• WordNet 3.6
    • n hippopotamus massive thick-skinned herbivorous animal living in or around rivers of tropical Africa
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: George Washington had teeth made out of hippopotamus ivory
    • n Hippopotamus (Zoöl) A large, amphibious, herbivorous mammal (Hippopotamus amphibius), common in the rivers of tropical Africa. It is allied to the hogs, and has a very thick, naked skin, a thick and square head, a very large muzzle, small eyes and ears, thick and heavy body, and short legs. It is supposed to be the behemoth of the Bible. Called also zeekoe, and river horse. A smaller species (Hippopotamus Liberiencis) inhabits Western Africa.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In one night, an adult hippopotamus eats approximately 150 pounds of grass
    • n hippopotamus An omnivorous ungulate pachydermatous mammal of the genus Hippopotamus or family Hippopotamidæ. The best-known species is the living African river-horse, H. amphibius. It has a thick and square head, a very large muzzle, small eyes and ears, thick and heavy body, short legs terminated by four toes, a short tail, two teats, skin about two inches thick on the back and sides, and no hair except at the extremity of the tail. The incisors and canines of the lower jaw are of great size and strength, the canines or tusks being long and curved forward. These tusks sometimes reach the length of two feet and more, and weigh upward of six pounds. It is chiefly on account of the tusks and teeth that the animal is killed, they being superior in hardness to ivory, and less liable to turn yellow. This hippopotamus inhabits nearly the whole of Africa; its flesh is eaten by the natives. It attains a length of about 14 feet, rarely more, and stands about 5 feet high. It delights in water, living in lakes, rivers, and estuaries, and feeding on water-plants, or on the herbage growing near the water. It is an excellent swimmer and diver, and can remain under water a considerable time. A much smaller and very different hippopotamus is Chœropsis liberiensis. See Chœropsinœ. There are several extinct species, of various genera.
    • n hippopotamus [capitalized] [NL.] The typical genus of Hippopotamidæ, characterized by the presence of only four lower incisors. H. amphibius is the only living species.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Hippopotamus means river horse.
    • n Hippopotamus hip-o-pot′a-mus the river-horse—an African quadruped, of aquatic habits, having a very thick skin, short legs, and a large head and muzzle
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  • Hilaire Belloc
    “I shoot the Hippopotamus with bullets made of platinum, because if I use the leaden one his hide is sure to flatten em.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., from Gr.; "i`ppos horse + river. Cf. Equine
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—Gr. hippopotamoshippos, a horse, potamos, a river.


In literature:

On investigation he discovered that the word meant hippopotamus.
"An African Adventure" by Isaac F. Marcosson
Each bore a spear in his right hand, and a shield of hippopotamus-hide on the left arm.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
The hippopotamus being an inhabitant of the Upper Nile, was imperfectly known to the ancients.
"Notes and Queries, Number 33, June 15, 1850" by Various
It sounded lonelier than a love-sick hippopotamus on the house top.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories" by Various
The hippopotamus reappeared amidst a smother of foam.
"Wilmshurst of the Frontier Force" by Percy F. Westerman
I don't believe that the keeper of the hippopotamus can be prouder of his mud-loving monster than I was of my lively little friend.
"Stories of Many Lands" by Grace Greenwood
Never mind the hippopotamus.
"Stories of Authors, British and American" by Edwin Watts Chubb
You wouldn't call hippopotamus a hard word; would you, boys?
"The Boy Ranchers at Spur Creek" by Willard F. Baker
The hippopotamus, dozing in his tank at the Zoo, is wildly grotesque and ugly.
"The Enjoyment of Art" by Carleton Noyes
The carabao has little hair and its nose bears a strong resemblance to that of the hippopotamus.
"The Critic in the Orient" by George Hamlin Fitch

In poetry:

"The Wild Beast Limited pulls out
With bustle and with fuss.
It's hard to seat the porcupine
And hippopotamus.
"August" by Nancy Byrd Turner
The hippopotamus is true
To his principles, and just;
He always tries his best to do
The things one hippopotomust.
"Habits of the Hippopotamus" by Arthur Guiterman
And then, alas! what sad non plus
The living hippopotamus!
’Twas but a stupid, sodden lump
As thrilling as an old elm stump.
"Mouths Of Hippopotami And Some Recent Novels" by Ellis Parker Butler
The bill-board hippopotamus
It was a wild, uprageous cuss—
The real one? Well—Can you recall
That it had any mouth at all?
"Mouths Of Hippopotami And Some Recent Novels" by Ellis Parker Butler
The hippopotamus is strong
And huge of head and broad of bustle;
The limbs on which he rolls along
Are big with hippopotomuscle.
"Habits of the Hippopotamus" by Arthur Guiterman
I well recall (and who does not)
The circus bill-board hippopotamus,
whose wide distended jaws
For fear and terror were good cause.
"Mouths Of Hippopotami And Some Recent Novels" by Ellis Parker Butler

In news:

Farther south in Bay Harbor Islands, a waterfront community in Miami-Dade County, the wind swept a 6-foot-tall ceramic hippopotamus from the front of a local store and down the town's main street.
The young hippopotamus plopped into the pool on Tuesday at the Monate Conservation Lodge north of Johannesburg.
A hippopotamus has died at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the latest in a string of deaths at the theme park since last fall.
Courtesy of Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden Donna, believed to be the world's oldest known Nile hippopotamus , will celebrate her 58th birthday Saturday.
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus , Indigosun, Genome, Jib 'n' Jab.
What Happened to the Hippopotamus 's Wife.
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Indigosun, Genome, Jib 'n' Jab.
Officials at a Tampa zoo say they have a new pygmy hippopotamus.
Pygmy hippopotamus seriously injures female keeper at Czech zoo, doctors try to save her leg.
Prince Harry, the pygmy hippopotamus, who shot to worldwide fame with his adorable face and small stature, died Wednesday in South Africa while undergoing surgery.
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus came into the Garage all the way from Grand Rapids, Mich. To jam with us before a string of tour dates in Colorado.
"Who let in the hippopotamus.".
The Zoo Berlin's youngest hippopotamus is showing.
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Indigosun, Genome , Jib 'n' Jab.
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Indigosun, Genome, Jib 'n' Jab .