• The Idle Boy
    The Idle Boy
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n idling having no employment
    • ***


  • Mahatma Gandhi
    “Purity of mind and idleness are incompatible.”
  • Jerome K. Jerome
    “It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “As peace is the end of war, so to be idle is the ultimate purpose of the busy.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Perhaps man is the only being that can properly be called idle.”
  • Hannah More
    “Idleness among children, as among men, is the root of all evil, and leads to no other evil more certain than ill temper.”
  • English Proverb
    English Proverb
    “An idle brain is the devil's workshop.”


Devil finds work for idle hands - When people say that the devil finds work for idle hands, they mean that if people don't have anything to do with their time, they are more likely to get involved in trouble and criminality.
Idle hands are the devil's handiwork - When someone is not busy, or being productive, trouble is bound to follow.


In literature:

He also is a member; but then he can afford to be idle.
"Phineas Finn" by Anthony Trollope
The Covenanters, then, had not been idle.
"Claverhouse" by Mowbray Morris
In the large living-room, Van Bristow, the master of "Idle Times," had expressed his tastes.
"The Lighted Match" by Charles Neville Buck
Along the shelving strand They launch tall ships that long had idle lain.
"The Aeneid of Virgil" by Virgil
One thing was certain, with the accruing strength of the British and the French Armies, they could not rest idle.
"My Second Year of the War" by Frederick Palmer
In the meantime the friends of the daring viceroy had not been idle.
"A Chinese Wonder Book" by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
Yet, my idling is not mere slothfulness.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck
Susan, half asleep on a buffalo skin, watched them idly.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
While Britain was engaged in these civil transactions, her allies were not idle on the continent.
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.II. From William and Mary to George II." by Tobias Smollett
MOOMOOMON: The idle hours and the idle days.
"Plays of Near & Far" by Lord Dunsany

In poetry:

And I have smiled at the idleness of love—
Who find the swords of your unforgotten beauty
Posted before, behind me, and above.
"Contradiction" by Clark Ashton Smith
They sat and watched in idle mood
The gleam and shade of lake and wood;
The beach the keen light smote,
The white sail of a boat;
"The Maids Of Attitash" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Plough not the seas, sow not the sands,
Leave off your idle pain;
Seek other mistress for your minds,
Love's service is in vain.
"Love's Servile Lot" by Robert Southwell
O'er the grave, past Time's pursuing,
For thy flashing glory streams!
Too unswerving—too resplendent
For a child of idle dreams!
"Hope" by Ernest Jones
The thoughtless youth set out indeed,
But soon he slacken'd in his speed;
For every trifle by the way
Seduced his idle heart astray.
"The Foolish Traveller; Or, A Good Inn Is A Bad Home" by Hannah More
Ah heart, ah heart, I turn away
From the dreams of my idle brain,
And sigh to think that this summer day
Hath power to bring me pain;
"The Pool" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

A resident of Middle Village, he said the trains would idle 15 to 20 feet from his house between 5 to 6 a.m.
Boehner has vacationed for many years on Marco Island and he frequented Stan's Idle Hour in Goodland.
Stufflebean is one of 200 Kansas City-area Hostess workers who are out of jobs as long as Hostess plants stay idled.
An Horse's Kate Cooper isn't one to let idle hours go to waste.
Idle planes at Tripoli airport, which is now operational again.
Four common but lame excuses can idle whiny filmmakers almost indefinitely.
When you're away from your desk, a screen saver can hide your work from idle snoopers.
Retirement has been anything but idle for Karen Flewelling of Saratoga Springs.
Glass moulding plant closing , idling 35.
A plastics manufacturer says it will close its Chippewa Falls plant, idling 170 workers.
Last year's tsunami disaster in Japan clouded the nation's nuclear future, idled its reactors and rendered its huge stockpile of plutonium useless for now.
British-born Idle wrote for and performed with Monty Python since their formation in 1969 at the University of Cambridge.
Andrew Oldrati and Joseph Donaghy braced themselves for the worst as they walked toward the 1967 Ford pickup truck idling on Delaware Avenue.
Witte Brothers pursues more anti-idling plug-in connections on the road.
Stephen Lance Dennee / Associated Press A crew from a nearby tug boat works on a line near the LST 325 as the ship sits idle on Lake Barkley near Kuttawa, Ky.

In science:

If for each k , the input distribution is Gaussian with zero mean and variance Pk for any non-zero rate, and user k idles at rate zero, then the achievable rate region is still given by (14).
A New Approach to Random Access: Reliable Communication and Reliable Collision Detection
If all users idle, the receiver receives an idle symbol, Y = 0; if only one user, say user k , transmits a non-zero symbol Xk , the receiver receives Y = Xk ; if multiple users transmit non-zero symbols, the receiver receives Y = c, i.e., a collision symbol.
A New Approach to Random Access: Reliable Communication and Reliable Collision Detection
The frames were processed using the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) IRAC Pipeline v14.0, and mosaics were created from the basic calibrated data (BCD) frames using a custom IDL program; see Gutermuth et al. (2008) for details.
Spitzer and HHT observations of starless cores: masses and environments
Next we fit the histogram data to an unweighted Gaussian model, using standard IDL packages, and excluding all bins with values greater than the maximum bin plus one.
Spitzer and HHT observations of starless cores: masses and environments
We also made the following mass lumping approximation, that is to consider that Φ ≈ Idl and Ψ ≈ Idm .
Convergence of a greedy algorithm for high-dimensional convex nonlinear problems