• WordNet 3.6
    • v homogenize cause to become equal or homogeneous as by mixing "homogenize the main ingredients"
    • v homogenize become homogeneous or similar, as by mixing "The two liquids homogenized in the blender"
    • v homogenize break up the fat globules of "homogenized milk"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • homogenize To make homogeneous; mix evenly, as several ingredients; reduce to an even standard.
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  • D. H. Lawrence
    “The human consciousness is really homogeneous. There is no complete forgetting, even in death.”
  • Robert Frost
    “The best things and best people rise out of their separateness; I'm against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise.”


In literature:

I should say that you had done nothing more homogeneous, nor more hanging and moving together.
"A Writer's Recollections (In Two Volumes), Volume II" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
Scraping the bark of an old tree, we find the bark homogeneous.
"Outlines of Lessons in Botany, Part I; From Seed to Leaf" by Jane H. Newell
Iron, if to be case hardened, should be homogeneous.
"A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne
Neither pains nor pleasures are homogeneous, and pain is always heterogeneous with pleasure.
"Utilitarianism" by John Stuart Mill
HOMOGENEOUS or CONCORDANT, what is, causes conjunction and presence, 171.
"The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love" by Emanuel Swedenborg
For while the legal profession is naturally homogeneous, the Press is by nature heterogeneous.
"What is Coming?" by H. G. Wells
Another school of drama, homogeneous and quite apart from the rest, remains.
"English Literature: Modern" by G. H. Mair
In common language we speak of a generation as something possessed of a kind of exact unity, with all its parts and members one and homogeneous.
"On Compromise" by John Morley
Now it would have been pleasant, to human ways of thinking, if we could have remained always thus homogeneous.
"The American Missionary" by Various
When her people grew more homogeneous and orderly she sent her anti-social to New Zealand and to Virginia.
"Crime: Its Cause and Treatment" by Clarence Darrow

In poetry:

Or a milkman who serves the wealthy,
eggs, cream, butter, yogurt, milk,
the white truck like an ambulance
who goes into real estate
and makes a pile.
From homogenized to martinis at lunch.
"Cinderella" by Anne Sexton

In news:

You think "suburbia," and that's a region blander and more homogeneous than we want Texas to be.
The hepatic and splenic arteries enhance homogeneously.
I have a Jackie Robinson Homogenized Bond Bread (1947) baseball card.
Another half a trillion dollars worth, which will reprocess dodgy debt, replacing it with good ol' homogenized, sanitised, government paper.
Newseum speech calls out "infotainment," sensationalism and homogenization.
Plasmonic focusing on homogeneous metal thin film.
Recently, there has been a resurgence in research interest in spherical Luneberg and homogeneous lens antennas for launching multiple pencil beams.
The Greerco pipeline mixer for continuous, high-speed, high-shear processing is designed for applications involving homogenization, mixing, dispersion and emulsion.
Homogeneity creates extremity — or, in the news of the day, a McCain rally .
She says she began selling raw milk -- which is milk that is not pasteurized or homogenized -- because customers asked her for it.
And the Academy's voting membership reflects the white male bias in the industry (a fact that oddly seemed to surprise a colleague of mine), which is probably responsible for the rather homogenized products we keep getting.
Seoul is the seat of government and it's as crowded and competitive, if more homogeneous, as any other developed megacity.
Designed to produce starter fish feeds with nutritionally homogenous particles.
Emphasis on early testing could lead to homogenized workforce.
The newly patented dry particle supplying device can better supply particles in a homogeneous elementary state and a continuous flow rate, creating the most accurate dry method testing in the industry.

In science:

Spacetime geometry Statistical homogeneity and isotropy As explained in section 4.1, we assume that a homogeneity scale exists.
Backreaction and the Covariant Formalism of General Relativity
QD encodes the departure from homogeneity and for a homogeneous domain its value is zero.
Effect of cosmic backreaction on the future evolution of an accelerating universe
It has been shown in the case of homogenization of elliptic equations in divergence form with random coefficients, that a rate of convergence in homogenization can be obtained provided the random environment satisfies some quantitative strong mixing property.
Strong Convergence to the Homogenized Limit of Parabolic Equations with Random Coefficients
Since hr = s(r) is a degree r homogeneous polynomial, the action of hX, Di = Pn i=1 xi∂i is simply multiplication by r , i.e., any homogeneous polynomials are eigenfunctions hX, Di.
Mixing Time of Metropolis Chain Based on Random Transposition Walk Converging to Multivariate Ewens Distribution
Let us remark that functions homogeneous with respect to some degree are often called quasi-homogeneous.
Ordinary differential equations associated with the heat equation