imaginary place


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n imaginary place a place that exists only in imagination; a place said to exist in fictional or religious writings
    • ***


In literature:

This inscription was merely placed here for the ornament of the Grotto, and the sentiments and the Hermit are equally imaginary.
"The Monk; a romance" by M. G. Lewis
The place where any two of these imaginary lines, crossing at right angles, meet may be exactly determined by the science of navigation.
"Tom Swift and his Undersea Search" by Victor Appleton
In the morning he said that they were on the way from some imaginary place, and would arrive in the course of the day.
"Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Complete" by Ulysses S. Grant
In the morning he said that they were on the way from some imaginary place, and would arrive in the course of the day.
"Memoirs of Three Civil War Generals, Complete" by U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, P. H. Sheridan
Among those who cherished this imaginary privilege with undoubting faith was an old clergyman with whom Mannering was placed during his youth.
"Guy Mannering, or The Astrologer, Complete, Illustrated" by Sir Walter Scott
Imaginary devils, and imaginary places of punishment, are coming near to our revolutionary France!
"The Wing-and-Wing" by J. Fenimore Cooper
He positively pervaded the place, nervously changing the napkin from arm to arm, and frantically flicking off imaginary crumbs.
"Faces and Places" by Henry William Lucy
In the young man's nature, Gloria had taken the place of all other divinities, real and imaginary.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
But imaginary dangers soon gave place to present interests.
"In the Musgrave Ranges" by Jim Bushman
They are family names and titles, not of certain places, but of districts with imaginary boundaries.
"With the French in France and Salonika" by Richard Harding Davis

In news:

The artifact had been placed there by a classmate, who made it based on an imaginary civilization created by the students.
Many of our favorite songs celebrate imaginary places.
The writing of John Updike (1932-- ) transports readers to "Rabbit" Angstrom's suburbia, to the imaginary State of Kush, and to a range of lyrically detailed places in between.

In science:

Then all places of E lying above a place b ∈ B are imaginary.
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
Therefore, for each archimedean (necessarily real) place a of F , we have y (a) = 1 and d = 2y (a) = 2, that is there is only one place of E lying above the place a of F and is a complex place, whence E /F is a quadratic extension, which is totally imaginary.
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
In addition, this is meant to parallel the fact that these two states are incompatible states of consciousness; namely when the solution is an imaginary number it cannot be placed on the real axis at the same time.
Founding quantum theory on the basis of consciousness
In Eq. (1.1.6), however, we introduced quantities Lp which determine the side of the real axis where the imaginary increment is placed.
Supersymmetry in Random Matrix Theory
The discussion in [7, Subsection 5.2] is not modified by the previously discussed changes: in fact, it deals only the reduction algebra placed on the positive imaginary axis, which is left untouched by the changes occurring in biquantization.
Biquantization of symmetric pairs and the quantum shift