• WordNet 3.6
    • adv implicitly without ever expressing so clearly "he implicitly assumes that you know the answer"
    • adv implicitly without doubting or questioning "I implicitly trust him"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Implicitly By implication; impliedly; as, to deny the providence of God is implicitly to deny his existence.
    • Implicitly In an implicit manner; without reserve; with unreserved confidence. "Not to dispute the methods of his providence, but humbly and implicitly to acquiesce in and adore them."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • implicitly By implication; virtually.
    • implicitly Trustfully; without question, doubt, or hesitation.
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  • Patricia Meyer Spacks
    Patricia Meyer Spacks
    “The vanity of men, a constant insult to women, is also the ground for the implicit feminine claim of superior sensitivity and morality.”


In literature:

On the other hand, they repose implicit faith in a reputation vouched for by their experience.
"The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete" by George Meredith
Her faith was implicit.
"Back to God's Country and Other Stories" by James Oliver Curwood
To Godwin he resigns himself with the implicit confidence of admiration.
"Percy Bysshe Shelley" by John Addington Symonds
Was the receding then implicit in the drawing near?
"In the Wilderness" by Robert Hichens
At eighteen she had implicitly believed in her mother.
"Lady Hester, or Ursula's Narrative" by Charlotte M. Yonge
The not-so-implicit deal in the case of the USSR and the Czech Republic was simple to grasp and very effective.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
No wonder a principle so inconstant and fallacious should lead us into errors, when implicitly followed (as it must be) in all its variations.
"A Treatise of Human Nature" by David Hume
My father will be guided implicitly by what I advise in the matter.
"An African Millionaire" by Grant Allen
Mrs. Hassal, tiny as she was, had a way of commanding implicit obedience.
"Seven Little Australians" by Ethel Sybil Turner
She believed in them implicitly.
"At the Villa Rose" by A. E. W. Mason

In poetry:

Monsters in dreams he sees, yet lies
At peace in his curling bed;
Blessings that outdo all distress
Implicit in his sleeping head.
"A Dream Observed" by Anne Ridler
Thy will divine, amongst us mortals here
On earth, implicitly be ever done,
As it is always in a higher sphere,
By ev'ry angel, seraph, pow'r, and throne.
"The Lord's Prayer" by Rees Prichard
I implicitly can trust you,
Of whose courage, of whose talents
I have been so well informed,
That I mean at once to grant them
The reward they so well merit.
"The Purgatory Of St. Patrick - Act III" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
And Thee, across the harbor, silver-paced
As though the sun took step of thee, yet left
Some motion ever unspent in thy stride,—
Implicitly thy freedom staying thee!
"To Brooklyn Bridge" by Harold Hart Crane
But soon the reasons why you're loved by all,
Grow infinite, and so pass reason's reach ;
Then back again to implicit faith I fall,
And rest on that the Catholic voice doth teach—
"To The Countess Of Bedford I" by John Donne
Ye toilers in cities, ye workers in fields,
Who handle the hammer, the pen or the plow,
Can the poet implicitly trust, as he yields
His heart, and his hopes, and his name to you now?
"Is There Room For The Poet?" by Thomas Frederick Young

In news:

Luckily, that "red line" already exists -- implicitly .
Palestinians win implicit UN recognition of sovereign state .
Decision support system s that capture, preserve, and reuse implicit knowledge can greatly benefit from explicitly using context.
Emphasis on Obama's use of teleprompters has long been a right wing (and, I suppose, pro-Hillary) anti-Obama talking point, the implicit criticism being that since he's such a good speaker he should be able to work without prepared remarks.
Implicit in chiropractic is a philosophy of vitalism , yet many chiropractors have been challenged by the theoretical constructs of the Palmers and Stephenson.
While I didn't discuss it in detail, one of the implicit points of my last post is an endorsement of index investing.
Foreign banks have found it increasingly difficult to compete against Russia's state banks , which enjoy a funding advantage and implicit guarantee from a sovereign that itself has a strong balance sheet.
Isbell and Shauman both said the first step to tackling implicit biases is to recognize that they exist.
Sam Bradford showed Sunday what he can do when armed with a talented receiver he trusts implicitly.
The videos told a wonderful story that was emotional and had an implicit brand connection.
The US Supreme Court will decide whether a broad arbitration clause can implicitly authorize class arbitration.
The most recent ad from Back to Basics implicitly highlights White's weaknesses by Abby Rapoport Published on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, at 6:15 CST.
However, privileged accounts carry implicit security risks, so the importance of managing them - while preserving access and ease of use - is vital.
When an implicit racial attitudes test is used the number increases to 56 percent, compared to 49 percent four years ago.
Granted, the rebuke was only implicit: she never specifically mentioned the new GOP slogan of rugged individualism.

In science:

Such a result is claimed in [KK2001], where the authors find an estimate gn (x) = g (x)(1 + O(1/n)), where gn is the density of Xn , while g is the stable density, and the implicit constants are uniform in x.
Harmonic mean, random polynomials and stochastic matrices
In doing this, it is implicitly assumed that the true flux ratio is constant across the galaxy.
The SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey II. 450 micron data - evidence for cold dust in bright IRAS Galaxies
In such a dense system, the effect of the interaction, which is implicitly included in Eq. (5), is very important.
Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
We implicitly make use of the assumption that the amplitude in equation (22) only smoothly depends on n†.
Quenched bond dilution in two-dimensional Potts models
Seeing the present author was struck by the fact that its main theorem implicitly contained the definition of the center of a monoidal category.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors