• WordNet 3.6
    • adj hot marked by excited activity "a hot week on the stock market"
    • adj hot charged or energized with electricity "a hot wire","a live wire"
    • adj hot having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity "hot fuel rods","a hot laboratory"
    • adj hot of a seeker; very near to the object sought "you are hot"
    • adj hot having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm "hot for travel"
    • adj hot very fast; capable of quick response and great speed "a hot sports car","a blistering pace","got off to a hot start","in hot pursuit","a red-hot line drive"
    • adj hot newly made "a hot scent"
    • adj hot very good; often used in the negative "he's hot at math but not so hot at history"
    • adj hot used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning "hot stove","hot water","a hot August day","a hot stuffy room","she's hot and tired","a hot forehead"
    • adj hot extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm "a hot temper","a hot topic","a hot new book","a hot love affair","a hot argument"
    • adj hot recently stolen or smuggled "hot merchandise","a hot car"
    • adj hot having or bringing unusually good luck "hot at craps","the dice are hot tonight"
    • adj hot newest or most recent "news hot off the press","red-hot information"
    • adj hot very unpleasant or even dangerous "make it hot for him","in the hot seat","in hot water"
    • adj hot very popular or successful "one of the hot young talents","cabbage patch dolls were hot last season"
    • adj hot sexually excited or exciting "was hot for her","hot pants"
    • adj hot performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy "a hot drummer","he's hot tonight"
    • adj hot producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves "hot salsa","jalapeno peppers are very hot"
    • adj hot characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense "the fighting became hot and heavy","a hot engagement","a raging battle","the river became a raging torrent"
    • adj hot wanted by the police "a hot suspect"
    • adj hot (color) bold and intense "hot pink"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The water wagon filled with red-hot coffee The water wagon filled with red-hot coffee
"Hot Corn." Neapolitan Group "Hot Corn." Neapolitan Group
There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-night 279 There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-night 279
Hot and Cold Hot and Cold
Altercation Waxed Hot in Words--3-37-346 Altercation Waxed Hot in Words--3-37-346

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: An average American eats approximately 60 hot dogs per year
    • Hot imp. & p. p. of Hote.
    • Hot Acrid; biting; pungent; as, hot as mustard.
    • Hot Characterized by heat, ardor, or animation; easily excited; firely; vehement; passionate; violent; eager. "Achilles is impatient, hot , and revengeful.""There was mouthing in hot haste."
    • Hot Having much sensible heat; exciting the feeling of warmth in a great degree; very warm; -- opposed to cold, and exceeding warm in degree; as, a hot stove; hot water or air. "A hot venison pasty."
    • Hot Lustful; lewd; lecherous.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The most popular Hot Wheels vehicle sold is the Corvette
    • hot Having the sensation of heat, especially in a high degree, the lower degrees being denoted by warm.
    • hot Having or communicating sensible heat, especially in more considerable quantity than is denoted by warm.
    • hot Having the property of exciting the effect or a feeling of heat; stimulating; biting; pungent; peppery: as, a hot blister.
    • hot Ardent in feeling or temper; fiery; vehement; passionate.
    • hot Violent; keen; brisk: as, a hot engagement; a hot pursuit, or a person hot in a pursuit.
    • hot Lustful; lewd.
    • hot Figuratively, heated by constant use, as if by friction.
    • hot Dry and quick to absorb.
    • hot Vigorously or violently; with might and main; with quick and weighty blows, retorts, etc.
    • hot Synonyms Burning, flery, fervid, glowing.
    • hot Piquant, highly seasoned.
    • hot Excitable, irascible, hasty, precipitate, choleric.
    • n hot A sort of basket used for carrying turf, earth, slate, etc.
    • n hot A preterit of hight.
    • n hot An obsolete irregular (strong) past participle of hit.
    • hot Ardently or earnestly supported, as indicated by the betting: as, a hot favorite.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Americans consumed more than twenty billion hot dogs in 2000
    • adj Hot hot having heat: very warm: fiery: pungent: animated: ardent in temper: fervent: vehement: violent: passionate: lustful
    • n., Hot one pressing his steed with spurs as in hot haste: a violent, rash man
    • Hot hot named, called.
    • ***


  • George Bernard Shaw
    “In a battle all you need to make you fight is a little hot blood and the knowledge that it's more dangerous to lose than to win.”
  • Josh Billings
    “The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in the red hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it.”
  • Ohio Poster In Dayton
    Ohio Poster In Dayton
    “Too hot to go to Church? What about Hell?”
  • William Collier
    William Collier
    “The soup is never hot enough if the waiter can keep his thumb in it.”
  • Mark Hellinger
    Mark Hellinger
    “Every murder turns on a bright hot light, and a lot of people have to walk out of the shadows.”
  • Oliver Cromwell
    “Make the iron hot by striking it.”


Blow hot and cold - If you blow hot and cold on an idea, your attitude and opinion keeps changing; one minute you are for it, the next you are against.
Dropped like a hot cake - If something is dropped like a hot cake, it is rejected or disposed of very quickly.
Full of hot air - Someone who is full of hot air talks a lot of rubbish.
Hot air - Language that is full of words but means little or nothing is hot air.
Hot as blue blazes - If something's as hot as blue blazes, it's extremely hot.
Hot as Hades - If something's as hot as Hades, it's extremely hot.
Hot button - (USA) A hot button is a topic or issue that people feel very strongly about.
Hot foot - If you hot foot it out of a place, you leave very quickly, often running.
Hot potato - A problem or issue that is very controversial and no one wants to deal with is a hot potato.
Hot ticket - (USA) A hot ticket is something that is very much in demand at the moment.
Hot to trot - If someone is hot to trot, they are sexually aroused or eager to do something.
Hot under the collar - If you're hot under the collar, you're feeling angry or bothered.
Hot water - If you get into hot water, you get into trouble.
Hot-blooded - Someone who is hot-blooded is easily excitable or passionate.
Hot-headed - A hot-headed person gets angry very easily. (The noun 'hothead' can also be used.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hot, hat, AS. hāt,; akin to OS. hēt, D. heet, OHG. heiz, G. heiss, Icel. heitr, Sw. het, Dan. heed, hed,; cf. Goth. heitō, fever, hais, torch. Cf. Heat
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Pa.t. and pa.p. of hight.


In literature:

Too hot a fire tends to make meat tough and dry.
"Health on the Farm" by H. F. Harris
Sip hot milk, hot water, hot tea, hot black coffee, beef tea or a meat essence.
"Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why" by Martha M. Allen
The sun came out clear, and as hot as molten brass.
"The Wind Before the Dawn" by Dell H. Munger
Ad watched them all through one day and threw hot water on the robbers.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
The Hot Springs of Arkansas were set apart in 1832 while the Ozark Mountains were still a wilderness.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
Whilst still hot, empty each tube in turn and roughly clean its interior with a stiff test-tube brush.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
Give three cups of strong tea, or hot infusion of oak bark, and two teaspoonfuls of whisky in wineglass of hot water.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI)" by Various
It was a still, bright, hot day.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
You may find that she insists on her cold tub every morning, and is scandalised by your offer of hot water in it.
"Home Life in Germany" by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
Heat it scalding hot, and turn it back while hot.
"The American Housewife" by Anonymous

In poetry:

That wind I used to hear it swelling
With joy divinely deep
You might have seen my hot tears welling
But rapture made me weep
"That Wind I Used To Hear It Swelling" by Emily Jane Bronte
Come not to me with hot delight,
And touch this moveless clay,
Lest my poor heart that knows the night
Awake and feel the day.
"Cold!" by Leon Gellert
If, hot from war, I seek thy love,
Darest thou turn aside ?
Darest thou, then, my fire reprove,
By scorn, and maddening pride ?
"Passion" by Charlotte Bronte
And I have linger'd in the shade,
From sultry noon's hot beams; and I
Have knelt before my wicker door,
To sing my evening song.
"The Shipwrecked Solitary's Song To The Night" by Henry Kirke White
When Heav'n proclaim'd hot war and wrath,
And sin increas'd the strife;
By rich obedience unto death,
Thy Husband bought thy life.
"The Believer's Jointure : Chapter I." by Ralph Erskine
Restless and hot two children lay
Plagued with uneasy dreams,
Each wandered lonely through false day
A twilight torn with screams.
"Thunder At Night" by Robert Graves

In news:

The Birmingham News / Tamika Moore Thousands of hot rod s were on hand for the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour when it came to Hoover in June 2010.
Hot rod s and a hot rod attitude have always been important for me.
Live Music, Hot Food, Hot Sauce .
This is an easy recipe for a versatile, hot and sweet, Louisiana Habanero Hot Sauce .
The company provides design, installation, operation, maintenance and management of WI-FI hot-spot and hot-zone Internet access.
A hot spot for all-you-can-eat hot pot.
Moore County turns into a hot spot for hot meals.
Novatel's Liberate mobile hot spot with 4G LTE is the industry's first mobile hot spot with touchscreen.
Enlarge Terry Richard, The Oregonian A pool at Mickey Hot Springs (too hot for human entry) Mickey Hot Springs gallery (11 photos).
Police in Hot Springs say a body found in in the city is that of a Hot Springs man.
YANAIZU, Japan — As visitors to any of Japan's thousands of hot springs know, this country is sitting on a lot of very hot water.
There's no question about it, the past few years have been hot — very hot.
'Hot Tug' Takes Hot Tub to the Open Water.
Hot Spring Spas awards salt water hot tub to long-time fan.
Here's a puzzle, posed in a recent NPR segment: why do millions of people in places like India drink hot tea in hot weather .

In science:

However, a simple calculation shows that only of order one in ten clusters should contain a hot, post-AGB star, owing to the short lifetime (. 105 yr) of the phase.
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
Both the stellar compactness (if small enough) and the relativistic rotational motion of the hot spot should introduce harmonic structure into the pulse shape.
Oscillations During Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts
In addition, warm-hot diffuse intergalactic gas at temperatures 105 <∼ T <∼ 107K can result from (gravitationally produced) shocks in large-scale filaments (Cen & Ostriker 1999; Dav´e et al. 2000).
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal Heating
Moreover, in the cosmological simulations of Dav´e et al. most of the warm-hot gas that contributes to the unresolved soft X-ray background is at low densities and diffusely distributed, not concentrated in (group) halos as assumed by Pen and WFN.
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal Heating
We assume q = 1 in the DO models computed here and it applies only to hot gas T > 105 K.
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal Heating