and then Paul Newman, finally being accepted by Clint Eastwood.
    • intend To stretch forth or out; extend or distend.
    • intend To direct; turn; fix in a course or tendency.
    • intend To fix the attention upon; attend to; superintend.
    • intend To fix the mind upon, as something to be done or brought about; have in mind or purpose; design: often used with the infinitive: as, I intend to write; no deception was intended.
    • intend To design to signify; mean to be understood; have reference to.
    • intend To pretend; make believe; simulate.
    • intend To look for; expect.
    • intend To intensify; increase.
    • intend To stretch forward; extend; move; proceed.
    • intend To attend; pay attention.
    • intend To have intention; be inclined or disposed.
    • intend To manage; superintend; supervise.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Whitcomb L. Judson, the inventor of the zipper, originally intended his invention to save people the trouble of buttoning and unbuttoning their shoes every day. He named it the "Clasp locker and unlocker for shoes."
    • v.t Intend in-tend′ to fix the mind upon: to design: to purpose: :
    • v.i Intend to have a design: to purpose
    • n Intend an affianced lover
    • v.t Intend in-tend′ (Milt.) to extend
    • v.t Intend in-tend′ (Shak.) to direct
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  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.”
  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith
    “Begin somewhere: you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.”
  • William Ellery Channing
    “Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do.”
  • Claudius
    “To do no evil is good, to intend none better.”
  • Plato
    “Those who intend on becoming great should love neither themselves or their own things, but only what is just, whether it happens to be done by themselves or others.”
  • Deborah Boliver Boehm
    Deborah Boliver Boehm
    “You should never name an animal which is not yours to keep, or which you intend to eat.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. entenden, to be attentive, F. entendre, fr. L. intendre, intentum, and intensum, to intend, attend, stretch out, extend; pref. in-, in + tendere, to stretch, stretch out. See Tend
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. entendre—L. intendĕre, intentum and intensumin, towards, tendĕre, to stretch.


In literature:

Often I have intended to tell all, but my father is so strange.
"The Opal Serpent" by Fergus Hume
I wondered if he was not intending to look for a passage to New Orleans in the Islander.
"Up the River" by Oliver Optic
The forecastle fellows are ashore, and but few of them intend returning aboard.
"The Flag of Distress" by Mayne Reid
They had intended to pursue, not to be pursued.
"The Border Watch" by Joseph A. Altsheler
It was right, he thought, that she should know at once what he intended.
"Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope
These manoeuvres were no doubt caused by the fish which he intended to "hook" having suddenly shifted their quarters.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
He'd opened the folder and scanned it, intending to make it look good before he turned her down.
"The Alembic Plot" by Ann Wilson
And they had purposely dragged Laskar outside, expecting Harlan would do just as he had done, and as his eyes warned he intended to do.
"'Drag' Harlan" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Every bar to a river or harbour, intended to secure smooth water within, acts as a break-water.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
It is the life for which he is intended; for which he should have intended himself.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope

In poetry:

Now does he aim the deadly blow
Intended for the prostrate breast ;
Ah ! Reginald shall die! -- but no--
It lays another soul to rest.
"Reginald The Brave" by Laura Sophia Temple
'And my heart has quailed. — But deny it true
That you will never this lock undo!
No God intends
To thwart the yearning He's father to!'
"A Conversation At Dawn" by Thomas Hardy
His words were quickly whispered round,
And every boy now looks offended;
The master saw the change, and found
That Orme a mutiny intended.
"Conquest Of Prejudice" by Charles Lamb
I'm pond'ring, I'm wond'ring, I'm thinking,
If this world intends to ever get right;
It's reeling, it's shaking, it's sinking,
Let my soul join the blue bird's flight.
"Ajax' Soliloquy" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Along the coast of Man, in triumph sailing,
A thousand barks intend one port to make;
When, lo! Opinion's wildering fogs prevailing,
They separate, and various courses take.
"Ark Of Faith" by Thomas Odiorne
Is Tommy naught? give a frown, word, or nod,
But never, never, treat him with the rod.
Or if he well performs what you intend,
Give him due praises, and he'll strive to mend.
"Maxims" by William Hutton

In news:

Over at Secular Right - which I intend to read, er, religiously, though I'd rather its creators were expending their energy on a less self-segregated platform.
His defense intends to file a motion requesting another competency hearing.
At least half of the total condo units must be owner-occupied or sold to owners who intend to occupy.
We had Harry from One Direction in the studio and right from the horse's mouth "no pun intended" he confirms that he is working on a country song.
According to 2011 MPO data, Pines/Hollywood Boulevard ranks fifth in congested corridors that the county intends to focus on, following Broward Boulevard, Oakland Park Boulevard, State Road 7 and US 1.
The owner, Xiao Jin Yuan, said he intends to open the hotel — formerly known as the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel, Jumer's Castle Lodge and the Historic Lincoln Hotel — in phases.
Listening Posts are intended for Missourians to share their questions and concerns during meetings with members of Senator Blunt's staff.
The Corrie family's attorney says they intend to appeal.
As each major piece of legislation (bailout, stimulus, health-care) approached a vote, I contacted Rep Foster numerous times to learn his position and intended vote.
The Lancet, Volume 376, Issue 9747, Pages 1131 - 1132, 2 October 2010. International drug crime and the policies intended to tackle it are both threats to progress on health, human rights, and the Millennium Development Goals.
Their investigation had progressed to the point that they intended to arrest two of their 89 Gangster Crip suspects who were in an underground parking structure.
Balta US has assembled a collection of rugs that are intended to make viewers smile.
New practice drill intended to make Tigers tougher on the glass.
Dandelions brighten the lawn, give zest to roadways and intended meadows.
An Indiana law intended to create a safe harbor for children is in question.

In science:

Its importance is thus undeniable, if one intends to study the problems of population dynamics through computer modeling.
Random deaths in a computational model for age-structured populations
Mental rotation of the intended direction of movement.
Combining Research Methods and Results from Psychology and Physics in the Investigation of Quantum Mechanics
However, even if one accepts the use of vacuum-outside-R states for defining a finite size R, one might still ob ject that the Bekenstein bound is not intended to be applied to the definition of E and/or S being used here.
Defining Entropy Bounds
We can define when an endless indiscernible sequence is orthogonal to a set and the dimensional independence property and prove natural properties, we intend to pursue this.
Classification theory for theories with NIP - a modest beginning
This section is intended to be a useful introduction to these sub jects for the non-specialist.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory