• WordNet 3.6
    • v hive gather into a hive "The beekeeper hived the swarm"
    • v hive move together in a hive or as if in a hive "The bee swarms are hiving"
    • v hive store, like bees "bees hive honey and pollen","He hived lots of information"
    • n hive a man-made receptacle that houses a swarm of bees
    • n hive a teeming multitude
    • n hive a structure that provides a natural habitation for bees; as in a hollow tree
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Larvae and Pupa of Hive-bee Larvae and Pupa of Hive-bee

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word "super" to a beekeeper refers to the hive box where the honey is stored
    • Hive A box, basket, or other structure, for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees.
    • Hive A place swarming with busy occupants; a crowd. "The hive of Roman liars."
    • Hive The bees of one hive; a swarm of bees.
    • Hive To collect into a hive; to place in, or cause to enter, a hive; as, to hive a swarm of bees.
    • Hive To store up in a hive, as honey; hence, to gather and accumulate for future need; to lay up in store. "Hiving wisdom with each studious year."
    • v. i Hive To take shelter or lodgings together; to reside in a collective body.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Any Female bee in a beehive could have been the queen if she had been fed the necessary royal jelly. All female bees in a given hive are sisters.
    • n hive An artificial shelter or cell for the habitation of a swarm of honey-bees; a place in which bees harbor and lay up honey. Hives were for ages, and in some places still are, made of thick ropes of straw, wound and fastened in a characteristic conical form still distinctively known as the beehive form; but they are now generally square chests of several compartments, or with many small boxes, for the storage and removal of the honey. The natural harbor of wild bees is usually in a hollow tree.
    • n hive A bonnet or hat shaped like a beehive.
    • n hive A swarm of bees, or the bees inhabiting a hive.
    • n hive The abode of any animal.
    • n hive Figuratively, a place swarming with busy occupants; a bustling company.
    • hive To gather into a hive; cause to enter a hive: as, to hive bees.
    • hive To stow, as in a place of deposit; lay up in store for future use or enjoyment.
    • hive To enter a hive; take to a hive, as bees; take shelter or lodgings together, in the manner of bees.
    • n hive In oyster-culture, an artificial bed prepared for spat.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Between 20,000 and 60,000 bees live in a single hive. The queen bee lays nearly 1,500 eggs a day and lives for up to 2 years. The drone, whose only job is to mate with the queen bee, has a lifespan of around 24 days—he has no sting. Worker bees - all sterile females - usually work themselves to death within 40 days, collecting pollen and nectar. Worker bees will fly p to 9 miles to find pollen and nectar, flying at speeds as fast as 15 mph.
    • n Hive hīv a place where bees live and store up honey, whether artificial or natural: a swarm of bees in a box or basket: any busy company
    • v.t Hive to collect into a hive: to lay up in store
    • v.i Hive to take shelter together: to reside in a body
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  • Marcus Aurelius
    “That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”


Hive of worker bees - A hive of worker bees is a group of people working actively and cooperatively. Example: The classroom was a hive of worker bees.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hive, huve, AS. hfe,


In literature:

On one side of this garden there were a great many bee hives, and the bees sung as they worked.
"Tell Me Another Story" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
The ancients supposed that the queen-bee was indeed the queen and ruler of the hive.
"Woman and Womanhood" by C. W. Saleeby
At twenty minutes past four that afternoon a hiveful of Captain Barker's bees took it into their heads to swarm.
"The Blue Pavilions" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
The head of the house whispered the news to the bees in the hive.
"Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales" by Elias Owen
The result was that in those days the average school was a hive of industry.
"What Is and What Might Be" by Edmond Holmes
The old form of coke-oven was called the bee-hive on account of its shape.
"Checking the Waste" by Mary Huston Gregory
So returns the bee to the safe hive with her harvest of honey, after her flight abroad over the meadows of the earth.
"The Home" by Fredrika Bremer
The two hives containing live bees were much smaller; but in each of them were dead ones.
"Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3" by Various
I have a hive of Swiss, or Ligurian bees, which are said to be in some respects superior to the English species.
"Wild Nature Won By Kindness" by Elizabeth Brightwen
But a hive had been deserted, and he knew he had melted the wax down, and it must be somewhere.
"Dr. Jolliffe's Boys" by Lewis Hough

In poetry:

Afar in the turbulent city,
In a hive where men make gold,
He stood at his loom from dawn to dark,
While the passing years were told.
"Sea-Born" by Virna Sheard
Petulant imps of light,
What whisper or gleam or elfin-wild perfumes
Thrilled through the night
And drew you to this hive of rosy bloom?
"The Humming Birds" by Alfred Noyes
Mine be a cot beside the hill,
A bee-hive's hum shall sooth my ear;
A willowy brook, that turns a mill,
With many a fall shall linger near.
"A Wish" by Samuel Rogers
Ah well! Thine eyes invite to bliss;
Thy lips are hives of summer still.
I ask not other worlds while this
Proffers me all the sweets I will.
""And These--Are These Indeed The Rnd"" by William Watson
Thou that singest wheat and woodland,
tilth and vineyard, hive and horse and herd;
All the charm of all the Muses
often flowering in a lonely word;
"To Virgil" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The rich man feasts—and Leawood's near—
"What honey stores his golden hive!
"Go! bid him give those dying here,
"One crust to save their souls alive!"
"Plough And Loom" by Ernest Jones

In news:

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Lelinho has two bee hives on the hotel to produce honey for the The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jersey City on Monday, April 30, 2012.
Some 36,000 honeybees now call the Hyatt their home in the latest twist in urban beekeeping: hotels with hives .
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In the spring of 2009 Tate bought two hives and lost the queen in one of them.
That first year, Tate got five gallons of honey, then bought two more hives from Petersen.
Her hives are made of foam, not wood, and Tate loves them.

In science:

In this paper we propose a simple bijective proof of associativity and commutativity of Littlewood-Richardson coefficient or the hive ring ().
A simple proof of associativity and commutativity of LR-coefficients (or the hive ring)
In is proposed a proof of this relation in the language of hives, that is establishing a bijection between two sets of pairs of functions on the triangle grid.
A simple proof of associativity and commutativity of LR-coefficients (or the hive ring)
Of course, we can define discretely concave functions on the whole lattice f : Z2 → R∪{−∞}, and due to the terminology in such functions have to be called “A2 -concave or two-dimensional polymatroidal concave function; in such functions called M ♮ -concave; discretely concave functions on ∆n called “hives” in .
A simple proof of associativity and commutativity of LR-coefficients (or the hive ring)
This approach of showing Pieri and associativity was used by Knutson, Tao and Woodward to give a proof of the hive formulation of the Littlewood-Richardson rule [KTW2].
Puzzles, Tableaux and Mosaics
An O2 driven half-filled defect state having a maximum at Γ has been hived off from the lower lying group of surface-like bands.
Modification of anatase TiO$_2$(001) surface electronic structure by Au impurity