• WordNet 3.6
    • v hoot to utter a loud clamorous shout "the toughs and blades of the city hoot and bang their drums, drink arak, play dice, and dance"
    • v hoot utter the characteristic sound of owls
    • n hoot something of little value "his promise is not worth a damn","not worth one red cent","not worth shucks"
    • n hoot a loud raucous cry (as of an owl)
    • n hoot a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Hoot A derisive cry or shout.
    • Hoot A very funny event, person, or experience; as, watching Jack try to catch that greased pig was a hoot .
    • Hoot The cry of an owl.
    • v. t Hoot To assail with contemptuous cries or shouts; to follow with derisive shouts. "Partridge and his clan may hoot me for a cheat."
    • Hoot To cry out or shout in contempt. "Matrons and girls shall hoot at thee no more."
    • Hoot To make the peculiar cry of an owl. "The clamorous owl that nightly hoots ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • hoot To cry out or shout in contempt.
    • hoot To cry as some owls: distinguished from screech.
    • hoot To drive or pursue with cries or shouts uttered in contempt; utter contemptuous cries or shouts at.
    • n hoot A cry or shout in contempt.
    • hoot An exclamation expressive of dissatisfaction, of some degree of irritation, and sometimes of disbelief: equivalent to fie, tut, tush, pshaw, etc. Also hoot-toot, hout, hout-tout.
    • n hoot The cry of an owl.
    • n hoot Money paid as compensation; payment; recompense; remuneration.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Hoot hōōt to shout in contempt: to cry like an owl
    • v.t Hoot to drive with cries of contempt
    • n Hoot a scornful cry: the owl's cry
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  • Vladimir Nabokov
    “It is a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot.”


Couldn't give two hoots - If you couldn't give two hoots about something, you don't care at all about it.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hoten, houten, huten,; cf. OSw. huta, Sw. huta ut, to take one up sharply, fr. Sw. hut, interj., begone! cf. also W. hwt, off! off with it! away! hoot!


In literature:

Before the car had given its warning hoot Rachel was at Mrs. Maldon's side.
"The Price of Love" by Arnold Bennett
By the rabble they were hooted and pelted.
"The Abolitionists" by John F. Hume
Then they hooted aloud.
"Two Little Savages" by Ernest Thompson Seton
The hoot of a motor-horn broke suddenly upon the silence, and Stella started.
"The Lamp in the Desert" by Ethel M. Dell
The owls hooted, with dismal and weird plaint, one to the other.
"The Mysterious Rider" by Zane Grey
Most of 'em act like they don't care a hoot whether people find it out on 'em or not.
"Somewhere in Red Gap" by Harry Leon Wilson
Within an hour after midnight I heard the hooting of an owl.
"Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" by Charles Major
And all of them agreed, while many began to hoot.
"Tell England" by Ernest Raymond
Mr. Phillips was often interrupted by the crowd, some with cheers and others hooting.
"A Woman's Part in a Revolution" by Natalie Harris Hammond
How they would silently hoot and jeer at the upstart who suddenly climbed so high and fell.
"The Quest of the Silver Fleece" by W. E. B. Du Bois

In poetry:

And what I said was: 'Hoot, lat sit!
She's but a bairn, the lass!'
It turnt the spait o' words a bit,
And loot yer fair name pass."
"The Last Wooin" by George MacDonald
Hoot! quo' Tam, what's a' the hurry?
Hame's now scarce a mile o' gaet--
Come! sit down -- Jean winna wearie:
Lord! I'm sure it's no sae late!
"Scotland's Scaith, Or, The History O' Will And Jean. Owre True A Tale. In Two Parts" by Hector MacNeill
That caught and stuck on the horns of the moon,
And he hung up there till next day noon--
When all at once he exclaimed, "Hoot-toot!"
And then came down in his parachute.
"A Session With Uncle Sidney" by James Whitcomb Riley
There’s a dance to-night at the Institute.
For the young men there I don’t care a hoot;
They look like pups with their silly tails tied
With old tin cans. Not one can I bide.
"The Daughter Of Gypsy Nan" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
I dreamed one man stood against a thousand,
One man damned as a wrongheaded fool.
One year and another he walked the streets,
And a thousand shrugs and hoots
Met him in the shoulders and mouths he passed.
"Graves" by Carl Sandburg
He played by the river when he was young.
He raced with rabbits along the hills,
He fished for minnows, and climbed and swung,
And hooted back at the whippoorwills.
Strong and slender and tall he grew -
And then, one morning, the bugles blew.
"Washington" by Nancy Byrd Turner

In news:

Hoot * * 1/2 Director: Wil Shriner Stars: Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman, Jimmy Buffett, Tim Blake Nelson Distributor: New Line Cinema Rating: PG for mild bullying and brief language Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes Opens Friday nationwide.
Saints instead of witches, pop songs instead of hooting owls, "Christian cake" instead of pumpkins.
Woodie Scott Gregory of 157 Winfield Drive, King, NC was born on September 14, 1960 to Woodie LG and Carol Hoots Gregory.
RANDLEMAN — Johnny "Hoot" Gibson , 70, died Saturday, Dec 8, 2012, at Wesley Long Hospital.
This joyous revival of the Tony Award–winning musical based on John Waters's film about 1960s Baltimore is a hoot for the holidays.
ABC's new show "The Neighbors" is a hoot.
West Bremerton High's Class of 1960's Picnic a Hoot.
Opening shop has been 'a hoot ' for residents.
Opening Civetta Consignment has been "a hoot " for co-owners (from left) Julie White, Judy Kellogg, Donna Robare and Dana Fularz.
Hoot 'N Howl with the Carolina Raptor Center.
The Carolina Raptor Center is celebrating Halloween with a family friendly event that will have you hoot 'n and howlin'.
Hoot stools in Kvadrat's Topas 2 wool by Tayco, 800-675-4092.
Reality isn't always reality on reality TV, which explains why Spike TV's Auction Hunters keeps referring to Dallas even though the most recent show is partly filmed in Fort Worth and features Stockyards fixture Dale " Hoot " Scott.
Hoot * * 1/2 Director: Wil Shriner Stars: Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman, Jimmy Buffett, Tim Blake Nelson Distributor: New Line Cinema Rating: PG for mild bullying and brief language Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes Opens Friday nationwide.
Walden Media, which produced Hoot , has a mission to support literacy by producing faithful film adaptations of children's literature.

In science:

The ultra-violet cutoff for non-rotating black holes is originally introduced in the brick wall model by ’t Hoot.
Generalized Area Law under Multi-parameter Rotating Black Hole Spacetime