• Nobody must indulge in sports
    Nobody must indulge in sports
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v indulge yield (to); give satisfaction to
    • v indulge enjoy to excess "She indulges in ice cream"
    • v indulge give free rein to "The writer indulged in metaphorical language"
    • v indulge treat with excessive indulgence "grandparents often pamper the children","Let's not mollycoddle our students!"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Indulge To be complacent toward; to give way to; not to oppose or restrain
    • Indulge to give free course to; to give one's self up to; as, to indulge sloth, pride, selfishness, or inclinations;
    • Indulge To grant as by favor; to bestow in concession, or in compliance with a wish or request. "Persuading us that something must be indulged to public manners.""Yet, yet a moment, one dim ray of light Indulge , dread Chaos, and eternal Night!"
    • v. i Indulge To indulge one's self; to gratify one's tastes or desires; esp., to give one's self up (to); to practice a forbidden or questionable act without restraint; -- followed by in, but formerly, also, by to. "Willing to indulge in easy vices."
    • Indulge to yield to the desire of; to gratify by compliance; to humor; to withhold restraint from; as, to indulge children in their caprices or willfulness; to indulge one's self with a rest or in pleasure.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • indulge To be kind or complaisant to; yield to the wish or humor of; gratify by compliance; refrain from restraining; humor: as, to indulge a child.
    • indulge To grant, as a favor; bestow in compliance with desire or petition; accord.
    • indulge To give way to; give free course to: as, to indulge a propensity or a passion.
    • indulge Synonyms Humor, etc. (see gratify); favor, pamper.
    • indulge To gratify one's self freely; give free course to the gratification of one's desires or appetites: followed by in before the object of desire, etc.: as, to indulge in the use of tobacco.
    • indulge To yield; give way: with to.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Indulge in-dulj′ to yield to the wishes of: not to restrain, as the will, &c
    • v.i Indulge (with in) to gratify one's appetites freely
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  • Rabindranath Tagore
    “You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Don't let yourself indulge in vain wishes.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed, there is no winter and no night; all tragedies, all ennui s, vanish, all duties even.”
  • Akhenaton
    “Indulge not thyself in the passion of anger; it is whetting a sword to wound thine own breast, or murder thy friend.”
  • Joseph Joubert
    Joseph Joubert
    “Be charitable and indulge to everyone, but thyself.”
  • Herman Melville
    “Some dying men are the most tyrannical; and certainly, since they will shortly trouble us so little for evermore, the poor fellows ought to be indulged.”
  • M. F. K. Fisher
    M. F. K. Fisher
    “Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. indulgere, to be kind or tender to one; cf. OIr. dilgud, equiv. to L. remissio, OIr. dligeth, equiv. to L. lex, Goth. dulgs, debt


In literature:

Don't even indulge in any shoulder shrugs or other signs of muffled emotion.
"The House of Torchy" by Sewell Ford
Oh, you talk to no purpose, Parmeno: this softness of spirit, upon my faith, must be got rid of; I indulge myself too much.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer, (AKA) Terence
Naturally he was frank, and would not indulge in flattery or deceit.
"Oswald Langdon" by Carson Jay Lee
The prince, indeed, had what was termed an indulgence; that is, he was permitted to choose the manner of his death.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
Your sleep will be better if you have indulged in recreation, and your mind will be clearer the next morning.
"Dollars and Sense" by Col. Wm. C. Hunter
The same holds good of confession, indulgence, all sorts of blessings.
"Erasmus and the Age of Reformation" by Johan Huizinga
But, more than this, indulgences avail not only for the living, but for the dead.
"Count Ulrich of Lindburg" by W.H.G. Kingston
Is it set on fire by self-indulgence or by a noble sympathy?
"My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year" by John Henry Jowett
Those fortunate women to whom straight hair is becoming should never indulge in curls.
"The Woman Beautiful" by Helen Follett Stevans
You're all a lot too good to me and indulge me too much, and I grow soft, and then every trifle rubs me the wrong way.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet

In poetry:

One me indulgent Heaven bestow'd
A rural mansion, neat and small;
This lyre; -- and as for yonder crowd,
The happiness to hate them all.
"Horace, Book II. Ode XVI." by William Cowper
The face of God appears so fair
Unto his chosen saints, who are
Indulg'd to see it — they'll scarce deign
To look on ought besides again.
"Concerning The New Jerusalem" by Rees Prichard
Observe the lily, and the rose,
To toil and spin they ne'er were known,
Yet God indulges them with clothes,
More gay, than monarch e'er put on.
"Concerning The Divine Providence" by Rees Prichard
And does it not when much indulg'd,
Or held by slack and yielding hand,
Lead on to woes oft undivulg'd,
To crimes unknown, throughout the land?
"Love And Wine" by Thomas Frederick Young
But let them heed this mighty truth,--
(Which, for their weakness, we would ken
Indulgently, as due to men
Pamper'd in age and snared in youth)--
"True Nobility" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
And brother, too, I should forget,
Since you the sacred tie would spurn
T' indulge the passions which have met
'Round our friendship's broken urn.
"Lines To Mr. ---" by Samuel Alfred Beadle

In news:

Indulging Spirit as a Life Goal.
SInce our birthdays are close together, can we indulge in some sweet treats.
Sorrow, 48, might best be described as windies' royalty, one of perhaps 100 people in the country who meet a few times a year to indulge in all things "Gone With the Wind".
"They still want to indulge , but at the right price.".
In London, Indulging in a Bit of Creativity.
Join me, your host Gowri Chandra, as we indulge in the deliciously painful, possibly pivotal moments of post-adolescence.
Looking for that perfect mixture to keep you up even while you indulge in St Patrick's Day festivities.
Kahlua French Vanilla is a careful blend of premium vanilla married with the original Kahlua coffee taste experience to create a smooth, sweet and sensory indulgence.
In fact, the über -eccentric artist's spent a lifetime indulging his endless manias for the past (particularly 1953-1963) and all things kitschy or campy.
Try this oyster dish for dinner before indulging in a delectable peach pastry dessert perfectly paired with vino.
Having a baby changes your mind and body, but it never takes away your desire to indulge in fashion.
The holiday season is a justifiable time to skip a few sessions at the gym, and indulge in tasty treats and mouth-watering desserts.
Indulging in a Yacht, but Still Minding the Expenses.
Taking time to indulge in May wine .
My boyfriend and I indulged in a seven-night cruise of the western Mediterranean.

In science:

Since the map S0 is locally linear there is no point in distinguishing between the constant matrix ∂xS0x and the map S0 so that we indulge in the abuse of notation implicit in (5.3).
A fluctuation theorem in a random environment
In the text, various authors are mentioned by name: this is to aid the reader in researching the problem at hand, and is not meant in any way to be a detailed, historical account of the development of the field. I ask the reader for his’r indulgence on this score.
Some open problems in random matrix theory and the theory of integrable systems
In order to substantiate the loose argument we have been indulging in so far and provide proofs, we use a less direct line of attack than the one suggested by the above discussion.
On the Limit Law of a Random Walk Conditioned to Reach a High Level
Even, sometimes it indulges the reputation of the victim.
Algorithm and Implementation of the Blog-Post Supervision Process
Our main interest here is in constructing new smooth Calabi-Yau threefolds via such topological transitions, but first I will indulge in a few comments about the connectedness of the space of all Calabi-Yau threefolds.
The Expanding Zoo of Calabi-Yau Threefolds